Liaison ALLOY Platform

A platform for data integration.

About Liaison ALLOY Platform

The Liaison ALLOY Platform is the first dPaaS (Data Platform as a Service) solution available and is able to address the needs of a growing enterprise through a data-centric approach. It offers both integration and data management in a unified, cloud-based platform. The ALLOY Platform provides for all of the basic needs such as infinite scale, resiliency, and robust security.

The ALLOY Platform consists of three building blocks:

  • Integration
  • Data Management
  • Data Visibility

The Integration module is where most of the integration magic happens, from workflows to mapping. On top of this foundation is the Data Management module where big data technologies support storage and management. The Data Visibility module offers a deep dive, real-time look into the data and data flows through LENS, our cloud-based Business Activity Monitoring solution.


  • Our tailored solutions on a multi-tenant cloud platform allow you the benefits of a solution unique to your issues and environment, but the benefits of cloud at the same time.
  • The ALLOY Platform offers microservices that are dedicated to specific business functions as simple as data transformation or as broad as process workflow. They enable a highly agile response to shifts in demand in your environment, providing incredibly fast “scale up” and “scale down” by executing a very large number of parallel processes in a loosely coupled manner.
  • The secret sauce to the ALLOY Platform is our Contivo" automated mapping solution. Contivo accelerates and simplifies the data conversion process, eliminating the need for laborious and complex hand-coding and reducing the time to create new maps. It also houses a powerful algorithm for data profiling and cleansing. This means great time to value (TTV) and a lower cost to you.
  • Liaison Technologies offers complete map portability for investment protection. You never have to worry about vendor lock-in. Should you choose another path in the future, you can take your maps with you.
  • API management interfaces for integration and syndication of data are available through the ALLOY Platform. Your APIs are the glue that holds your applications together and we can make sure that everything stays in sync by enabling exchanges from the integration layer. In addition, the ALLOY Platform offers true API management from creation all the way up to consumption at the data layer.
  • The ALLOY Platform’s big data technologies allow for limitless scale of processing and storage. It leverages opensource Hadoop and Cassandra technologies for distributed data processing, storing, and management. This creates a massively scalable platform that can make sense of big data in virtual real time. With scalability no longer an issue, you can take integration to any level you wish.

The ALLOY Platform is supported through our fully managed services. Having Liaison manage your run-time activities frees up your resources to focus on initiatives that are core to your business – like realizing innovative ways to leverage your data. This shift could vastly change the contribution your organization makes in delivering value to the business. We become an extension of your team where you maintain tight control and good visibility into the process. Let us free you to focus on what matters!

Enabling Big Data

Today big data is on everyone’s mind. It is something that has proven hard to achieve for some, but it is a process that is being refined and proving to be the future of business, not a fad. The potential benefits are well worth the hard work.

Taming the 5 V’s (volume, velocity, variety, veracity, and value) of structured and unstructured data take a lot of effort. If you do not have the proper foundation created through integration and data management though, you will never deliver on its potential.

The ALLOY Platform was built with big data in mind. From its underlying technology that provides the flexibility of unlimited store and compute – to our big data analytics partnerships – Liaison has you covered. In between those technologies lies our powerful platform that ensures that your data flows and is curated correctly. Liaison can help fulfill the promise of big data – better business intelligence.

Integrating Your Hybrid Environment

A hybrid cloud model can provide a range of benefits, from shifting and reducing costs, to driving innovation, increasing flexibility, or speeding the deployment of new applications. But moving to a hybrid model is not without its challenges.

Think about a typical business using a hybrid scenario. You have different departments using their own cloud applications, such as Workday, Salesforce, and NetSuite. This is coupled with traditional on-premise applications, such as SAP. And further complicated by e-commerce and outside entities needing to connect and share information. Basic integration can be daunting, much less trying to tackle the cleansing and management of all of that data.

The ALLOY Platform is built with these complex integrations in mind. It becomes the hub where data flows through and can even take on complex tasks such as data management in the context of these integrations. We specialize in unique environments and scenarios, and know how to tailor a solution to help with even the most complex of scenarios.

Integrating Supply Chains

In the world of B2B, success is dependent on the strength of its partner community, be they channels, suppliers, or even financial institutions. As with anything in life, communication is core to this success. Communication includes all the vast amounts of data that flows from supplier to distributor to warehouse to store. If it is not flowing efficiently and correctly then the entire chain falls apart.

Making the Liaison ALLOY Platform your hub for this flow of data will keep your supply chain running smoothly. Liaison will connect and transform daily transactions, no matter how numerous and dispersed, into a single point that gives your real-time access to all your transactions at the data layer. This includes the multiple formats, languages, and even handling compliance or jurisdiction needs. We have 15 years of experience improving supply chain performance and can offer you unparalleled solutions with limitless scalability and rock-solid security.

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