A full ERP system designed by CompuBuild Technologies for construction companies.

About SubMaster

Built by Subcontractors for Subcontractors

Submaster seamlessly combines Job Costing, Bidding, Project Management, Purchasing, H/R and Payroll with every function of accounting to help you boost profits, gain project control, and streamline back office operations – the perfect solution that lets you control every aspect of your business. We have 4 different packages:

SubMaster SILVER

An affordable solution for all subcontractor trades. SubMaster Silver lets you run your business to industry standards while seamlessly adapting to your existing operations.

  • Core Project Management
  • Payroll and Human Resources
  • Accounting Management
  • Ideal for Growing Operations

SubMaster GOLD

Created especially for mid-size subcontractors, this affordable package grows with you to accommodate multiple crews and supervisory staff as your business needs evolve.

  • Payroll Management
  • Project Management
  • Document Control
  • Inventory & Purchasing
  • Quick View & Inquiries


Designed for large commercial subcontractors running multiple large and multi-phase projects, SubMaster Platinum delivers real-time controls of all ongoing activities, expenses and overhead.

  • Account Management
  • Advanced Purchasing
  • Customer Service & Scheduling
  • In-The–Field Time Reporting
  • Vendor & Subcontractor Maintenance
  • Union & Certified Payroll


The Best solution for subcontractors in residential tracts. TractMaster provides complete budgeting and cost controls at the phase, lot, stage and plan levels.

  • Easily create, plan & scheme templates
  • Streamlines option management
  • Includes all of the Platinum modules
  • Facilitates easy budgeting & options assignment
  • Tracks profitability through every phase

Accounts Payable

  • Pay invoices with or without PO’s
  • Payment Disbursement & Approval
  • Check Maintenance & Disbursement Reports
  • Joint Check Reconciliation
  • 14- A/P Reports

Accounts Receivable

  • Progress Billing
  • Service Billing
  • Retention tracking and invoicing
  • Payment Collection- multiple & single invoices
  • Lien and Lawsuit Management
  • Aging Reports
  • Billing Scheduling
  • 18- A/R Reports

Bid Management

Sales professionals can develop, verify, submit, revise, and track bids tailored to each customer’s unique requirements.

Customer Service

  • Open and track warranty and service calls
  • Budget service call for labor, material and miscellaneous costs
  • Track warranty periods for each project
  • View client’s aging and balance information while setting warranty call
  • Track call status and history
  • Dispatch Management tool assigns scheduled calls to employee or crew
  • Integrated with accounting and project management

Inventory Management

  • Track inventory in the warehouse or the jobsite
  • Track tool inventory by employee
  • Control material movement from jobsite to jobsite, or warehouse to jobsite
  • Create custom inventory listings for all your materials, equipment & tools

Job Costing

Real-Time Job Cost & Profit Analysis!

Know your true job costs and your current profit margin at any time during your project. Retain your margins by curtailing unforeseen losses during the project. SubMaster provides you with a complete real-time cost and profit analysis of your project, so you can finish with the margins you estimated.

Mobile Time & Task Recorders

In-The-Field Control Systems: SubMaster integrates best of breed time recording technologies to accurately track and gather time and attendance information for hourly employees and task completion for pieceworkers. All of these devices are designed to effortlessly upload complete payroll information with a few clicks of your mouse. Assigning payroll to each project is easy fast.

Mobile Time Recorders: Utilizes smart card technology for correct time and attendance reporting specific to each project.

Mobile Task Recording: A scanner-based tool that provides the perfect solution for piecework management.

IVR Time Recording: A computer-telephony system that allows you to record time attendance reports from any phone line.

PDA Recording: The mobile solution that enables selected functions of SubMaster to be run on handheld wireless PDA’s such as a Palm Pilot or Blackberry.

Options Management

  • Easy budgeting and assignment of Options for each lot and plan
  • Create templates for plans and schemes
  • Copy and alter templates for easy plan creation
  • Significantly reduces man-hours for option management
  • Tracks your profitability to the phase, lot, stage and plan levels

Payroll Management

Payroll & Human Resources

  • Track payroll by project and employee
  • Track multiple pay rates
  • Track multiple Workers Compensation rates
  • Hourly, Piecework and Salary payroll
  • Manual, Direct Deposit and Payroll Service payment choices
  • Integrates with Mobile Time & Task Recorders
  • Union Payroll Reports
  • Certified Payroll Reports
  • Federal & State Withholding Reports
  • Workers Compensation Reports

Project Management

  • Control Labor & Material budgets
  • Track Change Order Offers & Status
  • RFI Tracking with keyword search
  • Track & control PO’s to project budget
  • Track & control labor to project budget
  • Track work progress for billing stages and billing dates
  • Assign vendors and subcontractors to project
  • Release labor & material by phase, stage, unit or lot
  • Create Bonding Reports, Work In Progress, Project P&L etc
  • Generate 20 Day Preliminary Notices plus Conditional and Unconditional Releases

Vendor & Subcontractor Management

  • Manage and track all of your PO’s and invoices for each vendor & subcontractor
  • Import ASCII format pricelists from your vendors for use in SubMaster
  • Compare pricing from multiple vendors for each item
  • Assign vendors to each project
  • Track insurance & license expirations of your subcontractors
  • View payables and aging by vendor or subcontractor

Product Overview

Industry Focus

SubMaster is designed primarily for use in the construction industry.

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