A web-based multi-module management system designed by WorkingPoint.

About WorkingPoint

WorkingPoint (formerly NetBooks) is a complete business management system for companies with 2 or more people. Predominantly inventory-based businesses such as manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers or e-tailers. Delivered online and designed for ease of use, WorkingPoint helps small businesses manage their marketing, sales, inventory, production and finances.

The price, just $200/month, includes 5 users and unlimited access to US-based support with a background in small business operations and bookkeeping.


Maximize sales from everywhere

  • Manage wholesale, retail, and e-commerce sales
  • Establish pricing levels by customers type
  • Easily set and enforce pricing policies
  • Manage sales reps and brokers for maximum productivity
  • Quickly see customer order history and service issues – no more calling a customer blindly
  • Give everyone the information they need to respond to customers immediately
  • Track, manage, and resolve customer service issues as a team
  • Run reports by pricing level, product and customer to see what’s working and what isn’t

Grow your customer base

  • Identify your best customers and prospects
  • Reach them consistently and effectively
  • Create targeted promotions based on purchase history
  • Use VerticalResponse to create emails and postcard campaigns

Manage cost to maximize profit

  • Stock in the most convenient units, no matter how you sell
  • Check inventory before making customer commitments
  • Automatic back-order management
  • Manage production of any type of finished good
  • Define an unlimited number of sub-assemblies, labor components and services
  • Get accurate costs automatically – no more spreadsheets or painful end-of-year reconciliation
  • Track lots on everything you buy, produce, inventory and ship

Keep the cash flowing from anywhere

  • Invoice faster, get paid sooner
  • Never again ship without billing
  • Email invoices and statements for free
  • Save thousands of dollars by using your own merchant service account
  • Automatically pre-authorize credit cards – no more shipping to declined cards
  • Keep the finances in order with a full-featured, easy-to-use double entry bookkeeping system
  • Run all standard financial reports at summary or detail level
  • Continuously updated tax rates for all 40,000 sales tax jurisdictions in the US

Free, secure access for your bookkeeper and accountant!


With WorkingPoint Bookkeeping software, you can track and manage your finances using a comprehensive, user-friendly double-entry bookkeeping system. Choose WorkingPoint as your complete accounting software solution.

Product Features:

  • Convert billing requests into invoices instantly.
  • Email customer invoices instantly.
  • Create shipping requests with a click of a button.
  • Provide free and secure access to remote bookkeepers and accountants.
  • Automatically preauthorize and process credit cards.
  • Gain insight into every part of your business with advanced reporting tools.
  • Generate standard financial reports that include summaries or specific details.
  • Monitor profits with customer and profitability reports.
  • Automatic and consistently updated sales tax calculation and reporting for all 40,000 US jurisdictions.

Customer Relationship Management

With WorkingPoint Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, you can manage your customer relationships to maximize their satisfaction and your profitability.

Product Features:

  • Instantly view customer order history and service issues.
  • Establish pricing levels by customer type.
  • Monitor inventory levels before making customer commitments.
  • Track, manage and remedy customer service problems.
  • Assign customer and prospect accounts to sales agents.
  • Assign tasks to sales agents.
  • Track and record customer activity and account status.

Inventory Management

WorkingPoint Inventory Management software offers an extensive yet user-friendly system for managing the inventory of an unlimited number of warehouses. Choose WorkingPoint as your business management and accounting solution and improve the efficiency of your inventory management.

Product Features:

  • View, change and transfer inventory between multiple warehouses, actual and virtual.
  • Stock inventory in the units of your choice, no matter which units you sell it in.
  • Monitor purchased and manufactured items.
  • Lot tracking support, including FDA-required lot tracking of food ingredients and products.


With NetBooks Marketing software, small businesses can manage their outbound marketing campaigns to customers with an impressive suite of incorporated features and seamless integration with VerticalResponse. Choose NetBooks as your small business management solution.

Product Features:

  • Manage your sales catalog and inventory separately.
  • Develop targeted promotional campaigns based on purchase activity or other criteria.
  • Organize sales events according to locale.
  • Send newsletters, reminders and postcards using VerticalResponse.
  • Vertical Response reporting data is automatically downloaded into WorkingPoint at the customer record level

Production Management

Using NetBooks Production Management software, users can effortlessly manage the entire production (manufacturing) process with just one solution. With this business management application, users will know exactly what their cost of goods is for every production run. Choose NetBooks as your Production Management solution provider and improve control over your production processes.

Product Features:

  • Manage the production of any finished good.
  • Manufacture products using fixed recipe, time of production or batch process methods.
  • Define a limitless number of sub-assemblies and labor components.
  • Track internal labor and external service costs.
  • Instantly identify total cost of goods for each product and production run.
  • Acquire and produce without respect to units.
  • Automatic unit conversions – buy in kilos, inventory in pounds and sell in grams.
  • Track production activity over time to identify cost and productivity trends.
  • Full support for lot tracking, including FDA mandated lot tracking of food ingredients and products.

Sales Management

Using NetBooks Sales Management software, users can manage the sales and order entry processes from start to finish with just one solution. This sales management tool enables you to manage sales and orders, control pricing and price expectations, and monitor your inventory levels. Choose NetBooks as your business management and accounting software provider, and streamline your sales management process.

Product Features:

  • Appoint sales agents to customer and prospect accounts.
  • Assign tasks to sales agents.
  • Record all tasks and account activity.
  • Create an unlimited number of pricing levels according to customer type.
  • Establish criteria and require approval for sales orders.
  • Instantly convert sales orders into shipping requests.
  • Automatically import orders from your web store.
  • Clear credit card transactions using Authorize at no cost to you.


Using WorkingPoint Shipping Software, users can mange the entire shipping process, improve efficiency by eliminating the chance for error, and increase the number of orders processed in a day. Choose WorkingPoint as your business management and accounting software solution.

Product Features:

  • Ship via your designated carriers.
  • Convert shipping requests into packing lists and select lists instantaneously.
  • Save time and effort thanks to full UPS integration – track numbers, print labels, schedule pickups and check the status of your packages instantly.
  • Automatically alert customers to the status of their shipment and tracking details via email.

Vendor Relationship Management

Using NetBooks Vendor Relationship Management software, you can easily manage your vendor relationships to ensure optimal vendor performance. NetBooks offers a complete business management and accounting solution ideal for small companies. Choose NetBooks and improve your vendor relationships.

Product Features:

  • Instantly view your purchase history and service activity.
  • Track, manage and remedy vendor issues and concerns as a team.
  • Record vendor activities and account status for later retrieval.

Product Overview

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