Fully digital work management and execution platform

About Lean Power

Lean Power is a patent pending, fully digital work management and execution platform that empowers companies to perform regimented work instructions more efficiently, saving labor, increasing the accuracy of data collection in the field, and reducing the risk of plant and equipment failures.

Lean Power digitizes paper-based and PDF-based work packages and converts them into digital work instructions. The Lean Power platform supports the entire dynamic procedures lifecycle including creation, planning, execution, and record management. Lean Power can work as a stand-alone work planning and execution solution or integrate with existing document and asset management systems.

The application consists of a backend server, frontend web application, and mobile app solution. The application uses forms-based authentication, stores data in an encrypted state, and communicates using web services provided over a secure connection.

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Lean Power Features

Powerful parser to convert paper procedures to digital work instructions, database of work instructions that can be used to create templates allowing easy updates, multiple workers can execute the same procedure while in online mode, notifications can be used to alert other workers when they are needed enabling schedule optimization, real-time work status provided to management, data on time needed to complete steps allows labor optimization, data collected on equipment provide trending information maintenance needs, large fields and powerful calculations increase accuracy of data collection in the field.

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User Reviews of Lean Power

Submitted on December 14th, 2020 by an anonymous Lean Power user.

Lean Power helped transform our maintenance and operations groups into a digital workforce which helped us improve accuracy of field data collection and optimize our labor needs.