InterSystems IRIS

A platform for machine learning-enabled applications that connect data and application silos.

About InterSystems IRIS

InterSystems IRIS is a complete cloud-first data platform that includes a multi-model transactional data management engine, an application development platform, and interoperability engine, and an open analytics platform.

InterSystems IRIS provides a set of APIs to operate with transactional persistent data simultaneously: key-value, relational, object, document, multidimensional.

Data can be managed by SQL, Java, node.js, .NET, C++, Python, and native server-side ObjectScript language.

InterSystems IRIS includes an Interoperability engine and modules to build AI solutions. InterSystems IRIS provides features for horizontal scalability (sharding, ECP) and provides High Availability features, Business intelligence, transaction support, and backup.

Video Overview

InterSystems IRIS Features

  • Access Controls/Permissions
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Data Migration
  • Data Replication
  • Database Conversion
  • Multiple Programming Languages Supported
  • Performance Analysis
  • Relational
  • Virtualization

InterSystems IRIS Target Market

InterSystems data management software is in use at hundreds of thousands of production deployments through healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, utilities, retail, supply chain and logistics

Product Overview

  • Developer InterSystems
  • Type Big Data Analytics Tools
  • Client OS Windows, macOS, Web
  • Deployment Cloud or On-Premises

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