NISC Accounting and Business Solution

An integrated management software system designed by National Information Solutions Cooperative for utilities and telecom organizations.

About NISC Accounting and Business Solution


NISC’s Accounting and Business Solutions (ABS) are designed to streamline and expedite your processes, featuring a single point of entry and integration among all applications for unparalleled ease of use. The flexibility of NISC’s ABS gives you the power to define and create open fields to meet your utility organization’s needs. You can also predefine a set of values in order to and ensure accuracy of your data collection. All this, along with a powerful advanced search (query builder) that allows you to create simple and fast data queries that can be organized and sorted to your specifications and dropped into a third-party spreadsheet without having to involve your technical staff.

Customer Care & Billing

NISC’s Customer Care & Billing Solutions (CC&B) are designed to help you create efficiencies throughout your office and extend those efficiencies to your customers. CC&B will help you leverage data across your organization to streamline your business processes, increase efficiency and improve customer service. NISC’s CC&B provides your organization easy and quick access to a full-range of customer tracking, payment, billing, collections, data collection and other business-management functions. Integrated with the iVUE enterprise system, CC&B is a powerful tool to help you manage your utility.


NISC’s engineering and operations solutions are designed to help today’s utilities collect, share and transform data into powerful, business-building information. As an integral part of the NISC iVUE® Enterprise Suite of Solutions, engineering and operations solutions enables your organization to obtain a solid understanding of the current state of your distribution system in order to maximize networks, assets and resources. Increase communication efficiency and accuracy from the front office to the field as well as to your customers. Through iVUE, your operations team will be empowered to allocate resources more efficiently, improve response times, streamline operations, boost customer engagement – and much more.

Asset Management

Using NISC’s Asset Management product, you can easily track the activity and complete inventory of your utility organization’s physical and general plant assets. Tightly integrated with the Work Order, Fleet Management and Accounts Payable modules, all additions and retirements are seamlessly updated and tracked historically with the same functionality as transactions that are self-contained within Asset Management.

Billing and Collections

As the industry changes, and the need for your utility to change along with it increases, you need to be prepared to meet the demands of the 21st century. This means providing more dynamic pricing options and being able to bill for complex situations such as net metering and time-based rates. NISC’s Customer Care and Billing (CC&B) solution provides you the flexibility to meet the demands of the evolving utility industry and today’s consumer. Ensure consistency across your organization with an accurate, integrated collections process that will help you efficiently improve cash flow, minimize collection efforts and provide your customers will the tools to stay current.

Customer Management

Today’s customers want options. NISC’s Customer Care and Billing (CC&B) solution will help you increase your customer engagement by allowing them to connect with you when and how they want. Save time by tracking all of your contacts in once place across your organization, while managing activity on each of your accounts seamlessly. Engage your customers in the billing process by sending them custom account notifications and allowing them to connect with you online, in person or through their mobile smart device.

Employee Administration

The Employee Administration modules offer one of the most comprehensive payroll and labor solutions in the utility industry. Whether your organization provides payroll for one or multiple companies, with its robust flexibility and security, iVUE Payroll simplifies the process of delivering timely and accurate employee compensation along with full distribution of labor and associated costs in a fully integrated package.

Financials Controls

As an integrated solution, NISC’s Accounting product ensures that through the use of Financial Controls you are on track with your utility organization’s financial goals. Manage and monitor your financial situation from a single, central hub. Gain easy access to important information and extract the data for customized viewing preferences. Receive real-time information for Point-of-Sale counter sale transactions through a detailed order tracking system.


Leverage your data like never before with NISC MapWise®. NISC MapWise is an integrated intelligent mapping solution designed to help visualize data–enabling you to find relationships that might be not as easy to connect on a spreadsheet. Fully integrated into iVUE®, this mapping solution helps you visually identify trends in your customer information, better gauge various accounting data and how it relates with other variables. In addition to staking and GIS capabilities, MapWise has a team of dedicated professionals who can help you ensure your maps are accurate and function well between NISC’s Customer Care and Billing solution and NISC’s Operations solution.

Meter Data Management

NISC’s Meter Data Management System (MDMS) is your conduit to a smarter grid. Your AMI data is a valuable resource, and with MDMS you can incorporate this data into your enterprise applications to maximize business efficiency and customer support. Integration with NISC’s Engineering and Operations tools enables detailed analytics around transformer loading and line loss at points of interest across your system. Integration with NISC’s Customer Care and Billing tools, along with the SmartHub Web and mobile app, allows you to share the same data with both staff and customers, enhancing customer service. Our secure, cloud-based solution is also your key to enabling other smart grid operations and programs like virtual metering, dynamic pricing, prepaid metering and customer education.

Outage Management

Service outages may be an infrequent occurrence for the utility industry–and being prepared in the way you handle them can make the difference between a happy or an irate customer. With NISC’s Outage Management System your utility is able to respond quickly and efficiently to both minor and severe outage situations. In times of outage, the ability to collect the right data quickly and communicate it accurately is imperative. NISC’s Outage Management System features a GIS interface allowing you to work directly from the map as well as leverage the tight integration with AMI and SCADA solutions. With apps, managing an outage has never been easier. By providing operations personnel an accurate, visual display of the location of outages and crews, everyone is informed of the situation and able to do their part to help your customers.


Every one of your customers is different. Today’s customers require more flexibility in the way they choose to pay, which increases the need for a host of secure payment solutions exponentially. Whether they auto pay, make a direct payment from their smart phone or tablet device, pay by credit card on the Web or even pay in person, NISC’s suite of payment solutions has you and your customers covered. Give your customers the flexibility to pay the way that’s most comfortable to them and make processing payments simple for your staff. With NISC’s Payment Gateway, you’ll be able to ensure that your customers’ transactions are taking place in a secure environment, no matter which way they decide to pay. Give your customers the flexibility they need while keeping your transactions secure and your processing simple and efficient with NISC’s payment solutions.

Purchasing Workflow

Streamline your purchasing workflow with this set of Accounting tools. NISC’s solution is designed to improve accuracy, expedite the approval process and save time&therefore saving your utility organization money. Learn how to maximize cash control by monitoring due dates, discounts and streamlining approval processes. Efficiently manage valuable assets by tracking past requirements, discounts and deliveries. Maintain purchase order information, reduce manual work and save time keying information

Work Management

The ability to manage employee workloads and resource allocations is critical. Take control of the work management process with NISC’s Customer Care and Billing (CC&B) solution. Work Management allows you to enable business process workflows and assign and schedule tasks to your entire organization. Seamless integration with NISC’s mobile solutions helps you track and manage resources in the office and in the field.

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