3CEPS Extraction & Mapping Software

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Extraction and mapping software developed by 3CEPS

About 3CEPS Extraction & Mapping Software

3CEPS Extraction and Mapping Software automates the costly, manual processes of data entry from various formats. This software solution simplifies data extraction from documents, whether it’s a scanned image (i.e., jpeg, tiff, gif), pdf, or electronic source like electronic banking flow.

Primary Features

  • Data security (data anonymity and confidentiality enabled)
  • Automating an existing manual process
  • Extreme cost justifications (staff, HR and ancillary related costs dramatically reduced)
  • Increased profitability by reducing core costs
  • A flexible, pay-per-transaction model enabling client cost control and forecasting
  • Over 80 electronic banking feeds analyzed and pre-prepared for data treatments
  • Automation preparation for data migrations, data cleansing and data mining
  • Digitizing archived data

Target Markets

  • Manufacturers
  • Banks
  • Realtors
  • Trust Companies
  • Family Offices

Pricing Model

  • Only pay for what is used - utility billing based
  • Minimal on-boarding costs
  • Low annual support subscription
  • Free Proof of Concept

Product Overview

User Reviews of 3CEPS Extraction & Mapping Software

Submitted on November 6th, 2019 by an anonymous 3CEPS Extraction & Mapping Software user.

3CEPS is the only company that has solved our data requirements. We were able to extract data from over 1.8 million archived documents and map that data to our financial software with 100% accuracy. We accomplished what was taking a team of over 70 staff, 10 months, in just under 3 weeks.