CIS QuoteBuilder

A software system designed by CIS Configurator.

About CIS QuoteBuilder

CIS QuoteBuilder is a web-based quote management application that is ideal for organizations who want to automate the quoting process for its internal and external Sales personnel, resellers, dealers and customers. Quotes containing configured items and stock items can be created, edited, revised and copied quickly and all stored in one centralized location.

Price Lists & Multi-Currency

Multi Currency options with Currency conversion or Price Lists, with effective tools allowing you to manage

Document Management

You can upload any number of documents to be used as part of the quote being submitted, specific product documents, Terms and Conditions, either mandatory or selectable by user.


Specializing in creating quotation software with configurable items our own solutions are very configurable from the start, with many adjustments to suit. Your choice of Pre and Post Tax adjustments, that can contain discounts or markups, presented on a quote report, is just an example of how you could use it. Accessible from a computer or a tablet 24/7 from 1 user to 1,000’s


QuoteBuilder can be themed, easily and quickly, making it fit right in with your existing company branding.

Product Overview

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