A CRM system developed by BPA Solutions.


Welcome to the new CRM generation. Our SharePoint CRM solution is the most technologically advanced CRM solution for SharePoint with over 30 configurable commercial grade web parts – not just a simple site template.

We deliver a CRM solution directed at the frontline workforce, configured the way you do business and where you get ultimate control.

Our global network of certified BPA partners understand Process Automation, CRM and Microsoft SharePoint and will help make your project successful.

Leverage your existing infrastructure and deploy an enterprise-class CRM running on the most powerful collaboration platform ever.

Sales System

BPA’s Sales System applies a proven sales methodology to your pipeline to drastically shorten the sales cycle and help you consistently generating more revenue.

Our CRM Sales System is a powerful visual tool that instantly guides an individual salesperson to the right number of opportunities needed to make their quota and which are the best prospects to meet their sales targets.

Email Integration

BPA CRM offers a native integration with Microsoft Office tools drastically improving productivity.

  • BPA Office Connector - The BPA Office Connector lets you copy Outlook items or office documents into your CRM. 2-ways synchronization (coming soon) will make it possible to have all your CRM data in Outlook, even when offline.
  • Data Synchronization - Any SharePoint list such as tasks, calendars and contacts can be synchronized with Microsoft Outlook. Users can instantly export any list data to a spreadsheet and build powerful pivot charts.
  • Document Management - BPA CRM offers native Microsoft Office document management capabilities including collaborative document preparation, document approval, version history and much more.

Mobile Integration

Never be without the information you need when you need it. Update contacts, access quotes, get phone numbers or navigate in the system, even when on the go – BPA Mobile CRM Solutions are your every-moment companion.

Work from your smart phone or tablet when on the run, even while offline. Experience SharePoint offline like never before!

BPA Mobile CRM Solutions are available as native apps for iPhone and iPad. Future version will support Android and Microsoft Windows systems.

Reporting and Analytics

Over 15 types of interactive charts are available to be displayed on any CRM page. Informative charts such as various gauges, funnel, radar and bar charts quickly communicate the information you need.

Using the powerful Sales Systems, sales people and sales managers will have access to your key metrics about their sales funnel to focus on important activities related to closing business.

The scorecard module brings your KPIs into one single enterprise dashboard.

Colored flags inform you about opportunity health, overdue tasks or any other relevant metrics.

Easily export any list to a spreadsheet and build pivot charts on the fly.

In addition, the SharePoint platform offers many Business Intelligence tools that can be used for reporting on data stored in your CRM. Tools such as SQL Server Reporting Services can deliver sophisticated point-in-time reports on a scheduled basis in any format such as PDF.

Social CRM

  • LinkedIn Integration - Our solution enables you to search for contacts in LinkedIn and quickly add them to your CRM contacts. Even more, you can send emails to your LinkedIn contacts without ever leaving your CRM solution.
  • Real Time Communication - Benefit from all technologies integrated with Microsoft SharePoint such as Yammer, Skype and Lync for a unique social experience.


With BPA’s Helpdesk Solution, you can share processes with your external communities in a completely safe and secure environment. BPA Helpdesk is an out-of-the-box solution to be used independently or together with BPA CRM.

Registered users can access the secure helpdesk solution and post requests, get answers, update their account or contact details, access FAQs or online documentation about your products.

The Helpdesk solution can be installed on a separate server configured for secure external access. BPA and its certified Partners can help you implement your solution based on the way you work.

The Helpdesk solution is included at no additional cost with the BPA CRM Enterprise edition (server license only.) An unlimited number of users can access your Helpdesk solution.

BPA Helpdesk Features:

  • Account and contact management
  • Registration management
  • Permission management
  • Request and reply management (Support/Help Desk)
  • Document management
  • FAQ management

Workflow Automation

The BPA Workflow Action module (coming soon) enables automation of major BPA components and modules using SharePoint Designer and Nintex workflows.

Our Reminder module let you defining reminder rules and receive customizable automated email notifications.

In addition, advanced workflows can be built using SharePoint Designer tools, including loops and workflow actions.

Product Overview

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