ASG - Cypress Suite

A software system designed by ASG Software Solutions.

About ASG - Cypress Suite

The ASG-Cypress Suite is a modular, integrated document assembly and delivery system that significantly enhances the management, accessibility, analysis, and distribution of content throughout an enterprise. This system can be rapidly deployed and requires little or no user training. The ASG-Cypress Suite can capture and store any document, regardless of format, application, or environment in which it was created. Optionally, any metadata, rights, permissions, and privileges available from the application can be included with the document. Once captured, documents or individual pages can be easily searched, retrieved, assembled, and delivered by the ASG-Cypress Suite.

With powerful, secure DocuVault repository technology as its foundation, the ASG-Cypress Suite specifically addresses the following enterprise requirements:

  • Report Distribution ý identifies, splits, bundles, and delivers information captured from enterprise reports, documents, or scanned images. Reports are distributed to the appropriate individuals, groups, or devices, including electronic mailboxes, portals, printers, systems, or storage devices.

  • Output Management ý provides centralized management of document delivery to all output devices in the organization. Processes and requests related to document delivery and all output devices are monitored and controlled from a single user interface. This includes job queues, stock assignments, historical logs, requests to suspend/resume printing or reroute output, and more.

  • Web and Enterprise Document Delivery ý makes documents and reports immediately, yet securely, accessible from any Web browser and uniquely preserves document integrity by not converting them to traditional Web formats. The solution does not require the installation of special viewing devices, and organizations do not have to maintain a dedicated Web server or utilize specific portal technology.

  • Forms Management and Document Enhancement ý creates electronic forms overlays using any Windows-based application and automatically applies them to the output. The solution also provides the necessary flexibility to place and format report data within a page.

  • Archive, Search, and Retrieval ý supports three different indexing schemas: system indices, such as document title and creator, etc.; customized indices, of which the organization can create an unlimited number based on its unique business practices; and full-text indexing, a methodology that ensures all relevant pages are returned, according to a userýs needs.

  • Imaging ý enables addition of non-digital documents to the enterprise knowledge base. The ability to capture optical character recognition (OCR) zonal, intelligent character recognition (ICR) zonal, and full text data, as well as metadata, ensures maximum flexibility. After the data is captured, pages can be automatically routed based on their content.

  • Data Mining and Analysis ý provides powerful, production-class data mining, so massive reports can be filtered, sorted, summarized, and transformed into Excel spreadsheets or text files and then automatically routed to a recipientýs electronic mailbox, printer, fax, directory, or other enterprise destination.

  • Content Processing ý the ASG-Cypress Content Processing Facility brings all enterprise content together by automatically delivering information needed to streamline business processes and increase employee effectiveness. Any output, regardless of its application or platform of origin, can be automatically assembled, enhanced, collated, sequenced, and delivered to any destination, enabling new, faster, and cost-effective business processes.

Features at a Glance

  • Automates report identification and parsing

  • Offers simultaneous delivery via distributed print, fax, e-mail notification with hyperlink, PDF attachment, Web, PDA, etc.

  • Bundles reports from multiple sources and schedules job release

  • Automates delivery, indexing, archiving, and security with a single process

  • Is device-independent and utilizes existing devices, regardless of their printer language or application of origin

  • Provides extensive printer and print queue management

  • Automatically redirects jobs in case of device failure or if the number of pages in a job exceeds the efficient use of a device

  • Simplifies device driver installation and management

  • Has a customizable, Web-based front end (thick client not required)

  • Can modernize legacy output and documents without application changes

  • Eliminates use of preprinted form stock and device dependencies with electronic forms

  • Eliminates costs and device dependencies associated with barcodes and MICR printing

  • Facilitates ýn-upý and change plex printing

  • Eliminates the need to deploy application-specific viewers

  • Retrieves all relevant pages with a single query

  • Supports system, full text, and data indexes

  • Captures images in batches from desktop scanners, e-mail messages, and storage devices

  • Provides automated and ad hoc desktop faxing

Product Overview

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