A management reporting system designed by ClearPoint Strategy.

About ClearPoint

Don’t just build reports, dashboards, and scorecards; wow your executive team with your management insight. Use ClearPoint to quickly and easily combine text and graphical information to make dynamic and compelling management, strategy, or Balanced Scorecard reports. ClearPoint makes complex management reporting easy.

Easy to Use

ClearPoint is reporting and Balanced Scorecard software built BY managers, FOR managers. You don’t have to worry about cryptic commands or configuration. It’s all drag and drop, allowing YOU to customize your reports.

Cloud Native

ClearPoint Balanced Scorecard software lives in the Cloud, making it easy for you to get started today. It’s also easy to collaborate with teams around the world. No big hardware project or investment required.

Mobile Apps

Take your management reporting software to go! ClearPoint’s mobile applications allow you to take ClearPoint it with you. Tablet and phone applications are available for the iOS and Android platforms.


ClearPoint starts at $50 per user per month, making it affordable for the smallest nonprofit or the largest multinational. Government buyer?

Have Your Back

ClearPoint’s US-based support team is the best in the business. The sole mission in life is to make you a reporting superstar–allowing your team to focus on making decisions, not making reports. ClearPoint makes reporting easy so you can make your reporting effective.

Operating Environment:

Client software:

  • None required – works with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer

SaaS Solution:

  • No server or database required – managed in a SOC3 Certified hosting facility with redundancy and backups

On-Premise Solution

  • Server Software: Microsoft Windows Server
  • Database Software: Microsoft SQL Server (preferred)
  • More details upon request

Management Reporting

Reports generate instantly and can be shared with everyone in your organization. A “projects at risk” report might be shared, while a “projects at risk” report may be kept private. The reports can be exported to PDF or included in a briefing book and can even include charts and commentary. And when the inevitable last-minute request to add a piece of data to the report comes in, you’ll be ready. Just drag and drop a new field onto the screen.

  • Management Reports- Quickly and easily build management reports with a drag and drop interface

  • Offline Management Report- Generate linked PDF briefing books with one click of the mouse

  • Excel Exports- Export reports to fully formatted Excel spreadsheets, plus copy and paste from Excel directly into ClearPoint

  • Data Entry and Integration- Integrate reporting from around your organization with TXT, XLS, CSV, and SQL imports

Project Management

Before ClearPoint, you had a few (poor) choices when it came to managing initiatives. You could sort of do it by making a spreadsheet or presentation and hoping things would add up, create an excessively complex Microsoft Project, or just “wing it.” Now with ClearPoint, you can capture the start date and end date of a project, its associated milestones, and any resources you have allocated to the project.

  • Initiatives and Milestones- Manage all the initiatives and projects in your organization

  • Gantt Charting- Create up-to-the-minute Gantt charts quickly and easily with ClearPoint

  • Email Notifications- Quickly communicate to the entire team and request status updates with email notifications from within ClearPoint

  • Action Items and Risks- Track action items and risks mapped to all elements of your strategy with ClearPoint

Scorecards and Dashboards

ClearPoint has a very flexible chart engine, but the most flexible charting engine in the world is worthless if it’s impossible to use. ClearPoint makes it easy for you to create beautiful charts. Just click to select the chart type that works for you, and it’s automatically generated. Or, if you need a custom chart type, just ask.

  • Charting and Visualization- Create the perfect visualization for your data with ClearPoint’s charting engine

  • Custom Reporting Frequency- Mix and match monthly, quarterly, annually or even weekly reporting in ClearPoint

  • Calculations and Evaluations- Let ClearPoint do the heavy lifting for you with automatic calculations and evaluations

  • Mobile- Take ClearPoint on the go with Android and iOS apps plus browser compatibility

Strategy Management

ClearPoint makes it easy to arrange your screen layout. You can make every page in your report look different (should you care to) and make layouts that only you can see. You can hide, rename, and rearrange to your heart’s content.

  • Strategy Review Meetings- Have productive review meetings with reports that are always up-to-date

  • Strategy Maps- Build graphical maps that help you understand the drivers of your strategy

  • Organizational Alignment- Give your entire organization “line of sight” into how they help execute strategy

  • Custom Layouts- Quickly and easily create custom layouts with no coding – just drag and drop!

Product Overview

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User Reviews of ClearPoint

Submitted on August 12th, 2014 by Anonymous

ClearPoint is a software that helps organizations track data, metrics, and initiatives; link those elements to strategy maps; and observe the changing status of those elements. With built-in import and export functions, organizations can quickly bring in data compiled from a variety of sources. Within a matter of minutes, the software can create management reports and briefing books with data, text, and charts. The application is easy to use and extremely customizable.

The Good…

ClearPoint is the best option on the market for highly customizable strategy management software. The people at ClearPoint understand that no organization has the same needs. Unlike other software, ClearPoint has custom fields, custom dashboards, and custom layouts that allow organizations to work in an application that has the look, feel, and information that they need.

The Bad…