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About SmartConnect

SmartConnect makes eConnect as easy to use as SmartList.


  • Drag and drop to create eConnect mappings - Creating transactions in Dynamics GP is as simple as dragging and dropping from the source to the destination. No knowledge of Dynamics GP tables is required.
  • Quickly update Dynamics GP - The reduced time required to create mappings, combined with the speed of eConnect, makes SmartConnect the fastest way to create or update records in Dynamics GP. Hundreds of thousands of records can be generated in minutes.
  • Automate data entry - SmartConnect can be used to automate data entry tasks such as commission calculations. Schedule maps to take advantage of downtime to perform bulk transaction processing without disrupting users.
  • Create intercompany transactions - Records can be created across multiple companies. Purchase orders in one company can be used to create sales orders in another company.


  • Create transactions for all supported eConnect modules
  • Create transactions from SmartList - Use SmartList queries as a data source for SmartConnect. Combined with SmartList Builder, you can create or update records from any data in Dynamics GP.
  • Connect to any ODBC-compliant data source - Import records from Excel spreadsheets, legacy databases, POS systems, CRM applications and any database or file that can be accessed via ODBC.
  • Scheduling - Create schedules to automatically run daily, weekly, monthly, once, at system startup and at login.
  • Intercompany - Create transactions in more than one company at a time. You can even create transactions on different Dynamics GP installations on separate SQL Servers.
  • Rolling columns - Use auto-incrementing values. Values can be a custom sequence or one of the standard sequences from Receivables Management, Payables Management, Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing or Inventory Management.
  • Security - SmartConnect adds user security to eConnect. Users can only create and run maps for the nodes and companies that they are granted access to.
  • XML Import/Export - Export and import setup details via XML to share mappings between companies.

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