Vulnerability Manager Plus

An enterprise vulnerability management software for your security teams.

About Vulnerability Manager Plus

Vulnerability Manager Plus is an enterprise security program from ManageEngine that monitors endpoints situated across the LAN and WAN. The product specializes in the detection and response to threats or vulnerabilities found across managed systems like workstations, computers and servers.

This solution features an integrated patch management system, from where users can conduct the fully automated distribution of the latest software updates to endpoints that are missing patches. Alongside patch automation, the vast repository of third-party patches and cross-platform support adds to the versatility of this feature.

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Vulnerability Manager Plus empowers its users with the ability to prioritize vulnerabilities and address threats based on the urgency and actual risks presented to their enterprise. The product displays vulnerability data on an intuitive dashboard for users to gather information quickly and take action. Users also reap the benefits of addressing Zero-day vulnerabilities right from the console.

The security configuration management feature allows administrators to detect inappropriate security configurations and flaws from across managed systems. Admins can then deploy appropriate security configurations in a few simple steps. The product also adds an extra layer of security and protects web servers present across an enterprise’s operational environment.

Vulnerability Manager Plus is currently available in three editions: a completely free edition, professional and enterprise editions. While the free edition supports the management of 25 systems and is fully functional, the paid editions offer a 30-day free trial.

Vulnerability Manager Plus Features

Following are the list of features offered by Vulnerability Manager Plus.

  1. Vulnerability assessment
  2. Patch management
  3. Security configuration management
  4. Zero-day vulnerability mitigation
  5. Web server hardening
  6. High-risk software audit
  7. Antivirus audit
  8. Port audit
  9. Insightful reports

Vulnerability Manager Plus Target Market

Vulnerability Manager Plus finds use among members of the IT department in any enterprise or firm. These members include:

  • Admins
  • Technicians
  • Security professionals

Vulnerability Manager Plus Pricing

The cost of Vulnerability Manager Plus starts at $695 for 100 workstations and single user license. Pricing depends on the selection of edition (Professional/Enterprise) and also the number of systems to be managed and user licenses required. There is a free trial available. There is a free version available.

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