A software system designed by Cash Collector.

About CashCollector

CashCollector retrieves data from your existing accounts receivable system or systems and moves it into one flexible but controlled environment.

Using our customizable templates, you decide when and how you wish to contact your customers. All communications come from you and can be tailored based on the level of urgency and the nature of the customer relationship.

Once you have decided how and when you wish to communicate, CashCollector creates an automated process that makes it happen seamlessly, while maintaining a detailed record of all activity. By maintaining a centralised source for all of your customer communications across multiple entities, CashCollector gives your team easy access to the information they need to manage every customer relationship.

CashCollector software can link into your accounting system, presents invoices and statements electronically and when invoices become overdue, it automatically steps in to communicate in a personal manner with your customers. Your customers will feel they are in a one-to-one conversation with your credit control staff.

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