Visual ContrAcct

A full ERP system designed by Job Cost, Inc. for professional services and construction companies.

About Visual ContrAcct

Visual ContrAcct is a single-entry system requiring only one-time entry of source documents. Visual ContrAcct software allows for internal posting from system to system, performed automatically, eliminating the need for repetitive entries. Standard or user defined reports are available on either the screen or paper printouts. All software supports multiple companies and multiple work stations.

Visual ContrAcct Contractor Accounting Software:

  • Improves cash flow & collections with automated accounts receivable
  • Improves job profits & labor productivity through better cost analysis & reporting
  • Reduces clerical expenses & paperwork in processing invoices, lien wavers, and other financial documents
  • Prepares payroll checks quickly and accurately. Includes 7 types of payroll overhead. Prepares government & union payroll reports
  • Tracks retainage automatically. Keeps track of retainage for your contracts and for those of your subcontractors
  • Increases billing accuracy. Keeps track of original estimates, change orders, current estimates, actual job-to-date, and balance-to-complete
  • Eliminates costly duplications and errors-single entry accounting
  • Windows functions - for quick, easy operation
  • Provides audit trail - the system’s accuracy is always verifiable
  • Eliminates hand posting to job cost, general ledger, payroll, etc.
  • Supports multiple companies and bank accounts-versatile and easy to use
  • Designed by CPA’s exclusively for contractors. We wrote the software with you in mind
  • Our software can grow with you and your company. Runs on PC’s, Microsoft Networks & Novell Networks
  • Offers one-on-one training - designed to get you up and running on your schedule not ours
  • Includes modular systems - use only the systems you need, but add additional capabilities as needed. All modules are totally integrated

Accounts Payable


  • One-time invoice entry, including retention tracking
  • On screen inquiry of open invoices, including ‘drill down’
  • Automatic discount percentage and due date
  • Automatic assignment of a purchases account number for fast invoice entry
  • Automatic assignment of vendor #'s
  • Automatic posting of transactions to CASH MANAGEMENT, GENERAL LEDGER and JOB COST
  • Ability to put vendors on hold, jobs on hold, invoices on hold or part of an invoice on hold before printing checks
  • Alert for duplicate invoice
  • Processing of credit memos
  • Linked to Crystal Reports REPORT WRITER

Accounts Receivable


  • Unit price and lump sum invoicing, including retention tracking
  • On screen inquiry of open invoices, including ‘drill down’
  • Automatic assignment of a sales account number for fast invoice entry
  • Automatic assignment of customer #'s
  • Automatic posting of transactions to CASH MANAGEMENT, GENERAL LEDGER and JOB COST
  • Allow for hand written invoice
  • Provision for posting of partial payments and over payments
  • Linked to Crystal Reports REPORT WRITER



  • Standard (description, quantity, unit of measure, price, total)
  • Contract billing
  • Original contract
  • Approved change orders
  • Current contract
  • Work completed to date
  • Less retentions
  • Net completed to date
  • Less net previously billed
  • Net due this invoice
  • Balance to complete
  • Schedule of values
  • Unit price billing

Cash Management


  • Bank account information
  • On screen inquiry of account balances
  • Automatic posting of PAYROLL checks, ACCOUNTS PAYABLE checks and ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE receipts to cash transaction files
  • Entry of miscellaneous cash transactions, such as service charges
  • Automatic posting of miscellaneous cash transactions to GENERAL LEDGER
  • Entry of items that have cleared the bank
  • Linked to Crystal Reports REPORT WRITER



  • On screen inquiry of equipment information
  • Application of equipment cost to JOB COST based on standard hourly rates and equipment hourly usage entered through PAYROLL
  • Subdivided equipment file to accommodate classifications for equipment such as office equipment, administrative vehicles & excavating equipment
  • Linked to Crystal Reports REPORT WRITER

General Ledger


  • User-defined account numbers
  • On screen inquiry of accounts
  • General journal file for adjustments and miscellaneous transactions
  • Automatic reversing entries
  • Automatic standard (repeating) entries
  • Departmental accounting
  • Percent complete or completed contract accounting method
  • Linked to Crystal Reports REPORT WRITER



  • On screen inquiry of inventory items including last purchase information
  • Product receipt posting to inventory quantities
  • Product requisition posting to GENERAL LEDGER and JOB COST
  • Separate market cost price
  • Separate sales or transfer price for posting to JOB COST
  • Linked to Crystal Reports REPORT WRITER

Job Cost


  • On screen inquiry of jobs and job/phases, including ‘drill down’
  • Up to 6 user selected cost categories per phase, such as Labor, Labor Overhead, Equipment, Material, Subcontracts, Miscellaneous
  • Tracking of original estimates, change orders, current estimates actual job-to-date and balance-to complete
  • Automatic posting of PAYROLL and EQUIPMENT costs and hours
  • Job detail stored indefinitely
  • Optional storage of completed job information in history files
  • Lump sum or unit price estimate entry
  • Linked to Crystal Reports REPORT WRITER



  • Multi-company payroll
  • Multi-state payroll
  • On screen inquiry of employee information, including calendar and fiscal year-to-date
  • Ability to process hourly, salary and commission payrolls on a weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly basis
  • One-time employee time card entry, including optional production, billing and equipment usage entry
  • Calculation and reporting of 7 types of payroll overhead (FICA, Federal Unemployment Tax, State Unemployment Tax, Union benefits, Workers Compensation, Other 1, Other 2)
  • Calculation and entry of hand written checks (layoff checks)
  • Detail files can be stored on disk indefinitely
  • Automatic posting of checks to employee records and CASH MANAGEMENT
  • Automatic posting and reporting of labor and labor overhead costs to EQUIPMENT, GENERAL LEDGER and JOB COST
  • Handles 401K & Section 125 (cafeteria) plans

Purchase Order


  • Stores date to-be-ordered, date ordered, date required, date acknowledged, and date received
  • Tracks back ordered items
  • Stores quantity ordered, quantity received, date received, received by (employee), and shipped via user-selected report sequence: by purchase order, job, or vendor
  • Linked to ContrAcct ACCOUNTS PAYABLE invoice entry
  • Linked to ContrAcct JOB COST
  • Linked to Crystal Reports REPORT WRITER
  • Linked to ContrAcct INVENTORY

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