VIANSOFT Church Treasurer

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A multi-module management system designed by Vian Corporation for non-profit organizations.

About VIANSOFT Church Treasurer

This product is no longer sold or supported. Please visit the church accounting software page to view alternative software options.

The Church Treasurer is an easy-to-use Windows program designed to meet the unique accounting needs of a church. It allows you to keep track of budget, income and expenses as compared to a traditional business accounting system where the main emphasis is keeping track of profit and loss.

Recording and posting income or expenses is done in one easy step. Income can be posted to a fund to be deducted to pay expenses for any item in the fund or posted to a specific item to be deducted to pay expenses only for that item. Purchase Order information can be recorded to show money committed for ordered items on the Budget vs Expenses Report.

The program allows an inexperienced bookkeeper to keep complex records and produce time-consuming reports with ease.

A Tutorial takes you step-by-step through the basic operation of the program. You will see how easy it is to complete tasks such as enter transactions, generate reports and reconcile a bank statement. You will also be able to generate other reports and try many program options using the Tutorial data. Set up the Treasurer in Trial Mode and use it for 90 days from the date of program installation (within the same calendar year) with your church, ministry or non-profit organization information. If you decide to register the software, you will not have to reenter the information you entered during the trial period.

Features and Benefits

  • Recording and posting income or expenses is done in one easy step.
  • Printing checks (optional) can be done singly or by batch.
  • It is easy to enter and edit transactions. From a single transaction entry window, you specify the bank account, the transaction type (income, expense, transfer, etc.) and fill in the information in the form. To edit a transaction, you choose the transaction from the Transactions Browser list, and then edit the displayed information.
  • You can regenerate expense information for a check.
  • You can void a previously posted check that has not been cashed (lost check or stop payment).
  • Income can be posted to a Fund to be used to pay expenses for any item within the Fund, or posted to a specific Item where the money can only be deducted for expenses charged to the specific Item. To post a transaction, the total amount of the transaction must equal the sum total of the detail line items specified for the transaction. This way the transaction is verified before it is posted.
  • Record transfers in one easy step. You can transfer money out of one bank account and into another bank account and keep the money in the same fund or item, or move the money to a different fund or item. Also, you can transfer money within the same bank account to a different fund or item.
  • Generated reports are displayed on the monitor screen for review. There are many options you can select for a displayed report (resize, page in both directions, jump to a specific page, save the report to a file, print the report (any range of pages)).
  • If you use Purchase Orders, you can record purchase order information to show money ýcommittedý for ordered items. The Budget vs Expenses report more accurately reflects money currently available when using the purchase order feature. Posting an expense for a purchase order item automatically displays the stored purchase order information in the Expense Transaction fields. If necessary, you can modify the displayed information before posting the expense.
  • The program assists you with bank account reconciliation. The ýProve Bank Statementý feature displays a list of outstanding transactions. You can change the status of each transaction that is no longer outstanding for the selected bank account. You can also edit a transaction if there is an error in your entry. You can display and edit outstanding and all transactions in each bank account.
  • Enter budget information for next year during the current year. The Budget Report can include both this year’s and next year’s budget amounts.
  • An automated end-of-year routine automatically ýarchivesý the current data in a different folder and sets up your data in the working folder for the new year. You will have access to the information in archive folders for future reference of previous years’ information.
  • If you use the VIANSOFT Church Contribution System for Windows, you can import the deposit totals to the Church Treasurer for Windows.
  • Using the program’s Export feature, you will be able to create tab delimited or comma-quotes delimited ASCII text files of the data for use in a spreadsheet, word processor or database.
  • Three levels of access passwords can be set in the program to discourage the casual viewing of information by unauthorized people. Level 1 provides full access to all functions of the program including administrative functions. Level 2 and 3 allow access to varied functions and reports based on the access level.
  • A comprehensive Treasurer Reference help system provides answers to questions regarding the set up and specific use of the Treasurer.
  • A comprehensive Context Help system provides quick answers about the use of a displayed program input window. The keyboard key or the Help button on the displayed program window will access the Context Help system.
  • A Tutorial teaches you the basic operation of the Treasurer. After you complete the tutorial, you will be able to generate other reports and explore other options of the program.
  • Registered users of the MS-DOS version of the Church Treasurer who switch to the Windows version of the Treasurer will be able to convert their MS-DOS data to the new Windows format.
  • Incremental updates of the Church Treasurer (Release 2) for Windows can be downloaded free for Church Treasurer (Release 2) for Windows registered users from the web site until the next major release.

Bank Account Reconciliation

Included with the Church Treasurer. See the description of the Church Treasurer for details.

Budget, Income and Expenses

Included with the Church Treasurer. See the description of the Church Treasurer for details.

Data Export (To ASCII Text File)

Included with the Church Treasurer. See the description of the Church Treasurer for details.

Included with the Church Treasurer. See the description of the Church Treasurer for details.

Purchase Orders

Included with the Church Treasurer. See the description of the Church Treasurer for details.

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User Reviews of VIANSOFT Church Treasurer

Submitted on December 23rd, 2015 by Shirley from The 7th Day Praise and Worship Church

vian corporation was a very good program until we lost the support from vian corporation themselves. Now when you try to go to the help buttons there is no help out there. That is not fair to users that have already purchased the software. Would I purchase it again…yes. But the fact still remains that customer service help is still needed.

A live person to talk to about the program and how to changes.