A multi-module management system designed by Megasol Technologies for finance & insurance companies.

About OdysseySuite

OdysseySuite is an integrated application for the management, accounting and administration needs of:

  • Private banks
  • Offshore banks
  • Trusts
  • Corporations
  • Funds

General Features

OdysseySuite provides General Ledger support for an unlimited number of currencies. Currencies interact through currency position accounts. Consolidated and in-currency financial statements are available for Internal, Public and Jurisdiction reporting, and Group consolidations. Currency and interest rates can be automatically updated from various subscription services. Summary and detailed trial balances, ledger statements, drill-down enquiry screens and the ability to preview reports on-screen, print them or export them to Excel, Word or XML will satisfy the needs of the most fastidious accountant. Design is fully object-oriented and allows for a consistent interface throughout all modules, thus reducing the need for staff training. An advanced document repository enables scanned images or documents to be securely stored in conjunction with client and other records for easy on-screen referral or delivery to the client over the internet.


OdysseySuite provides support for up to 99 each of Current, Savings, Deposit, Call, CD and Loan account classes. Each client account class can be configured to address a particular banking market need and can effectively support unlimited clients. Interest rates may be None, Fixed, Variable or Banded (none, fixed or variable depending on the balance of an account). Client account numbers are configurable and clients can assign nick-names to accounts. Clients may optionally operate commodity accounts if the bank wishes to provide this service. Interest accruals and loan and deposit maturities are handled automatically. Support for Overdraft Protection and Sweep is standard. Compliance and due-diligence tools together with treasury management functions provide legal and fiscal prudence.

OdysseyNet, the internet banking component of OdysseySuite is arguably one of the most advanced on-line banking environments available today. It offers clients secure online access to profile and account details, statements, real-time in-bank transfers, supervised transfers by wire or bank draft, and an unlimited number of standing orders/periodic payments. A sophisticated encrypted messaging system allows transfer of messages between client and bank staff and uploading of attached documentation. A diary system ensures that verbal and other client contacts can be individually and permanently recorded.


OdysseySuite’s Trust module extends the accounting functionality to manage trust distributions and to maintain the separation of Capital from Income. It also adds support for administering the participants in trusts, and the storage of trust documentation such as Deeds, Letters of Wishes and Distribution requests.


OdysseySuite’s Corporate module provides Share Class, Share Register and Shareholder management functionality, share transaction recording, Receivables, Payable and Asset Register. Administration of shareholder dividends with optional output to a required DDA company format are provided.


OdysseySuite’s Funds module works in conjunction with the Corporate module to provide the facility to manage funds. It includes flexible facilities to record the purchase and sale of securities of various kinds, to classify and revalue securities either automatically by connection to a data provider or by manual entry of revaluations, to apply corporate actions and to reconcile broker statements.


Smaller banks with complex or geographically diverse needs but lacking the technical staff to manage those needs will appreciate the economical Megasol ASP hosting packages for any combination of the products if hosting is allowed by local law. Hosting is provided from our ultra-secure servers in Amsterdam.

A variety of free and chargeable support services are provided including live Desk2Desk support, on-line Knowledgebase and extensive on-line Help manuals.


Features Include:

  • Manage multiple banks, trusts, companies, funds
  • Unlimited currencies
  • Support for commodities as currencies for brokerage services
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000 data storage support
  • Microsoft MSDE data storage support for small environments
  • Crystal Reporting engine - export to Excel, XML etc.
  • Document repository for storage of scanned documents
  • Linkage of stored documents to application objects
  • Built-in Diary system


Features Include:

  • Fully multiple currency
  • Current, saving, deposit, loan, call or CD account classes
  • Up to 100 client bank account type variations in each account class
  • Unlimited number of account holders
  • Interest may be none, fixed, variable or banded on balance ranges
  • Flexible service fees structures by account type or customer
  • Support for commissions to Certified Professional Intermediaries
  • Straight-through processing of SWIFT 103 message types

Corporate Accounting

Features Include:

  • Fully multiple currency
  • Share registry supports multiple share classes
  • Assets register
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable

General Ledger

Features Include:

  • True multiple currency general ledger
  • Financials for internal, public, group and jurisdiction reporting
  • Strong transaction type control to reduce posting errors
  • Optional pre-load of monetary value to a transaction type
  • Service fees/charges attachment to any client transaction type
  • Consolidated report designer for one-off GL-based reports

Merchant Payments

Features Include:

  • Fully multiple currency
  • Defined payment currency or list of accepted currencies
  • Client identification
  • Payment processing from client to merchant
  • If successful, credit merchant and debit client
  • Transaction status notification to client and merchant

OdysseySuite API

Features Include:

  • Fully multiple currency
  • Create and maintain clients
  • Create client accounts (within class created by bank)
  • Enquire on client account balances within authorised account classes
  • Post transactions to accounts within authorised account classes
  • Post transactions to the general ledger

On-Line Banking

Features Include:

  • Fully multiple currency
  • Advanced on-line banking through the OdysseyNet internet banking
  • Optionally allow existing clients to open new accounts from OdysseyNet
  • Clients may effect inter-account payments in real-time
  • Clients may order and track wire transfers and bankers drafts
  • Clients may create periodic standing orders for payments and transfers
  • Clients communicate with the bank via an encrypted message system

Trust Accounting

Features Include:

  • Fully multiple currency
  • Support for separation of capital from income
  • Recording of all participants in a trust
  • Recording of distributions and discretionary actions
  • Beneficiary statements available on-line through OdysseyNet

Product Overview

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