Beautifully simple and fast ePrescribing

About EazyScripts

EazyScripts is a simple and fast ePrescribing software doctors actually use. eazyScripts makes it fast and easy to safely e-prescribe all types of medications to patients at the best price. ePrescribing & EPCS mandates could be coming to your state soon. Get ahead of the curve and enroll today to get verified in days rather than months.

A few key benefits of implementing ePrescribing include:

  • Secure, cloud-based, & HIPAA compliant
  • Customizable workflows
  • Works with all EHRs
  • Same-Day On-Boarding
  • Eazy Patient Information Uploading
  • Live Training – ongoing at no cost

Use EazyScript to provide point-of-care price transparency to help patients better understand their choices and save on medication costs.

Video Overview


  • Fast, customizable e-prescribing tool
  • Works seamlessly across any device
  • Electronic prior authorizations eliminate delays
  • Instantly access patient medication history
  • Formulary checks at point-of-care
  • Script transmission and fill verifications/alerts
  • Simple integration with any EHR
  • Solution is deployed in days, not months
  • Secure, cloud-based & HIPAA compliant
  • Prescription drug management
  • Surescripts certified EPCS solution
  • Two-way authentication
  • ID proofing
  • Audit trail
  • Price transparency
  • Instantly share price data with patients at point of care
  • Compare prices from multiple sources
  • Patients can make informed decision to save money
  • Verify script transmissions and fills

Pricing Details

EazyScript is available for a $40 monthly subscription or $400 annual subscription. A two-year subscription is $674.95.

For Patients and Providers

EazyScript offers benefits to both patients and providers:


  • Get the right medications at the best price
  • Improved medication safety
  • Better patient outcomes
  • Lower 30-day readmissions


  • Faster, easier, better e-prescribing experience
  • Better clinical decisions at point-of-care
  • Prescription tracking and reporting
  • Unrivaled client support

Product Overview

User Reviews of EazyScripts

Submitted on January 12th, 2022 by James Visagi, MD FACS from Trident Medical Associates

This is by far the best user interface we have used. We are able to find the information we need. 6 clicks to submit a script in under 15 seconds. Can’t beat that!