An all-in-one child care software

About Sandbox

Sandbox is an all-in-one child care software which allows you to manage your daycare and grow your business all in one place. Engage parents with real-time photos and updates throughout the day sent through secure instant messaging tools.

With Sandbox, you can automate time consuming tasks in order to focus on growing your business. Discover how Sandbox software simplifies productivity in the classroom today.

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  • Attendance Tracking: Sign children in and out using a web kiosk or mobile phone
  • Classroom Activities: Log notes, photos, events and more right in the classroom
  • Child Care Billing: The easiest and fastest way to create invoices
  • Family and Staff Profiles: Complete Classroom, Family and Staffing management tools
  • Photos and Updates: Share special moments with parents throughout the day
  • Online Payments: Receive payments faster by accepting them online or through the app
  • Online Registrations: Build custom forms that are simple and effective
  • Instant Messaging: A fast, simple, and secure way to communicate with parents
  • Detailed Reports: Track your growth with hundreds of reports

Sandbox Pricing

Sandbox has several pricing plans available for child care centers of all sizes. Pricing is determined by how many children are in your care.

  • $59 per month (up to 24 children)
  • $79 per month (25-49 children)
  • $129 per month (50-99 children)
  • $169 per month (100-199)
  • $199 per month (200+ children)

Plans can be paid on a monthly or annual subscription basis. Paying yearly results in 20% savings. Try Sandbox for FREE - no credit card required.

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User Reviews of Sandbox

Submitted on March 8th, 2022 by Claire Ercolono from Cheltenham School District

We received 100% positive feedback from our families with the implementation of Sandbox in our center.

Submitted on March 8th, 2022 by Kathryn Gregersen from Plainwell Community Schools

This program has dramatically changed our billing procedure. It is so simple and easy to use while still having all of the features we need to successfully operate our large childcare program!

Submitted on March 8th, 2022 by Thuy Rees from Rockcreek Pre-School

Sandbox has made it so simple for us to enroll students, take applications, and get parents the information that they need.

Submitted on March 8th, 2022 by Krista Bordeleau

I am amazed at how simple the system is to use and to navigate, it has drastically reduced administrative time and increased data management across the board. Our families have really enjoyed the Timeclock feature, it’s much more streamlined than paper sign ins and really steps it up in regards to the professionalism of our school.