Intuit Eclipse DMS

A full ERP system designed by Intuit Eclipse for distribution/wholesale trade companies.

About Intuit Eclipse DMS

At Intuit Eclipse, we know how to make that happen. It all begins with the Intuit Eclipse DMS – a fully integrated, real-time business management solution that includes the following components:

  • Sales, Pricing and CRM
  • Purchasing and Inventory
  • Warehouse Logistics
  • Accounting and Financial Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Architecture
  • User Interfaces
  • Eclipse Business Connect

Accounts Payable

You Can:

  • Calculate due dates automatically, based on vendors’ terms.
  • Split payments, recurring payments, PO overrides, and one-step reconciliation let you easily manage cash disbursements.
  • Get an instant read on both approved and unapproved A/P records.
  • Simplify year-end filing – with complete 1099 vendor processing.

Accounts Receivable

You Can:

  • Be sure that your customers’ A/R and credit status are always current.
  • View a customer’s A/R activity for any range of dates.
  • Drill down from summary level data to see transaction level detail with a single keystroke.
  • Prioritize collection efforts and minimize write-offs with aged receivables reporting and task automation work queues.

Customer Relationship Management

Personalize Your Customers’ Buying Experience With:

  • Customer-specific pricing
  • Customer-specific part numbers, points and rebate programs
  • Customer-specific print styles

User-Defined Personalization Tools Allow You To:

  • Create your own custom reports
  • Tailor your views
  • Define your own screens
  • Customize documents
  • Manipulate your database
  • Intuitive account and contact management

General Ledger

A Flexible Approach Lets You:

  • Eliminate mandatory end-of-day, end-of-month, and end-of-year accounting period closes, and – if you like – leave multiple accounting periods open.
  • Gain unlimited access to historical data.
  • Drill down from the general ledger, or any financial report, to view transaction detail.
  • Generate accounting reports for any range of dates – with timeless, ýas-ofý dating.
  • Track updates and their associated journal postings by source, branch and date.
  • View account disbursement, by transaction.

Inventory Management

Maintain All Product Information Including:

  • Unlimited descriptions
  • Order entry reminders
  • Substitute products
  • UPC codes
  • MSDS tracking
  • User classification

Built-in Management Tools Let You:

  • Turn around physical inventory counts quickly with count sheets or cards.
  • Capture average cost, last cost, landed average cost and multiple user-defined costs basis.
  • Calculate real-time inventory value relative to any ýas-ofý date.
  • Select products for cycle counting based on:
    • Rank
    • Hits
    • Location type and priority
  • Rank products by multiple methods for each branch.
  • Define product kits or create them dynamically as needed.

Invoicing and Lot Billing

Trigger Invoice Generation By:

  • order segment status
  • ship date
  • print status

Other Features Allow You To:

  • Review invoices or orders before sending them to your customers.
  • Effectively manage large jobs that require a bid for the customer and a quote from multiple vendors.
  • Manage quoting, tracking, expediting, and billing for both the customer and vendor sides of the lot order.
  • Track shipments of both inventory and non-inventory items needed to complete a project or job.
  • Reconcile shipments as they come in – whether you receive one shipment for all the materials on a lot or 20 different shipments for various quantities.

Purchasing and Transfers

Automated Suggested Purchasing Queues:

  • Expand and subtract the order cycle to maximize purchasing dollars
  • Instantly identify service issues
  • Calculate carrying costs when vendor targets are not met

Manage Automatic Transfers Based On:

  • Committed sales
  • Day’s supply
  • Branch transfer schedules
  • Surplus inventory

Sales Order Management

With a Single Keystroke, Counter and Telephone Sales Personnel Can Instantly:

  • Look up product features
  • Check prices and discounts
  • Schedule blanket orders
  • Suggest complementary items
  • Check a customer’s available credit
  • Review order commitments
  • Check inventory availability in the central warehouse and at the branches

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