Audit and Inspection Management

An audit and inspection management software solution from Rivo Software.

About Audit and Inspection Management

Audit and Inspection Management is an end-to-end solution for the planning, execution and reporting of external and internal audits and inspections.

With multiple technical and organisational barriers to effective auditing and inspection, Rivo provides a single easily accessible platform with offline mobile capability for end to end auting and inspecting. The volume of audits and inspections required by organisations across multiple disciplines in multiple locations across multiple countries, alignment of auditing requirements to frequently policies and external regulations, increasing demands from the business on data quality and quantity and the need for process automation and enterprise-wide visibility are crucial factors in effective audit and inspection management.

Irrespective of the nature, volume and unpredictability of risks within your business, Rivo provides an automated solution for audit and inspection management across your business to enable better control and understanding of compliance and risk.

Improved Execution & Performance

  • Identify non-conformances and allocate actions
  • Immediate notification and escalation of non-conformances and corrective/ preventative actions based on workflow
  • Access audit and inspections data quickly to identify high risk locations or processes
  • Set up easy to use dashboards showing up to the minute performance data
  • Automate workflows, reviews or re-audits and apply by team or location

Stronger Governance

  • Total oversight in a central audit and inspections register for all corporate internal and external audit and inspection management programs
  • Real time visibility of audit and inspections execution based on process, team or location
  • Real time visibility of audit and inspections action close out based on process, team or location
  • Accountability for all aspects of audit and inspection management with end to end audit trails and drill down granularity on roles and responsibilities

Improved Productivity

  • Improve resourcing efficiency with audit planning/scheduling
  • Create audit programs across the organisation to cover multiple processes and business areas
  • Notifications and reminders ensure auditors, observers, experts and teams can plan effectively

Integration Capability

  • Integrate with existing systems such as SAP or Documentum
  • Interrogate data from external systems in-line with audit and inspections results for 360 degree visibility
  • Seamlessly integrate across other Rivo Solution Layers


  • Categorize and typify audits for better organisation
  • Plan audit and inspection management programs end to end including fully automated sign-off of planning stage
  • Notify and remind audit teams of forthcoming audit calendar/schedule
  • Perform audits and inspections on or offline on mobile devices with our native applications
  • Schedule, approve and monitor audits and inspections across teams, functions and locations
  • Automate workflows, notifications, escalation and approvals
  • Multiple out of the box audit and inspections performance reports in downloadable formats
  • Deeper insights into audit and inspections performance using Analytics to view audit and inspections data from any angle and in conjunction with any other Rivo or external system data
  • Align to regulations and policies
  • Automate non-conformance and action management
  • Integrate into other Rivo Solution Layers

Product Overview

  • Developer Rivo Software
  • Type BI Tools
  • Client OS Windows

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