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A multi-module management system designed by Encore Business Solutions.

About Encore Products for Microsoft

Encore Business Solutions develops markets and supports applications that extend the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics GP. Dedicated to developing client-focused, reliable products that meet the operational and reporting needs across many industries, we strive to add value with each product release.

Our ability to deliver timely releases and maintain rapid response support systems has earned Encore the trust of the Microsoft Dynamics GP reseller channel and our customers. This in turn has helped us to attain President’s Club membership for 12 years consecutively and to become a member of Inner Circle five times in the past seven years, positioning Encore as a leading Independent Solution Vendor (ISV) within the Microsoft Dynamics® community.

Account Reconciler

A dual purpose add-on for Microsoft Dynamics" GP products that simplifies your reconciliation process. It is suitable for clearing both high and low check volumes and is the first true account reconciliation module that supports any currency in use in the world today, including the Euro

Advanced SmartList

Advanced SmartList is a seamless extension to SmartList, a Microsoft Dynamics" GP query tool. With the added power of Advanced SmartList users can sum columns and insert totals in the query reducing the need to export data to Excel, saving time and effort. Advanced SmartList also offers a drag and drop grouping function along with the ability to manipulate data by sorting and filtering information without having to leave the Microsoft Dynamics GP desktop. Snapshot functionality enables simultaneous views of data for side-by-side comparison and analysis.

And YES it is compatible with SmartList Builder!

Advanced SmartList was developed using the Encore DexToNET" framework which enables .NET technology to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Auto Reconciler

Reduce monthly bank reconciliations to minutes! In conjunction with Encore’s Account Reconciler or Microsoft Dynamics GP Bank Reconciliation, Auto Reconciler imports transactions from an external file source such as bank statements to quickly and accurately match each transaction in your checkbook.

Bank Reconciliation

Bank Reconciliation is the verification of a bank statement balance with the depositor’s checkbook balance. Our bank reconciliation products allow you to balance your company’s checkbooks easily and accurately. You can search for specific transactions or a range of transactions to reconcile against your statement from your financial institution.

Enhanced Customer Statement

Many industries prefer credit card style customer statements. With Encore’s Enhanced Customer Statement you’ll be able to effortlessly generate customer-friendly statements that show the statement beginning balance equal to the previous month ending balance with the option to include full invoice line item detail. Not only will you deliver superior customer service by showing the details your customers need, but you’ll reduce time spent responding to billing questions too!

Inventory I/O Control

An enhancement to Microsoft Dynamics" Bill of Materials, Inventory I/O Control provides Inventory Managers with the ultimate flexibility to measure and track quantities and costs of secondary items (often referred to as by-products or co-products) for improved inventory control.

Inventory I/O Control allows users to easily create an unlimited number of secondary items, post inventory items automatically with various adjustment options and, search and filter data by a pre-defined range through the flexible Inventory I/O Control Center.

As an easy-to-use and flexible inventory management product, Inventory I/O Control will help manufacturers and assembly companies monitor and adjust inventory inputs and outputs and may allow them to take advantage of subsidiary revenue streams previously too cumbersome to track.

Project Tracking With Advanced Analytics

Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics gives you the power to instantly access an in-depth, accurate overview of what activities your company is doing, how much each costs, and what each earns. Unlike other project costing applications that send their information to the accounting system, Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics receives its information from the accounting system at the time of transactional workflow. This results in greater control of allocations and more accurate data entry.

Take decisive action on complex project management issues as Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics efficiently tracks your revenue and costs during daily processing. Advanced Analytics, an integral component of this application, is a relational viewing tool, that allows you to analyze, interpret and create ad hoc reports specific to your Project Tracking data sets.

Fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics" GP, Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics is an easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain project tracking system with the power to help you easily see, control and shape your business.

Project Tracking Importer - Whether you need to perform a one-time project data load or an ongoing integration from an external application, reduce the effort required to import data into Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics by using Project Tracking Importer.

Project Tracking Budgeting - With the level of detail allowed by Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics, some organizations decide to take project management one step further and create project budgets to the same level of detail. Project Tracking Budgeting allows you to easily create or revise project-level budgets improving performance monitoring and project control.

Recurring Contract Billing

Recurring Contract Billing was developed by Encore Business Solutions to automate and manage repetitive or cyclical invoicing for organizations that provide customers with ongoing products and services, along with convenient billing and payment options. Contracts are created in this module and the process of ýcreate invoicesý sends selected contracts to Microsoft Dynamics GP Sales Order Processing for billing purposes.

Recurring Contract Billing will:

  • Reduce your time spent correcting bills
  • Create repeat billing batches
  • Reconcile invoices with cash receipts
  • Track down billing problems
  • Allow you to focus on more productive tasks

_ Recurring Contract Billing Importer_

Whether you need to perform a one-time data load or an ongoing integration from an external application, reduce the effort required to import data into Recurring Contract Billing by using Recurring Contract Billing Importer.

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