ePay Advantage

A software system designed by Nodus Technologies.

About ePay Advantage

ePay Advantage offers the latest online payment technology for enterprises that want to provide their customers with the convenience of online billing and payment collection. ePay integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP to automate cash receipt entry and provide real-time payment processing. It can also be easily integrated with your e-commerce website or eStore Solution Stack.

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Product Features:

  • Electronic Payment Processing - Autocreate Microsoft Dynamics GP cash receipts and process real time payments applied to invoices selected by customer.
  • Secure Login - Secured login using their Microsoft Dynamics GP customer’s ID number with password protection or with extended feature to allow email address as login customer’s ID.
  • My Account - Customers can selectively pay one or more invoices in full or partially.
  • Multiple Credit Cards - Allow customers to maintain multiple credit cards on file.
  • Invoicing - Customers can drill down on the detail of an invoice before payment and also view their invoices stored in Adobe PDF format.
  • Electronic Billing - Send payment confirmation email including payment details.
  • Payment Verification - Full fault protection features, such as AVS and CVV2 support for credit card payments.

With ePay Advantage, your customers gain the convenience to pay their invoices and view their payment history online. The end-result is that you have a happy customer, reduce operational cost, and enhance your company’s competitive position.

Product Overview

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