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About XM Oxygen

XM Oxygen, the next-generation in ecommerce… exclusively for Sage Accpac ERP XM Oxygen enables Credit Card processing (B2C) and on-account ordering (B2B), with order Track & Trace as well as a host of real-time inventory and customer centric features.

XM Oxygen utilizes technology developed by XM over the past four years from working with international clients such as Nestlé, Pfizer, Cerebos, Arnotts and Coke to provide complete in tegrated commerce - off the shelf.

As a result of this technology XM Oxygen is the only Accpac integrated product to can handle large databases (up to 1 million order lines). If you have or are upgrading to Accpac ERP and are looking for ecommerce… youýve found it.

B2B Web Portal

XM Oxygen is the only eCommerce solution for Accpac ERP that provides the capability for a business to deploy a B2B web store with real-time integration to the back office, including full support for customer specific pricing, taxes, terms and currency. XM Oxygen continually synchronizes with the Accpac ERP database eliminating any requirement to manage data in two places and to re-key web store transaction data such as Orders and Quotes.

B2B Features

  • Customer specific pricing
  • Set up web based product categories for easy navigation
  • Advanced web site search capabilities
  • Real-time Quantity on Hand and on Purchase Order
  • B2B customer can convert a Quote to an Order in real-time
  • Quick order entry form
  • Ability to save multiple “Standing Orders”
  • Integration to UPS, FedEx, USPS, and other carriers
  • Comprehensive Shipping Calculation Module
  • Payment options: On Account, Credit Card, and PayPal
  • Real-time writing of Orders and Quotes
  • Extensive online sales and inventory reporting capabilities
  • Ability to display AR Customer Transaction History in real-time
  • Easy to use web store Control Panel
  • A variety of cross selling features included
  • Web site Content Management System (CMS) included
  • Ability to support very large Accpac databases


  • Lower the cost of order processing
  • Improve customer service through providing 24×7 self service tools
  • Significantly lower the cost of managing a B2B web site
  • Strengthen customer relationships by providing accurate up-to-date information

B2C Webstore

XM Oxygen is your ready-to-go web store integrating exclusively with Sage ERP Accpac. Your web store will automatically apply your volume discounts as clients add more items to the basket. Any products that are marked ‘on special’ in Sage Accpac will update on the website within the minute and will end the sale on the date set in Accpac, allowing you to manage your pricing and sale items from one location, reducing mistakes and removing double or even triple entry.

B2C – Business to Consumer

XM Oxygen is pre-loaded with all the features you would expect from a top-tier customer facing web store including:

  • Customizable web store template
  • Credit Card payment processing
  • Real-time inserting of orders into Sage ERP Accpac
  • Intelligent search
  • Updating products and prices every minute
  • Function “Customers who bought this also bought&”
  • Content Managed Marketing Banners and Marquee (Scrolling text)
  • PayPal integration
  • Integrated Secure (SSL) Certificates

Selling While You Sleep

Our tight integration allows your website to be open for business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without concern of over-ordering or stock levels going out of sync& in fact, your Accpac doesn’t even need to be running in order for order details to be updated.

B2C Web Store Overview

Do you want your own ‘Amazon’ but without costing the earth? Do you want your web store to automatically stay synchronized with your Sage ERP Accpac and insert client orders without keying? You’ve found it!

No More Ordering Bottlenecks

With XM Oxygen running as your web store you don’t need to worry about order volume. Our integration allows up to 256 users placing orders at one time – try doing that through your call center!

Absolute Control

XM Oxygen is your ready-to-go web store integrating exclusively with Sage ERP Accpac . Your web store will automatically apply your volume discounts as clients add more items to the basket. Any products that are marked ‘on special’ in Sage Accpac will update on the website within the minute and will end the sale on the date set in Accpac, allowing you to manage your pricing and sale items from one location reducing mistakes and removing double or even triple entry.

Absolute Real-Time

Once Credit Card payment has been authorized the clients order and the authorization code is inserted into your Sage Accpac Order Entry table in absolute real-time. On screen your client sees the order has been inserted and the receipt includes Accpac’s Order number. A copy of the order receipt is then emailed to the client populated with all their contact and order details.

Customer Transparency Through the Purchase Cycle

After the order is placed clients are able to track their order through the entire process – including ‘Track & Trace’ and proof of delivery (if carriers allow).

Content Management System (CMS)

XM Oxygen can complement your corporate site and act as your web store shopping basket& or with our Content Management System XM Oxygen can be your whole website store. With our simple ‘what you see is what you get’ (WYSI-WYG) editor you can add new web pages, type copy directly into your web browser and even upload and resize images. If you can use MS Word, then you can create a website on XM Oxygen.


Reporting Within XM Oxygen

Getting reports out of Sage ERP Accpac just got a whole lot easier. XM Oxygen’s tight integration allows not only website order reporting but also reports on up to the minute ‘offline’ activity as well.

Knowledge is power and this wealth of secure and password-protected information touches on all areas of your business including orders, client transaction history, account balances, inventory levels across all warehouses and client spend enabling your management team to make the best informed decisions possible; be it across the country or the globe.

Graphical Real-Time Reporting

Replicating the latest data in your Accpac ERP can allow your team to run an array of preset reports. The ‘quick print’ function will print out whatever reports you are viewing at the time so you can be armed with the latest sales figures for that short-notice management meeting – or better yet view onscreen in the board room, updating even as the meeting is in progress!

Get the Best Out of Your Sales Team

Now with XM Oxygen Sales Managers can see budgets for their teams and KPI’s in real-time, whilst senior managers can report across a whole region or country.

Reports can be drilled down by clicking on the vast array of information all beautifully presented and easy to understand.

Inventory Control Second-to-None

XM Oxygen takes IC to a whole new level by offering real-time web reporting across all or individual warehouses. All graphical reporting is color coded for clarity at a glance and can be sorted by groups such as by warehouse, category and stock level. Tighter inventory means the right stock in the right places and less excess sitting on the shelves

Keep Business Lean and Green

Running a “lean” is a proven method of reducing stock on hand thereby reducing waste, cost and most importantly adding to the bottom line.

The problem is, when having ‘Lean’ stock levels there is a real possibility of actually running out of stock, not being able to fill orders and losing sales, thereby defeating the ‘Lean’ benefits.

Now with our automated reporting systems you can trigger email alerts so you don’t get caught out. Reports are generated once stock falls below the predetermined levels you have set – and again once it has run out completely.

Real-Time Online Reporting Services From Accpac ERP

A wide variety of key reports are available in graphical and data format based on filters you enter, such as date, region, department, customer, user and inventory.

Order and Product report filters include;

  • Date range
  • Category
  • Region
  • Department (user groups) &and can be output by order quantity, revenue or unit.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of XM Oxygen

Submitted on July 31st, 2019 by an anonymous XM Oxygen user.

terrible interface. slow loading. not user friendly at all.

cannot customize the screen / takes at least 30 seconds just to access a particular view. slow load time, confusing, difficult to troubleshoot issues with transactions. poor integration