Efficient purchasing and invoice processing

About Aestiva AP Automation

Aestiva AP Automation automates three major processes; purchasing, invoice approval, and invoice input (OCR). Use this software to automate all three processes or any subset.

Aestiva provides purchasing solutions to accommodate a wide variety of purchasing needs. Whether you want to load POs into the system from an external system or need to automate a process currently done with spreadsheets, Aestiva APA can help.

This solution works with your current accounting system. It does not change the payment processes - it instead focuses on the areas yielding the most savings for many organizations.

AP Automation Features

  • Flexible purchasing forms
  • Automated GL coding
  • Intelligent approval flow
  • Easy Receiving (full/partial & goods/services)
  • Advanced reporting, tracking and audit trails
  • Automated pick-up & OCR
  • Support for multiple pick-up locations
  • Vendor setup in less than 60 seconds
  • Dozens of kinds of threshold checks
  • Advanced reporting, tracking and audit trails
  • Automated GL coding
  • GL splits, special terms, and more
  • Research queues (For the accounting department)
  • Intelligent approval flow
  • Automated transfers to your accounting system
  • Advanced reporting, tracking, and audit trails

Aestiva Pricing

The standard pricing for Aestiva AP Automation is the APA-U50 for $16,695 (up to 50 users) for a one-time non-recurring payment plus $299 per additional user. Or you can opt for APA-U150 which is $34,195 (up to 150 users) plus $229 per additional user.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Aestiva AP Automation

Submitted on April 13th, 2020 by an Aestiva AP Automation user from NYC Department of Small Business

Aestiva was extremely helpful with creating a system that takes into account our complex procurement, budget, and A/P rules.