Advanced Accounting

A full ERP system designed by Addsum Business Software.

About Advanced Accounting

Modifiable accounting software built on Pervasive, all modules come multi-user with no additional charges for users or modules, modules include general ledger, accounts receivable, purchase order, payroll, job cost, sales order, accounts payable, inventory control, fully GUI point of sale, bill of materials and system maintenance; add-ons available including serialized inventory, quotes and multi-office handling.

Worp wrapped notes everywhere: attach an unlimited number of free form notes to customer (track collection calls), vendors, general ledger accounts (to document procedures or changes), employees (performance history); attach free form notes to sales order and purchase order line items.

One installation provides support for unlimited number of companies: a single installation of Advanced Accounting can support over 1300 companies without any additional charges; a licensed user may install the program as many times at the same company/location as many times as desired without licensing costs

Sophisticated standard features: ýadvancedý features like consolidated financials and GL departments are standard and will be there when you need them

Turn off what you don’t need: modules like point of sale, job cost and bill of materials can be completely hidden from view; users will only see those options you allow them to.

Security and user permissions:control what users in-house or at your connected branch offices can do using Advanced Accounting’s robust yet easy to use security levels and user permissions. Only allow a branch office user for example to sell inventory from their location and allow purchase order receiving, but not invoicing, at that location. Control how far into the past or future that a user can post transactions to.

General Ledger

Transactionalized general ledger: Advanced Accounting’s GL is fully transactionalized

Inventory Control

Full multi-location inventory control: You may only have one inventory location now but may find that your software will not be able to handle multiple locations for your inventory items. Sell/track inventory items from unnamed or an unlimited number of named locations. Receive purchase order to multiple locations on the same purchase order. Last cost and average cost tracked at the location level (many accounting software packages do not provide these abilities).

Long product code support: your SKU’s/parts/products can be up to 25 characters long.


Fully integrated Point of Sale: like all modules, Point of Sale (POS) is completely integrated and is not a separate product (although it can be used as essentially a standalone system if desired); POS is a ýtrueý point of sale module and not an abbreviated sales order entry program with available support for cash drawers, pole displays, register/clerk support, audit trails, sales by hour reports, etc.

POS module is completely graphical (GUI) and intuitive. While Advanced Accounting users tend to use sales orders as their primary data entry point for customer orders, the availability of an integrated POS for counter or miscellaneous sales is a significant benefit and POS is significantly feature rich to support POS-only environments.

Product Overview

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