An accounting software system designed by Boon Resources LLC for commercial & service and construction companies.

About Comet2012

The core Comet2012 package includes the Job Cost, Accounts Payable, General Ledger and Bank Reconciliation modules to get you off to a great start in organizing your financials. As your business needs grow, you can use all of the additional modules that are built right in, including Purchase Order, Accounts Receivable (Invoicing) or Warranty Management.

Software Features:

  • Multi-company capability - up to 99 companies
  • Multi-user network support
  • Password security at function level
  • Export reports to PDF, Excel or Word documents
  • Reports may be directed to the screen or printer automatically
  • Detail and summary reports at the touch of a button
  • Drill-Down reports allow you to see details behind the numbers

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable module is fully integrated with the Job Cost, Purchase Order and General Ledger modules. Extensive vendor tracking includes insurance information and expiration dates, phone numbers, email addresses, year-to-date purchases and 1099 information. Detailed aging reports show up to the minute detailed information at your fingertips.

  • Fast, efficient invoice entry screen.
  • Multi-User invoice entry screen.
  • Automatic worker’s compensation expiration warning.
  • Automatic general liability insurance expiration warning.
  • Duplicate invoices rejected automatically.
  • Each invoice can have unlimited distributions.
  • Simple void check and void invoice routines.
  • Warning for over charges on committed contract prices.
  • Automatic warning when purchase exceeds your job cost estimate.
  • Automatic warning of missing 1099 and social security information for your subs.
  • Invoices can be entered and posted in real time or in batches.
  • Allows flexible payment terms.
  • Default terms file comes with the software and can be customized to suit your needs.
  • Automatically displays job-to-date costs and the over/under estimated costs.
  • Bank reconciliation program.

Check Writing Features

  • Payment selection by vendor or invoice.
  • Printed checks in vendor number or vendor name sequence.
  • Laser checks, either single or multi-part checks with detail voucher.
  • Print overflow detail on plain paper to avoid wasting expensive check stock.
  • Recurring charges option allows you to set up once and pay automatically.
  • Unlimited number of checking accounts.
  • Discounts and worker’s compensation are calculated automatically.
  • Voided check audit trail.

Reporting Features

  • Vendor phone book
  • Worker’s compensation insurance expiration reporting.
  • General liability insurance expiration reporting.
  • 1099 form printing.
  • Open item aging, in summary or detailed formats.
  • Cash flow forecast.
  • Weekly cash requirements.
  • Purchases journal provides daily audit trail.
  • Cost over estimate report shows daily overcharges.
  • Check registers can be printed in detailed or summary versions, by vendor or by job.
  • Vendor year-to-date purchases.

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable module is fully integrated with the Job Cost and General Ledger modules. Invoices can be entered, posted and printed very quickly using the simple invoice entry screen. The detailed aging report can be printed by customer, dates, project or job.


  • Invoices can be entered and printed on an as-needed basis, individually or in batches.
  • A billing category file can be set up to recall standard items and unit prices.
  • Automatically calculates extensions for invoicing.
  • As invoices, payments and credits are entered, the software automatically posts appropriate general ledger entries.
  • Unlimited comments can be included during invoice entry.

Reporting Features

  • Open item aging in detailed or summary formats
  • Billing history by job
  • Payment history by job
  • Recurring charges
  • Sales tax reports
  • Statements
  • Customer phone book
  • Mailing labels

General Ledger

The General Ledger module is the core of the software. All of the accounting modules in the software interface with the General Ledger, allowing access to up-to-the-minute detailed financial information so that your day-to-day decisions are faster and smarter. It delivers what you need, when you need it.


  • Security features allow controlled access to various functions.
  • Unlimited number of years can be retained.
  • Prior period entries allowed at any time during the year.
  • Ability to print financials for any prior period.
  • User-defined chart of accounts or a default chart is provided.
  • NAHB recommended chart of accounts is included (short version and long version).
  • Full year comparative or budgetary Income Statement options.
  • New accounts can be added on-the-fly at any time.
  • Maintain complete audit trails of all transactions and adjustments.
  • Provides inquiry to examine balance history by month and transaction detail.
  • Financials include percentage variances of total sales and percent of change.
  • Tracks work-in-process, earnest money, construction loans, cost of construction and construction revenue by job.
  • When setting up or closing jobs in Job Cost, the general ledger is updated automatically for you.
  • Account lookup by name or account number.

Reporting Features

  • All reporting is date sensitive, so financials can be run daily, if needed.
  • Allows a date range selection of trial balance and general ledger reports.
  • Journal entry list
  • Trial balance
  • General ledger detail
  • Balance sheet
  • Net change balance sheet
  • Income statement
  • Supporting schedules
  • Comparative income statement
  • Budgetary income statement

Job Cost

Primary features of the Job Cost module begin with simplicity, flexibility, and quickness of setting up new job cost records. Once preliminary job files are set up, an automatic job setup feature will allow you to set up additional jobs in a matter of minutes. Cost dollars and units can be entered directly to the job cost files or automatically passed from the Accounts Payable or Payroll modules. A wide variety of reports provide management with decision-making tools for current job cost monitoring and future cost controls. The Job Cost module allows you to categorize jobs into logical groups that are custom-fit for your specific needs.


  • User-defined job cost categories
  • Ability to maintain up to 100,000 jobs
  • Ability to copy estimates or actual costs from one job to another
  • Ability to import estimates from Excel, ProEst or other detailed material databases
  • Ability to export estimates to Excel
  • Track change orders for each job by cost phase
  • Setup and maintain custom construction loan draw schedules
  • Generate lien waivers and draw requests (up to 12 draws)
  • Historical cost estimating
  • Track quantities of material and labor hours
  • Special entry screen for lot closings, home closings, loan draws, cash receipts and equipment cost allocations
  • Accounts payable automatically captures and transfers costs and units of material to the job cost database.

Reporting Features

  • Over 75 job cost reports available
  • Drill-Down report features in most commonly used job cost reports
  • Job costs by phase, materials, subcontractor or labor
  • Projected final costs summary
  • Job costs per square foot
  • Job cost comparison allows comparing up to seven similar jobs and shows average costs.
  • Job-to-date detail for all cost items
  • Vendor audit report in detailed or summary formats
  • Construction loan draw status
  • Billings versus costs-to-date
  • Job cost by job plan
  • Job-to-date detail graphs
  • Many, many more!

Purchase Order

The Purchase Order module provides complete control over your purchases and integrates fully with the Accounts Payable and Job Cost modules in the software. As purchase order receipts are entered, the Accounts Payable files are updated automatically to eliminate manual entries. The price book included with the software provides a default list of material items. These items can easily be modified and new items can be added as needed to conform to your specific type of construction.

As Price Book items are entered, the description and unit price are recalled, but may be manually overridden. As purchase orders are accepted and printed, the software tracks the status of each purchase order and each line item. When prices vary or are unknown, a quote request can be printed, faxed, or emailed to your supplier.


  • Easy-to-use purchase order entry screen
  • Multiple professional PO formats included
  • Ability to copy, print, delete or void purchase orders
  • Track purchase orders by number, date, vendor or job
  • Quickly copy POs from one job to another
  • Automatically updates Accounts Payable invoice data to eliminate manual entry of invoices
  • Quote request form

Reporting Features

  • Purchase order register by project, job or vendor
  • Purchase orders billed-to-date by project, job or vendor
  • Variance report in detailed or summary formats
  • Open purchase order listing by project, job or vendor
  • Purchase order schedule listing
  • Purchase order estimate listing

Warranty Management

This module makes you the hero with new homeowners and subcontractors. Once a job is sold, the warranty management module retrieves the job cost information required for tracking warranty expiration dates and warranty service calls (“punch list”). The information tracked includes detailed information about the owner, including address, phone number, spouse, directions to house, personal notes about owner, etc.


  • Tracks all client details including primary and secondary contact, address, phone and fax numbers .
  • Tracks warranty expiration dates.
  • Easy entry of punch list or work items
  • Allows free-format description of any reported warranty items.
  • Assign unlimited work items to any subcontractor or internal employee.
  • Email work orders directly to your subcontractors or employees.
  • Integrates automatically with the Job Cost and Accounts Payable modules or it can run as a stand-alone product.

Reporting Features

  • Reporting by vendor, job, or customer contact in summary or detailed formats.
  • Detailed lists of work orders and work items
  • Detailed schedule of work items to be completed, based on requested work dates.
  • Vendor analysis report shows average number of days required to complete assigned work items.
  • Charge back report that can be used to enter charge backs into A/P.

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