Core2 - Advanced Distribution

A multi-module management system designed by Catalpa Systems.

About Core2 - Advanced Distribution

Developed for small to mid-size distribution and manufacturing operations, Core2 Advanced Distribution is an integrated approach to the features you need. With features supporting segments for food/foodservice, catalog fulfillment, pharmaceutical/medical supplies, wholesale and general distribution, Core2 is a very scalable and affordable choice.

Core2 - Customer Service

Core2 - Customer Service empowers customer service representative by providing them with accurate and timely customer and business information. Real-time information at their finger tips includes:

  • Item availability and configurations
  • Pricing/Discounting and promotions
  • Up-selling Support
  • Delivery schedules and estimated freight costs
  • Current order status and past order history

Core2 Supports Proactive Customer Service Activities Such As:

  • Outbound calling of customers who have missed their normal order time
  • Storing and retrieving standard orders for a customer
  • Call-backs to track service levels and sample activities
  • Marketing and up-selling campaigns

The Core2-Customer Service supports extremely flexible pricing and discounting. Both pricing and discounting include date effectivity; future prices and discounts may be entered in advance of going into effect, past prices and discounts may be retained for historical reporting. Price maintenance is streamlined by linking customers and prices via a Price List. Discounts are organized by discount contract. Any number of customers or customer groups may be placed on a discount contract and the contract can cover an unlimited number of items and/or item groups. Items may have multiple discounts of varying amounts and effective dates. A single customer may be on any number of discount contracts at one time. In addition, the system includes features for processing service charges. These features may also be used to credit customers for services they have provided.

Sales orders enter Core2 either by electronic order processing or manual sales order entry. With either method, the following functions are performed as the order enters the system:

  • Check Availability of Item to Customer
  • Make Authorized Substitutions
  • Determine Sourcing and Transportation for Item
  • Determine Delivery Dates
  • Check Availability of Item at Source
  • Price Item

The Core2 - Customer Service includes a delivery confirmation function. Delivery confirmation is optional and is activated on a customer-by-customer basis. If active, delivery confirmation is required before the customer is invoiced for the delivery. Integrated with the delivery confirmation process is the customer returns and credits process. This process enables quick adjustment for delivery overages, shortages or damages. The Core2 customer return functions accommodate the processing of physical returns from customers.

Key Features Include:

  • Flexible Sales Order Pricing and Discounting
  • Automatic Sourcing and Transportation Planning
  • Order Credit Checking
  • Customer Call Schedules
  • Available to Promise
  • Automated Item Substitutions
  • Push Orders for Product Rollouts
  • Template Orders
  • Customer Returns and Credit Memos
  • Electronic Order Processing
  • Sales Tax Calculations
  • Customized Delivery Documents
  • Customer Service Charges
  • Non-stock Item Sales
  • Full integration with freight rating to provide shipment freight quotes real-time
  • CRM and Sales Analysis features

Core2 - EIS

The Core2 - Executive Decision Support (EDS) software component provides a powerful, yet simple tool that allows you to view and analyze key factors and performance trends in sales and operations. Core2 EDS unlocks data available in Core2, enabling more effective decision-making throughout the enterprise. Built from templates based on best practices, Core2 EDS is an interactive ad-hoc query and data mining tool designed to support all decision makers from top level executives to line managers.

The executive decision support system allows you to see both summary and detail level data. You can display summarized data that reflects the overall status of your enterprise or you can use the drill-down capabilities to trace problem areas to any level of detail. Designed with two primary elements: Core2 Data Warehouse and Oracle Discoverer, Core2 EDS provides a data rich user friendly central repository of information accessed with an intuitive ad-hoc query, reporting, analysis, and Web-publishing tool that empowers business users at all levels of the organization to gain immediate access to information from data marts, data warehouses and the Core2 online transaction processing system.

Core2 - Manufacturing

Key Features Include:

  • Bill of Material
  • Bill of Material Explosion
  • Bill of Material Implosion
  • Auto-generation of Manufacturing Orders from requisitions
  • Flexible Picking Methods
  • Use and Substitution Accounting
  • Quick, Controlled Receipts
  • Interfaces for external SPC data collection
  • Multi-workcenter support
  • Analysis Materials use per Order
  • Component Substitution
  • Document and Image/photo access from with application

Core2 - Procurement

The Core2 - Planning and Purchasing Modules Are Used To:

  • Capture requirements
  • Price requirements
  • Obtain required approvals
  • Formulate and place purchase orders
  • Schedule receipts
  • Monitor delivery performance

Requirements, in the form of requisitions, enter the Core; through either the inventory planning module interface or manual entry. As requisitions enter the system, the source and price of each item is determined. Items may be sourced from vendors, internal manufacturing departments, or another distribution center (transferred). Depending on its source, a requisition is placed on either a purchase order, manufacture order, or inter-branch transfer. Items that can not be priced appear in a pricing queue for Purchasing Department action.

Requisition approval is required if the requisition amount exceeds the requisitioner’s buying limits. Requisition approvers may be specified by profit center or account. Each approver may be assigned a threshold amount, below which their approval is not required. Once approved, requisitions appear in the open requisitions queue for the appropriate buyer for review and processing.

A Variety of Methods Are Available for Building Purchase Orders From Open Requisitions:

  • Auto-Generation - For identified item/vendor combinations, the system automatically generates purchase orders from approved requisitions on a routine basis.
  • Quick P.O. - With one mouse click, authorized users may create one purchase order for all items on a requisition directly from within the requisition process.
  • Build-by-Item - Screen lists all open requisition lines for an item allowing selection of requisition lines to be included on the new purchase order.
  • Build-by-Vendor - Screen lists all open requisition lines for a vendor allowing selection of requisition lines to be included on the new purchase order.
  • Build-by-Requisition - Screen lists all open requisition lines for a requisition allowing selection of lines to be included on the new purchase order.

As purchase orders are built, Core2 updates prices and discounts for any changes since requisitioning and determines the transportation plan for the purchase order. Core2 includes a purchase order confirmation feature. Once confirmed, the future planned receipt of the purchase order appears in all forecasts. Purchase order delivery performance is monitored against the original plan.

The purchasing module includes dock appointment functionality for scheduling all receipts and reserving specific dock doors for specific periods of time. Dock appointments feed the warehouse module’s dock schedule, a key warehouse planning tool, and are visible on purchase order queries.

Core2 -Purchasing includes blanket order functionality. Blanket orders record a negotiated price, quantity, and time period for the purchase of an item from a vendor. Purchase orders are referenced to a blanket order as they are priced. System queries display blanket quantities, open purchase orders, and actual receipts by blanket line item.

Key Features Include:

  • On-Line Requisition Approvals
  • Automated Requisition and PO Pricing and Discounting
  • Auto-Generation of Purchase Orders from Requisitions
  • Automated PO Transportation Planning
  • Quick and Flexible PO Builds
  • Blanket Orders
  • Dock Appointments

Core2 - Transportation Information

Core2 - Transportation Information System (TIS) provides advanced capabilities for rating and auditing inbound or outbound shipments. Designed to handle high volume transaction operations, TIS is available either in Client/Server or Web-deployed formats utilizing Unix/Linux or Windows2000 operating systems. Optimized for the Oracle database, all Core2 products are developed utilizing Oracle Corporation development tools.

Core2 TIS integrates with Core2 Advanced Distribution, WMS, Small Parcel Shipping and Financial modules or will stand-alone interfacing with an existing host or accounting application. Designed as an exception reporting application, Core2 TIS provides the benefit of automation with the interaction of manual entry and review yielding exceptional control with a minimum of user input.

Powerful, Customizable, Flexible and Easy to Use, Core2 TIS Provides Key Benefits:

  • Audit Carrier Freight Invoices
  • Identify Carrier Service Failures
  • Perform Freight Accounting:
  • Allocations
  • Accrual Entries
  • Expense Entries
  • Pay Audited Freight Bills
  • Capture Statistics for Freight Analysis
  • Compare rates by Carrier, Mode or Service Level for optimization

Main Core2 TIS Functions:

  • Audit Carrier Freight Invoices
  • Compare to Authorizations (MBOL and P.O.)
  • Weight and/or Quantity
  • Origin
  • Destination
  • Mode
  • Service Level
  • Terms
  • Verify Rating
  • Proper Tariff Rates, Tariff Discount and/or Contract Rates Applied.
  • Proper Minimum Charges and Floor Charges Applied.
  • Proper Application of Deficit Weight
  • Exception Processing for Invoices Which Do Not Pass Audit
  • Allocate Freight Costs
  • By Product
  • By Division
  • Allocation Basis: Weight, Volume or Pieces
  • Accrue Freight Costs Based on Authorizations (MBOLs, P.O.s, etc.).
  • Accounts Payable Interface
  • Send check requests
  • Receive check issue and clearing information
  • General Ledger Interface
  • Send Accrual Entries
  • Send Actual Expense Entries
  • Receive Account and Profit Center Updates
  • Interfaces To Operational Systems
  • Shipment Authorizations (MBOLs)
  • Receipt Authorizations (P.O.s)
  • EDI Invoice Processing
  • 110 - Air Freight
  • 210 - Ground Freight
  • Vendor Charge Backs. Charge or Warn vendors for violating preferred carrier rules
  • Capture Transportation Statistics
  • Carrier Database Information
  • Rate Database
  • Tariffs
  • Tariff Discounts
  • Contract Rates
  • Accessorial Charges
  • Shipment Routing Selection
  • Miscellaneous
  • Claims Processing
  • Carrier Statistics
  • Expediting
  • Ad-hoc Rating

Core2 - Transportation Management

Key Features Include:

  • Master Template Schedules
  • Full Fleet Management Support
  • Dynamic Current Schedules integrated with Warehouse Dock Schedule
  • Backhaul Management
  • Cross Docking
  • Drop and Hook Scheduling
  • Shuttle Scheduling
  • Real Time Exception Queries for Unrouted Shipments
  • Real Time view of Route Capacity
  • Dispatching
  • Complete Transport Documentation
  • Bill of Lading
  • Packing Lists
  • Trip Itineraries
  • Point to Point Directions
  • Return Authorizations
  • Freight Invoice Processing and Allocation
  • Equipment Tracking
  • Driver Database with Tracking
  • Route Stop Appointments
  • Freight Rating for LTL, Truckload and Parcel Shipments
  • Freight Audit and Invoice Payment

Core2 - WMS

The Core2 - Warehouse Management is a comprehensive WMS designed to efficiently:

  • Schedule and execute dock activities
  • Receive and put-a-way in-bound shipments
  • Pick and load out-bound shipments
  • Support and prioritize tasks
  • Manage inventory across multiple warehouses.

The Core2 - WMS dock schedule function provides complete visibility of dock plans by building and dock door. It supports the process of making dock appointments for in-bound shipments. The dock schedule is linked to both the transportation module and the warehouse receipt and shipment functions.

The Core2 - WMS receipts function enables the quick, accurate, and controlled receipt of in-bound shipments and their put-a-way to specified locations. The receipts function:

  • Processes dock appointments
  • Recalls anticipated receipts based Order ID or Shipment ID
  • Records shipping document IDs and counts
  • Produces pallet tags
  • Produces put-a-way documentation
  • Records put-a-way exceptions
  • Updates purchasing views of open receipts

The Core2 - WMS shipping function is designed for the efficient processing of high volumes of large orders. The shipping function:

  • Communicates real-time picking requirements by Route, Order, and Delivery Stop
  • Produces pick documents to support of variety of pick methods including conveyor picking and pick-to-pallet
  • Produces pick documents to support route picks, bulk picks, and order picks
  • Records pick exceptions
  • Produces shipping documentation

The system supports the inventory manager by identifying projected stock-outs and allowing time for management actions.

Key Features Include:

  • Dock Scheduling
  • Dock Appointments
  • Determine put-away
  • Bin Replenishment
  • Environment Controls
  • Lot Control with Shelf Life
  • Quick, Accurate Controlled Receipts
  • Real Time Picking Requirements
  • Pick to Pallet
  • Bulk Pick Method
  • Conveyor Pick Method
  • Wave Pick Methods
  • Creates Labels for Pallets or Cases
  • Multi-DC Transfers
  • Cycle Counting
  • Wireless Integration

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