HighJump Enterprise 3PL

A multi-module management system designed by HighJump.

About HighJump Enterprise 3PL

As a third party logistics company you have the challenge of running a profitable business with a single set of tools, facilities, manpower and material handling equipment. To help you reach this goal HighJump Enterprise 3PL is a scalable system that will give you the technologies you need to greatly reduce costs and increase efficiencies.

This system is a flexible solution that can handling varying degrees of automation, to meet whatever needs you may have. The system is capable of tracking inventory using RFID technology, and is fully capable of EDI integration with suppliers or customers.

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The system is completely customizable allowing you to personalize the software for each client’s specific needs. You are able to add a client specific logo to make the system personalized and branded for your clients. The system also features detailed personalized self service reporting, ensuring you are providing the best service possible to your clients. Reports are automatically produced and delivered to their intended recipients. Furthermore, the system doubles as a document management software package, and allows you to store any internal documents, or any of your client’s documents. This system truly is the complete software package for any third party logistics company

3PL Document Management

AccellosOne Image is the critical component of the AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL platform that helps you break the chains to the paper filing cabinet. Even as more commerce is done over the internet, there are still processes that require paper and physical signatures. AccellosOne Image allows you to digitize all you supply chain documents for easy storage and retrieval. It also allows you to share these documents to clients and other trading partners.

Manual storage of paperwork can make it difficult to retrieve documents, documents can be misfiled and documents can be erroneously destroyed. When documents are stored digitally they are quickly searchable, consistently filed, and preserved.

Key features of AccellosOne Image include:

  • Rapid retrieval of key documents
  • Electronic search of paper documents
  • Documents can be attached to records in the AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL platform in a similar manor to attaching documents in Microsoft Office
  • Can be integrated to other systems in your enterprise
  • Document retrieval can be expanded outside your enterprise to clients and other business partners

3PL Fleet Management

Customer demands on their logistics service provider have never been greater. Many customers want a turnkey logistics solution that includes both warehousing and transportation services. This has driven many 3PL to acquire their own transportation assets, broker transportation and provide transportation optimization services for their customers.

It’s no longer enough to have a transportation management system (TMS) that deals with one business model. Your transportation management system must be adaptable to the needs of Carriers, Brokers, Shippers, and Advanced Logistics Providers. And, it must be capable of interacting with an entire logistics suite like the AccellosOne Enteprise 3PL suite.

Asset-based Carriers - Accellos offers carriers from small to large a broad array of functionality designed to maximize the utilization and ROI of their assets:

  • Order management
  • Dispatch and load planning
  • Rating and billing
  • Automated driver settlement
  • Leg level revenue and cost
  • Integration with finance

Brokers and Advanced Logistics - Leveraging its modular design, AccellosOne Transport offers industry leading tools to automate the logistics processes for brokers and logistics providers:

  • Automate order booking
  • Planning and optimization
  • Web tendering
  • Automated carrier settlement
  • Customer visibility
  • Reporting and analytics

Shippers - By focusing the AccellosOne Transport tools on minimizing freight spend, manufacturers, distributors and 3PLs can gain significant ROI:

  • Integration other enterprise systems
  • Planning and optimization
  • Intelligent web tendering
  • Web track and trace
  • Reporting and analytics

Planning-Leverage a series of robust planning processes that provide multiple methods of bringing orders into the system. Then utilizes a rich business rules engine to consolidate, optimize and route the shipments.

Execution - Ensure tight control with tools that rate, cost and dispatch your shipments. Utilize the configurable tendering system to broker loads to your preferred carriers.

Operations - From integration with the leading ERP systems to driver settlement and fuel tax reporting, rest assured that your operations are in good hands.

Visibility - Differentiate your company by providing web visibility to your clients, their customers and your partners into key processes that enable them to run their businesses more effectively.

3PL Shipping

As a 3PL operator, you know that shipping is becoming more challenging by the day. Rules, regulations and new services from the major carriers (FedEx, UPS®, USPS®) are in a constant state of flux. LTL rates are all over the map, and customer expectations continue to expand in today’s consumer-focused world. The carriers offer their own systems, but that puts their personnel squarely in charge of determining the lowest cost means of your delivery.

AccellosOne Ship allows you to maximize cost savings by leveraging carrier selection with our multi-carrier rating engine with a single shipping system to maintain for your enterprise. Accellos reduces your shipping costs, improves your shipment reliability, tracks shipments and produces key shipping metrics.

AccellosOne Ship, can improve your customer service while driving out operational costs. AccellosOne Ship is an integrated component of the AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL suite. Check out our case studies and white papers to see how AccellosOne Ship performs in the real world. Every page has several options to connect with a knowledgeable consultant if you have any questions.

AccellosOne Ship Features:

  • Powerful Carrier Rating Server
  • Extensive Carrier Compliance
  • Intuitive User Experience
  • Productive Optional Modules

3PL Supply Chain Intelligence

It is a well-known fact that if you’re not measuring the results of your operation, it is difficult to declare victory or defeat. Yet many 3PLs, due to the historic high cost of deploying business intelligence solutions, have chosen to stay with hard copy reports that get printed, set aside and typically not used.

AccellosOne Pulse is the supply chain intelligence component of the AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL platform that enables 3PLs to get immediate insight into the key performance indicators that drive decisions in their business every day.

Available both as a fully integrated component of the overall AccellosOne suite of supply chain products or as a standalone solution, AccellosOne Pulse delivers time sensitive graphs and charts pointing out key criteria to aid in your decision making process.

Key features of the AccellosOne Pulse for 3PLs include:

  • Standard set of visual reports and metrics designed for 3PLs
  • Out of the box integration with the other components in the AccellosOne 3PL suite
  • Intuitive user interface with a desktop feel, yet delivered through the browser
  • Ability to extend beyond your organization to clients of client’s customers

3PL Warehouse Management

The AccellosOne Enterpise 3PL platform is designed specifically for multi-client 3PL warehouse operations. Unlike other warehouse management systems (WMS) that were built for distribution and have been retrofit for 3PL, the AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL handles the complexity of multi-client operations.

Key features of the 3PL warehouse management system include:

  • Client specific workflows for inbound, outbound and inventory control processes
  • Ability to execute workflows with RF, voice, paper or any combination
  • Inventory attribute tracking to allow for tracking of specific customer required attributes such as lot, serial, style/color/size, expiration and many others.
  • Integrated labor management to track the performance of warehouse associates against a pre-defined standard
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Cross-docking – planned and opportunistic
  • Receiving and optimized directed putaway
  • Inbound value added services by client, product, shipper, receiver
  • Management of bonded storage
  • Reverse logistics / returns processing

Billing Management

Executing perfectly on your client’s inventory is not enough. To maximize the profitability of your 3PL you need to ensure you don’t let any revenue opportunities slip through the cracks. This can be difficult because billing rules are often complex and require manual intervention to calculate.

The AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL platform is designed specifically for 3PLs. The billing capability is inherent in the product and not an afterthought. This means that billing rules are available out-of-the-box and do not require product customizations to meet your billing requirements. This speeds up the on-boarding process for new clients, streamlines processes for your customer service representatives and ensures you maximize revenue on the services you provide.

Key features of the 3PL Billing Management include:

  • Revenue rating engine
  • Activity based revenue and costing
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Financial integrations
  • Sales metrics by client and revenue category

Customer Visability

By providing customers with real time information on orders, inventory and services, the AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL platform helps you drive down the cost of customer service while improving customer experience and retention.

The client visibility portal provides your customers real-time inventory levels, product history (including any “point in time” snapshots), inbound and outbound histories, and item master information all with filtering and drill down capabilities that your customers expect from rich internet applications.

The client portal also contains the ability for your customers to automatically schedule queries by email and have the results sent in Excel format at any predetermined frequency to any recipients (avoiding the need to repeatedly return to the portal). Additionally, Accellos’ web portal provides full image retrieval of any document produced in your clients customized workflow process and is automatically linked to the related transaction, including invoices.

Key features of the client visibility portal include:

  • Real time inventory and historical information on receipts, orders, items and invoices
  • Custom reports created by you using our reporting tool and published to your customers account
  • Automated report delivery by email scheduled by your customer online
  • Document look up and retrieval (automatically linked to every transaction without scanning)
  • Online receipt and order entry for non-EDI equipped customers
  • Customers can give access to their customers to reduce their cost of doing business

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