JDA Seasonal Profiling

A web-based software system designed by JDA Software Group for retail trade companies.

About JDA Seasonal Profiling

An accurate demand forecast is a critical component in many of the necessary functions of the modern customer focused business. Everything from high level company planning to purchasing to distribution of goods to labor resource management is driven by some outcome of a demand forecast. One of the most seasonally dependant forecasting applications is replenishment of goods to the warehouse or the store, where profitability is highly impacted by careful management of flowing large amounts of inventory for time-critical sales opportunities. Inaccuracies in accounting for localized variation of product demand throughout the seasons results in both lost sales and increased on-hand inventory, costing the retailer / wholesaler both significant margin and opportunity.

JDA Seasonal Profiling filters through product / location history to identify significant patterns of seasonality, and then matches these patterns with each product / location. Using data mining techniques, Seasonal Profiling manages the entire process of history cleansing, profile generation, exception management, and profile benefit / performance tracking. The result is a rapid and sustained increase in replenishment forecasting accuracy, leading to significant increases in sales margin while decreasing overall inventory within the channel.

Key Features:

  • Integration with JDA forecast and replenishment systems
  • Cleansing of demand history for determining baseline demand by product / location
  • Hierarchical profiling to generate / assign seasonal patterns
  • Post processing of profiles to manage cleansing and calendar shifting for upcoming seasons
  • Exception management utilities
  • Profile tracking and reporting

User Reviews of JDA Seasonal Profiling

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