A cloud-based invoice processing software.

About A/P One

CoreIntegrator A/P One is a Cloud Based Invoice Processing Service (SAAS). Specific to invoice processing and Accounts Payable Automation, A/P One’s cloud-based, subscription pricing model solution eliminates invoice data entry and provides a fully automated approval workflow process.

After final approval, payables transaction information is transferred to the ERP/financial system or you can make immediate payment through the payment portal. Invoices and transaction information are archived in A/P One at no additional cost. All data is fully searchable. Customers only pay for the invoices they process; no other software, infrastructure or maintenance fees are required. The document approval matrix is fully configurable by the customer.

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A/P One Features

  • Receiving invoices from vendors and entering data is managed by A/P One.
  • Eliminate data entry with CoreIntegrator data capture service and Smart AP machine learning technology.
  • Invoice approval process will be managed entirely by A/P One.
  • All invoices and approvals will be tracked during every step of the entire process.
  • Unlimited user licenses. Only pay for the invoices you process.
  • Solution provides disaster recovery and business continuity for invoice processing.
  • Process and approve invoices remotely, even from from mobile devices.

A/P One Pricing

The cost of A/P One has an average price point of $1.50/invoice, plus one time implementation fees starting at $5000. Pricing is dependent on the number of invoices processed per month, or per year. There is no free trial available. There is no free version available.

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User Reviews of A/P One

Submitted on April 5th, 2021 by Anonymous

All admin staff at Children’s have been working remotely since COVID — and plans are for this to continue at least through the end of the year.

We could not have done this without [CoreIntegrator] — right now we are 110% reliant on this application for getting a large part of the finance and accounting teams jobs done.

Submitted on March 31st, 2021 by Vidette Pires

Taking the time to figure out who an invoice was for, what approvals were needed for each invoice and then getting it processed was confusing and, at times, chaotic. AP staff were wasting a lot of time manually cranking invoices through a haphazard paper-based system.

Rather than trying to fit our process into their specific technology solution as other companies had tried, the CoreIntegrator team sat with us and took the time to understand our process. They listened as we explained the way our process had evolved and took the time to understand our frustration.

And then something amazing happened: CoreIntegrator brought workflow best practices to the table. They shared the AP workflow best practices that they have learned from 20 years of experience. Not just around their workflow automation solution, but for the entire AP process from procure to pay. Our accounting, IT and business units learned a lot from that.

It was only after that knowledge sharing process was complete that CoreIntegrator described how their fully customizable solution could help us implement streamlined best practices. And unlike other AP software vendors, CoreIntegrator was willing to specifically customize their solution to our business process needs.

They tailored an AP automation system for us instead of trying to force us to fit into a one size fits all package.