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About Trust-it

Trust-it is a web-based accounts receivable software solution that automates your daily workload, manages your disputes, reduces your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), improves your cash flow management and gives you real-time consolidated reports.

Trust-it is based on more than 20 years experience in credit management and is developed for the use of small, medium sized companies and multinational corporations.

Using Trust-it gives you many benefits:

  • Timely and efficient monitoring of outstanding invoices (real-time)
  • Automation of outgoing notices, payment reminders and other correspondence
  • Improved cash flow management and increased liquidity
  • Improved Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), thus reducing your cost of interest
  • Reducing bad debt reserves
  • Real-time operational and management reports
  • Better understanding of current disputes and speed of handling
  • Increased customer satisfaction through faster processing of disputes and complaints

Doing business with A/R Management, Inc. means long-term partnership to achieve your business goals.

Trust-it starts at $300, - a month without any expensive investment in software and hardware.

Trust-it is a web-based Accounts Receivable software. Using Trust-it means you don’t need any other software for your receivables. Trust-it retracts all the information from your ERP / CRM software so you are able to do your Accounts Receivable from one location. Trust-it is compatible with all the ERP/CRM software available.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable (automates your daily workflow, gives you a real time overview of your total scheduled actions, letters, phone calls, inform agents per debtor. Dashboard provides you an overview with your maximum allowed actions and where your attention is needed as manager).

Debt Collections

Debt Collections (Gives you a clean en total overview of the debtors you need to send to your debt collections partner and manages the status of the send files).


Disputes (manages your disputes and follow automatically all disputes till they get resolved. The escalation module sends automatically the information to the next in line when the dispute is not solved).


E-minders (send all your letters as in reminders, notices, final notices by e-mail and save at least 70% of your out of pocket expenses).


Factoring (send automatically your invoices to your factoring partner).


Letters (Trust-it recognizes and generates daily the letters as in reminders, notices, final notices for the debtors whom didn’t paid their invoice and are overdue).

Payment Promises

Payment promises (follow the made payment promises and schedules a action if debtors didn’t keep their payment promise. 4 different payment promises possible, select the one you want and send automatically the confirmation to your debtor while you are on the phone.)


Reports (28 real time reports of all your outstanding with data over the last 5 years per debtor. Filter to narrow your reports per administration, per region, per customer type, per sales agent, per company risk and/or per payment terms).


Screening (a total overview of all the debtors whom didn’t pay your invoice after following your company’s policy. The payment promises and the disputes will be filtered out so you have a clean overview of the debtors whom didn’t have any reason to not pay you).

Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance (manages the insured customers and your policy and generates automatically the complete file with all the information so you can notify your Trade Credit Insurance partner).

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