A multi-module management system designed by Magic Information Systems for distribution/wholesale trade and manufacturing companies.

About eManufacturing

eManufacturing module is a comprehensive package that is simple to set up and use, it includes two manufacturing applications: Bill of Materials and Job Cost.

Bill of Materials involves the production of repetitive standard products that are made from definable units. The Bill of Materials application allows you to create work orders, issue raw materials and labour to the work order. eManufacturing" tracks the required inventory quantities from raw materials into Work In Process and then into Finished Goods records. Control will be exercised over the costs and quantities of both raw materials and finished goods.

Job Cost application involves the production of non-standard goods and services. The Job Cost application has the ability to compare actual costs and revenues to an estimate or budget.

eManufacturing Features

  • Bill of Material Listing
  • Ability to search Bill of Material records and note where a specific product is used throughout the manufacturing assemblies
  • Bill of Material Listing
  • Display multilevel bills of material
  • Tag work orders to view them under a variety of circumstances
  • Assign lot numbers to the production of lot controlled products
  • Use manufacturing Batches
  • Create new Bill of Materials from old similar ones via the REPLICA command
  • Record ýBreak Bulký processing
  • Sets up work orders for assemblies
  • Product Committed Update
  • Interfacing with the Product Maintenance file to check stock availability
  • Costing analysis for each assembly
  • Optional password security
  • Pop-up Windows for easy and fast data entry
  • Error checking on all user inputs
  • Supports Lot Numbers
  • Multiple Branches/Departments
  • Multiple Warehouses
  • Multi-Company Support
  • Automatic Kitting Support
  • Drill Down Search options for easy and fast data entry
  • Product Retrieval by Vendor Name or Number
  • Full access to all master files
  • Enhanced record searches for easy and fast data entry

Bill of Materials

The Bill of Materials is used to control inventories and production costs for the manufacturing and assembly of standard products. It permits an unlimited number of Bills for each Finished Good item with an unlimited number of levels and components in each Bill.

Additional materials, labor and overhead amounts may be charged to a work order. Work Orders are available by Department/Machine.

Job Cost

Job Costing is used for the control of costs and profitability in the production of nonstandard items and jobs.

Job Cost permits an unlimited number of combinations of user defined Departments/Phases and Cost types. Standard inquiry and reporting options are available for complete income and expense reporting as well as Receivable and Payable agings by Job. Outstanding Sales and Purchase Orders by Job also are available.

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