Document management software designed to integrate with business applications.

About DocuPhase

Driving innovation with information, DocuPhase is a complete browser-based platform comprised of four core components – Process Workflow Automation, Document Management, Electronic Forms and Capture Recognition – that deliver unmatched efficiency and performance to companies around the world.

DocuPhase can be seamlessly integrated into your existing business applications and programs (such as Microsoft Dynamics) to dramatically improve productivity and reduce labor while ensuring security and compliance. Many Dynamics users experience problems that could be solved with automation – we are the solution. DocuPhase maximizes the potential of Microsoft Dynamics solutions by integrating all of the systems in your company and automating the processes that drive the organization.

Capture Recognition Core

Data is transferred into your business around the clock. Whether it is physical mail, faxes, emails, or images, you must efficiently capture the data and convert it to information so that it can be routed to the next step in the business process. Regardless of format or location, DocuPhase’s Data Capture software allows you to easily capture information from documents, and the information becomes instantly available in the DocuPhase Document Management software.

By capturing data using technology, human error is removed and transcription errors from manual forms are also reduced by advanced scanning, OCR, and line-item extraction. This reduces time and errors which leads to increased productivity and an improved bottom line, and better overall results

Document Management Core

DocuPhase’s Document Management software brings fluid features to a standardized industry such as full-text search, automated document routing, and powerful auto-indexing. These features reduce the time it takes to manage and update records manually, while keeping records secure through cutting-edge encryption.

There are many benefits to having all of the tribal information in your business simplified, translated, and made available to every employee who needs it. Documents and records are updated once, and pushed to other databases and systems, eliminating double-entry to keep disparate systems in sync. Time spent searching for, recreating, and moving documents is now spent on tasks that increase the volume of actual value added work being done.

Electronic Forms Core

Your customers and business partners have valuable information that you need to power your business process. DocuPhase’s Web Form tool is used to connect internal systems so that your team can access all of the information they need from one single user interface.

By capturing data as it enters your organization using electronic forms, your business will improve efficiency and reduce the resources required to keep your business moving forward. This redundancy represents waste and can be eliminated when you implement electronic forms.

Process Workflow Automation Core

DocuPhase’s Workflow Automation software has a native drag and drop business process designer that allows you to define how work is done. Since processes are pre-determined, the tool assigns work downstream, and a task will be presented to the right person in the business process, prioritized depending on criticality.

By controlling the way work gets done, you can measure how effective your business operation strategy is. Quick searches are available and management has a direct summary and detailed view into how work is getting done and where bottlenecks are occurring.

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