Accounts Receivable

A web-based accounts receivable service designed by PEM Software Systems.

About Accounts Receivable

This product is no longer sold or supported. As of April 2017, PEM Software Systems is no longer in business. Please see the construction software guide for alternatives.

The Accounts Receivable software from PEM Software system will handle all your billing needs. From invoice creation to tracking of past-due payments & receivables aging, this is your one-stop application for billing.

Enter Invoices, Credits, Payments and Customer Deposits. All invoices Print formatted on plain white paper. View any activity for your customers on the screen. Leave Notes on an any transaction in the system or on customers in general. One check can be applied to multiple Invoices/Credits at one time. We’ve got all the features you need. All the information entered is available on the screen, easy to find and understand. All our reports can be run by All, Selective groups or just one customer. They also run by date. If you need to see your Age report as of last year, No problem.


  • One Time Purchase, No Annual Fees.
  • All Activity on the screen, no limits on History.
  • Void feature prints and records action.
  • Over 25 different reports included.
  • All our reports run by date, you can look backwards or forwards in time and get the financial information you need.
  • Invoices, Credits, Payments, Deposits, all transactions you’ll need.
  • Very user friendly, designed at our Customers site and made to work in real world.
  • Multiple types and layouts for invoices, pick what you need
  • Customer transaction notepads

Reports Available

  • First off, on all reports, you can select each Customer by Detail or Summary. Detail would show each transaction, where Summary would show only totals for the customer. Sometimes you just want a shorter report to see balances.
  • Aged - Broken into 0-30, 31-45, 46-60, 61-90 and over 90 days. The report shows all the Invoice information and phone#'s to call and contact persons.
  • Invoice Lists - sort these by Customer, Date or Invoice#. Get a detailed listing of billing during any time period.
  • Cash In - Check your income from your customers. There are also projections based on payment activity to manage your cash flows.
  • Activity - See all your billing activity, Invoices, Payments, Credits and Deposits. This report shows opening and closing balances by customer account.
  • Statements - Our Statements print on plain white paper listing all the important account information. The Statement shows balances 0-30, 31-60, 61-90 and over 90 days. There are also statement messages. Our statements have a fold line so that addressing information fits in a standard mailing envelope, no addressing needed.
  • Voided Transactions - We all make mistakes, when you void a transaction there always an audit trail and report to eliminate any confusions.
  • Customer Lists - Customer Name and Address lists.
  • Mailing Labels - Just put the labels in your printer and select any or all customers to print.
  • Customer Notepad - You can leave notes on any customer and even on any transaction. The print will make sure you can review these notes. i.e. Need to call someone back about an Invoice Balance?

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