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About Commvault Backup & Recovery

Commvault Backup and Recovery provides powerful backup, verifiable recovery, and cost-optimized cloud workload mobility, helping to ensure data availability, even across multiple clouds. The simplified backup and recovery solution allows you to manage all your workloads — cloud, VMs, containers, applications, databases, and endpoints — from a single platform, while flexible copy data management allows you to multi-purpose your backed-up data for DevOps, replication, and more, across your entire infrastructure.

The Commvault Backup and Recovery software is a web-based user interface for managing your data protection and disaster recovery initiatives. This platform provides default configuration values and streamlined procedures for routine data protection and recovery tasks.

Set up your data protection environment, to identify content that you want to protect, and to initiate and monitor backups and restores. The main navigation pane allows you to easily access various components including downloads, forms, analytics, monitoring, and more. The Global Search Bar allows you to search for specific CommCell entities and navigation items. And role-based access control allows you to restrict access so that your employees have access to only the information they need to do their jobs, and even limit actions they are allowed to undertake. This provides a controlled foundation for self-service, helping to reduce the load on your admins and IT support staff.

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  • Simple, comprehensive backup and archiving
  • Comprehensive workload coverage (files, apps, databases, virtual, containers, cloud) from a single extensible platform and user interface
  • High-performance backups via storage integrations
  • Automated tiering for long-term retention and archiving
  • Trusted recovery, ransomware protection, and security
  • Rapid, granular recovery of data and applications, including instant recovery of virtual machines
  • Built-in ransomware protection including anomaly detection and reporting
  • End-to-end encryption, including data-at-rest and data-in-flight encryption, to ensure your data is secure
  • Scalable, cost-optimized cloud data mobility
  • Easily back up, recover, and move data and workloads to/from/within/between clouds
  • Reduce costs with minimal infrastructure requirements in the cloud or on-premises
  • Optimize cloud vs on-premises location of data and workloads via policy-driven automation

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