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About Up Your Cash Flow XT

Up Your Cash Flow XT creates financial forecasts for small to mid-size businesses quickly and easily with more features than ever before. Accountants and consultants use this powerful software to provide management advice, secure financing, assist troubled businesses and offer other valuable services. CFOs, Controllers and financial managers use Up Your Cash Flow XT to make fast company budgets, manage cash flow and reach desired levels of profitability.

Over 30 reports show the impact of Sales, Expenses, Cost of Sales, Financing, Payroll, Inventory and more – in as much detail as you wish. Run unlimited “what-if” scenarios to see how changes in business activity affect the bottom line. Compare plan to actual data. Measure how close you’ve come to your goals. Be able to predict any cash shortfalls before they happen.

Up Your Cash Flow XT is the perfect tool to develop financial forecasts. For start-ups. Writing business plans. Strategic planning. Securing SBA loans. Bank and other types of financing. Raising equity. Preparing Budgets. Effective financial management.

XT2 Team

XT2 Team has the same features as XT2, everything you need to complete a budget, forecasted cash flows and balance sheets - in little detail or as comprehensive as you like. But, XT2 Team offers multi-user performance for team management.

A team leader and up to 4 team members can work on the same budget or forecast at the same time. Complete data file integrity is always maintained and controlled by the Team Leader.

Ideal for multi-user teams:

  • Companies requiring deep analysis
  • Consultants, CPAs, and Turnaround Specialists

You’ll Save Substantial Amounts of Time:

  • No struggling to create formulas cell by cell. No building complicated accounting models.
  • No complex spread sheet linking.
  • No looking for formula and design errors. All 25+ reports fully integrated.

You’ll Spend Valuable Time Dealing With Assumptions:

  • More time can be spent developing the most crucial elements of financial forecasting…planning the assumptions to be used for more accurate results.

You’ll See the Future Not the Past.

  • Management should concentrate on the future of the business. Not the past.
  • The more you can see what is going to happen. The more effective you can be.

You’ll Always Know the Answer to the Three Most Important Questions:

  • How much cash will you need?
  • When will you need it?
  • Where will you get it?

You’ll Become More Goal Oriented.

  • Measure results against well thought out preplanned goals.

Prepare Faster Then Ever:

  • Profit and loss forecasts/budgets.
  • Cash flow forecasts, forecasted balance sheets, financial ratios.
  • Consolidations, multi years, automatic amortization of loans, and more and more.
  • Everything you’ll need to create meaningful financial forecasts.

Easy to Learn:

  • Online video type tutorials for all major sections of the program.
  • PDF file containing screen shots with explanations.
  • Training exercises. Learn the program quickly. Call us. We’ll help.

Prepare Complex or Simple Forecasts:

  • Comprehensive enough for the most sophisticated forecasting.
  • Develop simple forecasts. Users choice.

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User Reviews of Up Your Cash Flow XT

Submitted on April 8th, 2014 by Antonio Santos

Up Your Cash Flow is the only software that I’ve found that is capable of producing an accurate cash flow forecast by project. Since we complete a few hundred projects per year, I organized my jobs by customer and used pivot tables to give me the data needed to post to UYCF. The software did the rest, and I was able to create a cash flow, balance sheet and income statement with ease.

Submitted on January 13th, 2014 by John Smaller

Every year when I prepare my forecasts and budgets I marvel at the convenience, versatility and speed at which I can prepare, plan and look into my future cash flow. UpYourCashflow is my right hand (program) that gives me the confidence to know what my cash requirements will be, and also to successfully control my business on a month to month basis. UpYourCashflow can handle every transaction that I can think of that will affect my cash flow. It is a pleasure to use.

The Good…

Cash flow projections are amazing. Monthly actual to budget reporting I cannot live without. Balance sheet ratio reports are a great help with bank covenants. Printed report layouts better than any program I have come across. Quick and easy “What if” scenarios.

The Bad…