A full ERP system designed by Datamar Software.

About Datamar Systems

Components of Datamar Systems:

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable with Order Entry
  • Purchase Order with Inventory Control
  • Sales Analysis
  • Payroll
  • Job Costing
  • Job Estimating
  • Report Writer

Product Highlights

  • Compatible with all major XBASE languages,including dBASE IV, and Foxpro 2.6
  • Modules stand alone or integrate, allowing you complete flexibility
  • Wide variety of built-in reports
  • Year 2000 ready
  • Windows 95-98-NT
  • Multi-user / Network code (up to 255 users LAN) offers full password protection.

Accounts Payable

Partial List of Features:

  • Payables may be approved for payment by vendor, due date, or discount date
  • Supports multiple automatic recurring payable entries for vendors
  • Reports may be sorted by date, vendor, account number, and check number
  • Allows vendor lookup, payable entries, video histories of checks and payables, all from one screen
  • Supports multiple checking or savings accounts with checkbook reconciliation
  • Automatically distributes to ledger accounts when creating payables
  • Enters manual checks, with or without a transaction wash-thru the payables account
  • Allows modification to payables after posting
  • Supports 12 and 13 date-defined accounting periods
  • Allows alpha numeric account numbers and department numbers up to 6 characters long
  • Simple closing procedures, monthly file purge, and close year option
  • Has a password protected ability to post to prior periods or years.

Accounts Receivable With Order Entry

Partial List of Features:

  • The program maintains billing and payment information indefinitely. Improved reporting capabilities provide the flexibility to display any historical information required.
  • Allows the creation of recurring billings (which include inventory transactions) in increments of days, weeks, or months, eliminating duplication .
  • Allows multiple departments, there may be up to six alphanumeric characters. Departmentalization is on a line item basis.
  • Complete cross reference. Each bill can be tracked from creation to payment with easy lookup displays from the customer command center.
  • Multiple and Split Payments. Payments received may be applied to multiple receivables. The program remembers and reports the original payment and its distribution.
  • Three general or customer specific price breaks are supported, either as a percentage of retail or as fixed amounts. Three additional pricing schemes are available.


The Original Datamar Systems Business Solution


  • Year 2000 Ready.
  • Windows 95-98-NT and DOS
  • Accrual based accounting, Sales are recorded when the receivable is created.
  • Easy method of writing, producing Invoice Journals and managing Accounts Receivables through Aged Statements, Aged Receivables Reports, Receipts Journals and Current Customer Accounts Status Functions.
  • Easy to use menus and look-up for accounts, codes and vendors
  • Account number definable (alphanumeric) to 6 character set


  • Aged Current Receivable Reports
  • Aged Current Summary Status of all Active Accounts
  • Current Status of Individual Accounts
  • Individual Statements
  • Dunning Notices
  • Monthly Statements
  • Invoice Journal
  • Receipts Journal
  • Income Report
  • Plus much more

General Ledger

Partial List of Features:

  • Software runs in ‘Real-Time’ for easy reconciliation of accounts
  • New account code can be added ýon-the-flyý
  • Double entry bookeeping system
  • Maintains up to 3 years of accounting information
  • Consolidate companies and create multi-company financials
  • Batch transaction posting
  • No formal monthly closing required
  • Flexible user defined Chart of Accounts
  • Optional departments definable to six character length
  • Standard closing entries automatically generated
  • Automatic recurring (i.e. depreciation) transactions
  • Budgeting by periods
  • Software can manage up to 99 different companies
  • Reports can be created for previous periods
  • Posting to previous periods allowed with password privileges
  • Supports up to 13 modifiable date defined periods

Job Costing

Partial List of Features:

Datamar Systems Job Costing is for use by Building Contractors, Printers,Small Manufacturers and similar businesses. Allows you to accumulate the cost of all materials and labor in each of 99 phases used for a job. Burden (overhead) rates are calculated where appropriate. It totals all work tickets and compares job costs to the budgeted costs.

  • Allows 99 phase budget entry.
  • User specified burden rates for materials and labor.
  • Maintains a record of all budget changes per job.
  • Customers and vendors are identified by 6 character codes which are user defined.
  • Employees are identified by code. Codes can be 3 to 11 characters long to allow social security numbers as codes.
  • Employee files maintain pay rates and status.
  • On-line job status inquiries of any job.
  • Job status reports budget versus actual costs.
  • Job costing Report includes percentage of job completed.

Job Estimating

** Job Estimating is a companion to Job Costing. - Features:**

  • It provides users with an easy method of calculating Estimates.
  • ýTotal Commandý menu system allows you to access any program or menu from any menu.
  • The combination of menu and Screen prompts provides a system that is nearly self-explanatory.
  • Utilizes a 7 character code to identify each estimate. The format of this code is user identified.
  • The system allows you to keep track of your customers.
  • Customers and vendors are identified by 6 character codes which are user defined.
  • All major reports can be printed in batch mode or to individual jobs.


  • Detailed Estimate Report
  • Summary Estimate Report
  • Lists Library Items by Class Report


Partial List of Features:

  • Supports Multi-State Payroll.
  • Uses yearly Tax Tables and pro-rates to period using the exact calculation method. Fully definable yearly Tax Tables, supporting up to 13 tax brackets.
  • Three user definable ‘other income’ categories for each employee, Taxable, Non-Taxable or ‘Declared Tips’
  • Six user definable ‘other deduction’ categories for each employee.
  • Prints Payroll Posting register, which lists account disbursements as the payroll checks are posted to the general ledger account transaction file. Provides excellent audit trail.
  • Allows 4 different classes of Cost Centers; i.e.Executive, Administrative/Office, Sales and Warehouse and up to 99 departments.

Purchase Order With Inventory Control

Partial List of Features:

  • LIFO, FIFO and Average Cost Supported. The major forms of inventory valuation are supported.
  • The program maintains purchasing information indefinitely. Reporting capabilities provide comparisons between vendors and products.
  • Allows the creation of recurring billings. (Which include inventory transactions) in increments of days, weeks,or months.
  • Complete cross reference. Each bill can be tracked from creation to payment with easy lookup displays from the customer command center.
  • Multiple and Split Payments. Payments received may be applied to multiple receivables. Reports the original payment and its distribution.
  • Three general, or customer specific price breaks are supported either as a percentage of retail or as fixed amounts. Three additional pricing schemes are available either as two special inventory retail values assigned to a specific customer type or as a special cost markup percentage in the customer file.

Report Writer

Datamar’s Report Writer is your instant ad-hoc reporting solution. It empowers you to create reports quickly without the high learning curve that other products impose.

It provides an easy way to choose a subset of fields and records to create custom reports from Datamar programs.

The fields are selected by drag and drop techniques. Records are selected from the ýDefine Searchý tab. This is the heart of Datamar’s Query by Example (QBE) interface.

Sales Analysis

Partial List of Features - Data in concise, readable format with accuracy to the penny and to 1/10th of a percent.Can determine absolute and relative sales, profit percent, profit in dollars by territory,Customer, Product codes, Product category, and Salesperson on a monthly ,year-to-date, Annual and Multi-year historical basis.

  • Monthly batch updating line item transactions prior to month-end closing
  • Analysis includes Current and Historical.
  • Dollar Volume Sales by Customer.
  • Dollar Volume Sales by Salesperson.
  • Dollar Volume Sales by Product.
  • Dollar Sales by Customer LINKED to Salesperson.
  • Quantity/Units of a Product Sold
  • Sales within a category as a percent of total sales.
  • Cost of sales by various categories.
  • Profit by various categories.
  • Categorized Percent of Total Profit.
  • Categorized Percentage Profit of Margin.

Product Overview

User Reviews of Datamar Systems

Submitted on January 20th, 2021 by Jerry White

I’ve used it exclusively since the late 80’s early 90’s. It is a great system. Virtualy unlimited. I’ve recommended to dozens of companies. It’s too good to be true. I really dont know why it is not the number one seller… Jerry

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Simple to use

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