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A commission tracking Quickbooks application add on designed by CommTrack.
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Calculate commissions on Sales or Gross Profit on Fully paid invoices by date paid. You can bypass any item that you do not want to pay commissions on. If you choose gross profit the costs can come from the item, average cost, QuoteWerks or the invoice can be linked to a PO. Commission rates come from the Rep file, the Customer or from the rate set up on the item. An amount can be set up on an item as well as a bonus for that item. If any of the Sales Rep’s have managers you can specify what rate the manager gets as an override.

You can even setup a different Rate for a new Customer for any period of time based on an established date. Overrides can be specified for a Manager based on the sales subject to commission or if it is a percentage of the reps commission amount.

Commission Statements can be printed by REP or by Group. Once you post the system creates a list of processed invoices so you can’t process the same invoice twice. It also posts the information to a history file so you can reprint your Rep Reports.

Commtrack is an add on app for QuickBooks that works on a desk top and also works in the cloud. Commissions are calculated quickly and accurately for unlimited sales reps. Pay commissions by paid date based on sales. Quickbooks Pro/Premier/Enterprise 2012,13,14 and Windows 7/8 compatible. Unlimited reps, includes 12 incidents per year support/Training.


  • Report commissions accurately
  • Timely understandable reports
  • Cut down on administrative cost
  • Eliminate costly errors and over-payments
  • Make sales Reps more productive
  • Stop costly turnovers
  • Quickly spot problem areas
  • Eliminate Reps complaints
  • Access to previous commission reports



  • Calculate commissions by Sales
  • Commissions processed for Fully Paid or by Invoice date
  • Unlimited Reps
  • Set Rep rate by item
  • Bypass any Item that is Non-Commissionable
  • Split Commissions - Up to 5 Reps
  • Export Current Cycle data to excel
  • Send Bills to Quickbooks
  • Group Reporting
  • Create a PDF for each Rep
  • Manager Override
  • Total Reports


  • All above features, Plus:
  • Custom Fields read from Quickbooks:
  • Override rate by Customer
  • Rate by Sales Volume
  • Commission Rates by Class
  • Rates by Discount Percent
  • Commission Rates by Aging of Invoice
  • Different Rates based on Customers age

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