Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite

A low-code digital automation platform and BPM software.

About Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite

The Ultimus Digital Process Automation Suite is a comprehensive, integrated suite of technologies purpose-built to meet the demands of the modern digital enterprise. The Ultimus DPA Suite maximizes business agility, effectiveness, and efficiency by enabling pervasive, seamless, enterprise-scale, end-to-end process automation.

To achieve digital process automation, you’ll need the application, process, and production technologies offered by Ultimus DPA Suite.

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Ultimus DPA Suite Methodolgies

  • Modeling–Map out your process and measure the time and cost needed to execute your process
  • Automating—Evolve your process from a manual process to an electronic process where data is collected in web forms and easily transferred to/from your existing third-party applications
  • Managing–Gain insight into your processes, the business data in those processes, and the effectiveness of the process participants
  • Optimization–Learn how to make your day-to-day business process more efficient, more cost-wise, and control data entry and application errors

Ultimus DPA Suite Benefits

  • Creates tailored, differentiated applications with over 90% less time, cost, and effort than customizing packaged applications or developing with traditional low-code and BPM tools
  • Meets the most sophisticated enterprise application, process, uptime, performance, and scaling requirements
  • Allows business users to document and translate their requirements directly into software that is consistent with wider transformation efforts – without IT knowledge
  • Creates fully mobile-ready and localized solutions without additional effort
  • Can be deployed in the cloud or on premise
  • Eliminates isolated applications, processes, products, and data for improved prioritization, decision making, and customer experience;
  • Provides a tightly integrated, high-productivity portal/unified inbox for all customer, employee, and partner interactions; and
  • Can be licensed on a bundled, per-solution basis to avoid high upfront platform costs.

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