Corporate performance management software.

About True Sky

True Sky is a Corporate Performance Management Solution (CPM) that dramatically reduces the time spent on creation, input, data merging, and review processes traditionally involved with planning, budgeting, and forecasting.

Excel-based for ease of use, packed full of uniquely powerful functionalities, and designed to encourage forward-thinking budgeting practices such as rolling forecasts and driver-based planning, True Sky provides businesses with an easy path towards agility.

Businesses need a budgeting, planning, and forecasting solution that makes data capture quick and easy, so that valuable resources can be dedicated towards analysis and strategy.

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Take Control of the Company’s Future

True Sky was specifically developed to be easily adopted and maintained by the finance group, without tying up valuable IT resources. Once installed and configured, True Sky software can be used by anyone, no matter how complex their company’s budgeting and forecasting needs are.

Now is the time to set companies up for success. True Sky puts the power into the office of the CFO.

True Sky Features

Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting

From easy model and template creation to robust security, True Sky’s budgeting and forecasting software offers all the features needed to collect, analyze, and act on the company’s financial data. Whether the company favors rolling forecasts or annual budgets, driver-based or outcomes-based planning, True Sky is tailored to fit the needs of companies.

Monitoring & Reporting

Report generation is simple with True Sky. The capabilities of Excel paired with the power of True Sky allow for the creation of interactive reports that require no user effort at all! Better reporting leads to better data analysis, which in turn leads to better business strategies.


See important data at a glance with True Sky’s user defined dashboards. No need to waste time searching for trends or recent activity – an overview of the most commonly needed information is instantly available via True Sky’s detailed dashboards. Use them to check in for a quick update on where things stand, or a more in-depth look to help guide strategy.


In order for data to be actionable, businesses must know how to use it. And what makes it actionable? Analytics. True Sky provides businesses with the ability to delve deep into the significance of their data, uncovering trends, drivers, connections, and more. With its uniquely robust analytical capabilities, True Sky is the ideal solution for any business focused on agility.

What True Sky Can Do for Businesses

Financial Budgeting

With True Sky, harness the power of Microsoft Excel to budget in real time. That means no time wasted on tedious training – just fast information that helps you budget strategically all year long.

Plus, True Sky allows for a completely tailored budgeting experience. Whether you like rolling forecasts or annual budgets, pre-set templates or custom template creation, True Sky allows you to budget the way that works best for you.

Revenue Forecasting

To grow your business, you need accurate knowledge that allows you to make good business decisions. That’s where True Sky comes in – it helps you easily forecast revenue so you can quickly make choices that will advance your company.

Compensation Planning

Keeping your best employees around will help you achieve your business goals. True Sky helps you make this happen by allowing you to plan compensation strategically so you can gain a competitive advantage while keeping your top employees happy.

Capital Expenditures

True Sky provides you with the helpful data you need to make the right decisions about capital expenditures. That way, you can avoid irreversible long-term consequences that harm your business and stop you from reaching your goals.

Project Costs/Revenues

Hoping your next big project is completed within budget? With True Sky, it will be. True Sky allows you to easily estimate costs, prioritize, and plan for the future.

And the best part? It’s so intuitive that anyone involved in your project can contribute. That way, the budget remains accurate and propels the project toward successful completion.

User Defined Modeling

You have unique business goals, and your budgeting needs are unique too. So, why settle for “one-size-fits-all” budgeting software? With True Sky, you don’t have to. True Sky give you full control of your budget – you can easily customize it to work exactly the way you need it to.

Structured Data Capture

Cut down on the manual labor needed to budget by automating data input with True Sky. Not only will you boost productivity – you’ll get more accurate data that will help you make better business decisions.

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User Reviews of True Sky

Submitted on May 16th, 2023 by Anonymous

We reviewed a few programs from Software Connect and one of them was TrueSky. They have been super helpful in digging deep and figuring out exactly what we would like from a budgeting and forecasting program.

We really like how detailed TrueSky is and how they are able to drill down and budget to by each individual user. Some of the other systems we looked at were not able to do that.

And the program feels and functions alot like excel which was helpful for our managers who already have experience with excel.

The Good…

Great team that makes sure they understand what you need

Ability to budget down to each user

The Bad…


Submitted on February 3rd, 2020 by Brian Armstrong

The elegance of the True Sky product is that it harnesses the power of Microsoft Excel and SQL Server to deliver a solid and flexible solution for budgeting, planning and forecasting.

Submitted on February 3rd, 2020 by Kerry Draper

True Sky is a clever solution based on Excel with exceptional integration with GP…It is very powerful in its ability to integrate with other applications that are often need for forecasting and budgeting. I would consider them a clear market leader.