A full ERP system designed by CRC Information Systems for commercial & service companies.

About CRC

CRC offers a complete Business Management System designed to give your organization a sustainable competitive advantage. CRC provide san end-to-end solution: industry specific Estimating, Inventory, Production, Accounting, Browser-Based CRM, E-Commerce, and Dashboards. CRC solutions combine a wealth of functionality, easy access, and superior integration enabling all departments to work together more efficiently while driving profitability to your bottom line. Designed and supported by the top developers, trainers, and consultants in the industry, CRC solutions are ready to power your business.

CRC Information Systems was acquired by Electronics for Imaging (EFI) in 2017. CRC is no longer sold or supported. EFI suggests you look into EFI Pace as a replacement.



The Accounting package is completely integrated with other solutions to provide the highest degree of speed and accuracy. CRC tools keep cash arriving quickly and help you control what gets paid. CRC offers advanced accounting options such as the ability to auto-generate requisitions as well as the ability to handle ninety-nine separate sets of financials. Other capabilities include:

  • Optional 12 Month and 13 Period Accounting
  • Multi-Level Taxation
  • Multi-Currency
  • Flexible Commission Accounting
  • Credit Authorizations and Dunning Letters
  • MTD, QTD, and YTD Reporting
  • Auto-Create Jobs During Invoicing
  • Auto-E-mail and Fax Invoice Options
  • Multi-level Drilldown Capabilities
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Historical Reporting and Analysis
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Cash Flow and EBITDA Analysis
  • Fixed Assets and Depreciation Tracking
  • Automatic Fixed Expense Handling
  • Financial Ratios
  • Credit Card Processing

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable gives you the information necessary to determine the best uses for your firm’s cash. Payables can be created via the purchasing / confirmation cycle or as direct, non-purchase order entries. A/P confirmation enables invoice confirmation on a line-item basis and displays the quantities previously ordered, received, and confirmed for your review. A purchase price variance report offers examination of deviations between the order price and the invoice price prior to setting the invoice up for payment. Other features include:

  • Unconfirmed Receipts Register to Manage Items Received but Not Invoiced
  • Automatic General Ledger Posting
  • Online Verification Avoids Sending Duplicate Payments
  • Automatically Handles Fixed Expenses
  • Recurring Invoices Automatically Create an Invoice for Payment
  • Manual checks are Recorded with Ease for Distribution to General Ledger
  • Pay by Vendor, Commodity Code, Due Date, or Discount Date
  • Quickly Drill Down on Specific Purchase Order Records
  • Handles Inter-company Payable Transactions

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable gives you complete control over your invoicing and open or historical accounts receivable. When coupled with the Invoicing module, it greatly improves cash flow and increases your ability to monitor and control the status of your open accounts receivable and customer credit limits. This module can also handle inter-company receivables. Additional feature include:

  • Process Payments, Deposits, and Miscellaneous Cash Efficiently
  • Multiple Users can Process Cash Receipts Simultaneously
  • Cash and Adjustment Entries can Flag Open Commissionable Invoices as Payable
  • Write-offs are Checked Against Company-Defined Maximum Limits
  • Ability to Accept Credit Card Payments
  • Drilldown Capabilities Allow for Quick Viewing of Invoices
  • Dunning Letter and Credit Check Verifications
  • Service Charge Application

Fixed Assets

CRC Fixed Assets software enables you to control fixed asset records and track the accumulated depreciation of those assets. Integration with the Image Tracking module provides users with immediate online access to any asset-related file on your network. The depreciation entry program allows users to establish the depreciation method used to compute depreciation amounts using one of the following:

  • Straight-Line
  • Double-Declining Balance
  • 175%-Declining Balance
  • 150%-Declining Balance
  • Sum-of-the-Years’-Digits

General Ledger / Budgeting

General Ledger is designed for single / multiple companies and divisions and enables you to generate accurate financial statements and comprehensive account activity reports for current and historical periods. Drilldown capabilities provide users with one-click access to extensive transaction details. CRC also provide full Budgeting and Forecasting options. Other features include:

  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Instantaneous Financial Ratio Reporting
  • Cash Flow and EBITDA Analysis
  • Multi-Company Financial Reporting
  • Consolidated Financials by Company, Division, or Department
  • Options for 12 Month or 13 Period Accounting
  • Full Suite of Current and Historical Financial Reporting


Invoicing provides you with a quick and efficient means of producing daily job and finished goods release invoices. When coupled with Accounts Receivable, it gives you a very comprehensive way of controlling your cash flow. Other features include:

  • Ability to Invoice in Future Months without Closing
  • Multiple Message Capabilities
  • Issuance of Credit Memos
  • Multiple Levels of Taxation
  • Accommodates Both American and Canadian Tax Requirements
  • Invoice and Tax by Exact Shipment
  • Revenue Distribution by Post Code, Cost Center by Line Item, or in Total
  • Ability to Reprint Historical Invoices
  • Automatic Fax and E-mail Invoice Options
  • Credit Card Payment Acceptance
  • Full Commission Accounting Integration
  • One-Step Invoice and Job Creation


CRC Purchasing and Requisition software is designed to provide a system for purchasing agents, inventory management personnel, and receiving clerks which assists them in the purchase, tracking, and disposition of items. Having an online, interactive system helps ensure that all personnel responsible for making purchase decisions have adequate time to evaluate vendor pricing, quality, and service. Other features include:

  • Automatically Generate Requisitions based on Pre-Defined Reorder Points
  • Create Purchase Orders Automatically from Requisitions
  • Establish Ship To Instructions, Buyer, Price, and General Ledger Account Distribution
  • Update On Order Inventory Instantly
  • Purchase Orders can be Linked to Jobs for Billing
  • Use Varying Units of Measure in Ordering
  • Record Receipts by Warehouse and Location
  • Track Price Variances

Automatic Data Collection

In addition to capturing shop floor transactions, CRC Automatic Data Collection provides real-time status of every job, operation, material, and employee. By automatically updating the schedule, inventory levels, payroll records, and dashboards, your managers can anticipate issues and optimize workflows; driving profits to your bottom line. Some key benefits of CRC Automatic Data Collection solution include:

  • Ability to Categorize Transactions as Chargeable, Non-Chargeable, Productive, or Non-Productive
  • Flag Transactions as Normal, Change Alterations, or Rework
  • Accommodates Ganging and Combo-Job Requirements
  • Internal Clock to Eliminate the Need to Enter Start and Stop Times
  • Compatible with Bar Code Laser Wands and Touch Screen Monitors
  • Online Validation of Employees and Cost Centers
  • Select a 60 or 100 Minute Clock


CRC browser-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution offers a marketing orientation to customer service which helps you leverage existing customer relationships and develop new ones. The unmatched visibility of data allows you to respond faster by anticipating your customers’ wants and needs. Connect all employees within your organization to coordinate their efforts, so your customers receive a consistent series of positive experiences, encouraging loyalty to your products and services. With e-mail integration, appointment management, and interactive alerts, your staff will not miss another opportunity to win business or to improve client relations. CRM offers an instantaneous and centralized view of:

  • Contact Demographics
  • Job and Order Status
  • E-mail Integration
  • Won/Lost Tracking
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Finished Goods Inventory Levels
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Appointments and Activities
  • Open Quotes and Purchase Trends


Dashboards utilize color, graphs, symbols, and charts to help users quickly and easily review critical data. This enables you to take an immediate pulse of each department and quickly pinpoint problems. By combining data from throughout the system, dashboards create a visual command center where you can monitor company performance and launch profitable initiatives. Since getting to the root of an issue may require more than a glance, each Dashboard includes multi-level drilldowns, so you can get your company back on track without ever leaving your chair. Each user may customize their dashboards by selecting from a list of available options. Some of the available options include:

  • Net Profit Performance
  • Cash Availability
  • Actual versus Budget Analysis
  • Late, Hot, and Shipped Jobs
  • Jobs Due Today
  • WIP and COGS Analysis
  • Idle and Underperforming Employees
  • Sales Metrics and Statistics


Customer relationships will likely determine a company’s overall success. E-Commerce expands your market reach and provides the tools to maintain a consistent and responsive level of service while empowering customers to fulfill more of their needs online. E-Commerce offers your client base around the clock customer service tools for processing online order requests, reviewing job status, tracking shipped jobs, and reprinting invoices. You can realize significant savings while freeing personnel to concentrate on more revenue generating activities by providing these client tools online:

  • Request Quotes
  • Process New Orders
  • Review Order Status
  • Track Shipments
  • Place Reorders
  • Check Inventory Levels
  • Browse Catalogs
  • Variable Print Integration


As the leading provider of estimating solutions to the graphic arts industry, CRC extends the capabilities of clients and increase their opportunities for growth. CRC estimating solutions are designed to accommodate virtually any production scenario and are very easy to use. Estimating follows the pricing standards you create, based on your specific equipment and available resources. CRC solutions accurately calculate costs tied to your established rates to insure the maximum return on each estimate. Many unique and powerful features can be found in CRC estimating solutions, such as:

  • Industry Specific Estimating Tools
  • Won / Lost Tracking
  • Best Press Decision Making
  • “What if” scenarios
  • Templates and Impositions
  • Price Book and Cost Plus Estimating
  • Shipping Container Determination
  • Auto Material Allocation and Requisitioning
  • Up to 10 Quantity Breaks
  • Multiple Points for Markups

Book Printing

CRC’s Book Print Estimating combines power and flexibility into an easy-to-use solution.s Book Print Estimating combines power and flexibility into an easy-to-use solution. It will easily handle cover options, standard trim sizes, and is capable of calculating a variety of bind styles. Other features include:

  • Estimates all Types of Books and Bind Types from Perfect Bound to a Concealed Wire-O
  • Ability to Create Alternates
  • Ability to Split Editions
  • Split Binding
  • Up to Ten (10) Estimated Quantities
  • Case Binding Cost Tables and Calculations
  • Additional Finishing Operations
  • Ability to Stipulate a Press as Unavailable for Calculations
  • Add Additional Items without Mark-Ups
  • Override Individual Mark-Ups and Final Selling
  • Incorporates Positive and Negative Pricing Tiers
  • Quote Multiple Stocks on Same Estimate
  • Job Quotations Integration

Business Forms Estimating

A key feature of the Forms Estimating module is the ability to quickly and easily produce a firm selling price per thousand and a complete time and material breakdown over the phone. You can discuss the job specifications with your customer, arrive at the price, and examine the costs. Forms Estimating provides the best features of both price book and cost-plus estimating. You define all of the factors necessary to determine the price and the costs. Forms Estimating Provides:

  • 99 Sets of Standards
  • Estimate Templates
  • 999,999 Estimates Online
  • On-Demand Estimate Searches
  • Templates for Stock and Short-Runs
  • Multiple Features Pricing Options

Commercial Print Estimating

CRC consider estimating to be the hub of the entire system and an absolute necessity if you are to have a superior scheduling, costing, quotation, and inventory control system. A key feature of Commercial Estimating is the ability to quickly and easily handle the many questions that arise each day. Commercial Estimating offers:

  • Ease of Use
  • Job Quotations Integration for Minimal Entry
  • Best Press Decision Making
  • Minimized Overrides
  • Utilizes Impression / Hour Curves
  • Forms Handled Automatically (16 / 8 / 4)
  • Utilizes Spoilage Curves
  • Copy One Estimate to Another
  • Sheetfed / Sheeting / Perfecting Presses
  • Unlimited Special Finishing Options
  • Tracking Hit Rates

Screen Print Estimating

Commercial Screen Print Estimating is the most comprehensive and versatile estimating system available to the commercial screen printing industry. It is loaded with tools and features designed to accommodate the unique requirements of commercial flat-sheet and graphic screen printers, and it is flexible enough to handle a wide variety of materials and operations. The key features include:

  • Customized Standards Accommodate all Your Production Scenarios
  • Auto Creation of Raw Materials
  • Integrated Art Library
  • Activity Groups for Increased Speed
  • Price List and Cost Up Calculation Methods
  • Standard Products Library

Digital Print Estimating

Digital printing technologies pervade virtually every segment of the graphic arts industry. Consequently, CRC has included advanced, flexible, features to accommodate the wide variety of digital equipment within each segment. Whether estimating sheets using per click charges or dollars per square foot, CRC offers estimating solutions designed to meet your requirements:

  • Supports Variable and Constant Per Click Charges
  • Multiple Standards Accommodate All Production and “What If” Scenarios
  • Activity Creation Feature Allows Design of Any Calculation Required
  • Press Sheet or Square Foot Estimating and Pricing
  • Advanced Template Features Provide Speed, Accuracy, and Consistency
  • Both “Per Click” and “Cost Plus Markup” Operations Supported in a Single Estimate

Envelope Print Estimating

CRC’s Envelope Estimating module was specifically designed to accommodate the unique requirements of envelope manufacturers. It takes into consideration all aspects of the industry and provides estimators with an intuitive, easy-to-use vehicle for entering a wide variety of job specifications and calculates costs and final selling prices in an instant. Some of the capabilities of Envelope Estimating include:

  • Ability to Create New Estimates from Previous Estimates
  • Copy Estimate Info at the Revision and Sub Job Levels
  • Auto-Job-Creation
  • Auto Material Allocation
  • Incorporate Individual Calculation Routines
  • Press Feasibility Determination
  • Combine Jobs at Folding, Cutting, and Jetting Stages
  • Auto Determination Shipping Containers
  • Graphical Representation of Envelope Layout

Flexible Packaging Estimating

Flexible Packaging converting is a unique segment within graphic arts, with calculations, terminology, and considerations not found in other markets. Consequently, CRC has crafted an estimating and job management solution designed to address the specific requirements of the Flexible Package converting industry. Features include:

  • Full Version Tracking
  • Total Footage and Total / Net MSI Calculations
  • Roll-to-Roll Process
  • “Gang” Run Multiple Products Reducing Make-Readies and Clean Up
  • Complete Roll Traceability
  • Complete Audit Trail of Materials

Folding Carton Manufacturer Estimating

CRC designed Folding Carton Estimating for companies that need a fast, accurate, and complete estimate for their work. From standards setup, to estimate entry, to the final printout, users have all the tools they need to generate accurate, cost-based pricing. Folding Carton Estimating highlights include:

  • Intuitive and Easy to Use
  • Speed of Entry
  • Up to 99 items and 99 print / die layouts
  • Auto Calculates the Most Cost Effective Layout
  • Estimator Overrides
  • Calculates the Contribution and Board Percent for Each Item
  • “What If” Scenarios
  • User-Definable Style File, Board, and Material Standards

Label Manufacturer Estimating

Label Estimating is a dynamic and comprehensive tool that enables the estimator to enter up to six quantities and provides you with maximum flexibility. It handles various printing processes including Letterpress, Screen Print, Offset, Hot Stamp, Rotary Letterpress, and Flexo. Some of the key features include:

  • Decision Making for Equipment Check Compatibility
  • Forced Die/Press Entry
  • Auto-Selection of Press and Compatible Die
  • Allows a +/- Size Range for Die Selection
  • Blank Labels
  • Ability to Create New Dies
  • Multiple Setup Processes per Press
  • Multiple Slowdowns per Press
  • On and Offline Finishing / Shipping Processes
  • Customer Markups
  • Additional Flat Charge Entry
  • Additional per 1000 Charge Entry
  • Estimate Comments



Proper Inventory management is essential to avoid unnecessary inventory purchases and production bottlenecks. CRC provides the solutions to increase throughput by giving you the confidence to perform at minimum stocking levels. With built in reconciliations for physical inventory adjustments, purchase orders, material receipts, damage roll tracking, spoilage tracking, and shipment cost recording, you can be confident the appropriate costs are being recorded and more importantly, billed. Other inherent features and benefits include:

  • FIFO and Weighted Average Calculations
  • Full Roll Inventory Capabilities
  • Automatically Allocate Material to Jobs
  • Order, Receive, and Use in Varying Units
  • Real-time access to Outside PO Status
  • Barcode Labels Improve Speed and Accuracy
  • Roll Traceability and Mill Number Tracking
  • User-Defined Classification Structure
  • 24 Months of Usage and Receipts Graphing


CRC Fulfillment offerings provide the tools necessary to manage the flow of made-to-order, made-to-stock, and quasi finished products into and out of your finished goods inventory. CRC Kitting solution enables you to define and track “kitted” assemblies of items at the component level. And CRC Warehouse Management allows you to distribute finished goods throughout up to 99 different warehouses. Also, you may set up and maintain a virtually unlimited number of locations within each warehouse. Other features include:

  • Perpetual Inventory Balances
  • Valuation and Analysis Reports
  • Ability to Release and Track Purchase Orders
  • Integrated with Image Tracking
  • Store and Retrieve Specifications on Repeat Products
  • Price Matrices
  • Months of Usage and Receipts
  • Reorder Point Analysis

Raw Material

CRC Raw Material Inventory solution assists you in improving control of your inventory. It provides up-to-date information for improving your decision making and reducing inventory while keeping tight operating and auditing controls. These objectives help control inventory levels while maintaining delivery schedules. It offers a definitive end-of-the-month cutoff for valuation purposes and simultaneously handles day-to-day costing transactions showing the actual inventory values. Important capabilities include:

  • Perpetual Inventory Balances
  • Valuation and Analysis Reports
  • Ability to Release and Track Purchase Orders
  • A Five-Tier, User-Defined Classification Structure
  • Integration with the Image Tracking
  • Physical Inventory Programs
  • Bar Code Options
  • Numeric or Alphanumeric Item Numbering
  • Twenty-Four Months of Usage, Spoilage, Adjustments, and Receipts


The Roll Inventory module provides you with the ability to inventory roll stock by individual rolls and bar codes. Usage transmissions are handled through devices associated with automatic data collection. Web breaks, roll allocations, history reporting, and roll usage projections can be handled easily. Many other options are available with the Roll Inventory module:

  • Auto-Assignment of Roll Number
  • User-Defined U/M: Pounds or Linear Feet
  • Optional Mill Number Tracking
  • Complete Damage Recording System
  • Instant Roll Tracking Inquiry
  • Physical Inventory: Manual
  • Physical Inventory: Bar Code Scanner
  • Job Costing by Roll Cost
  • Job Cost Usage by Bar Code Wand
  • Average Price Per Basis Weight Reporting
  • Manifest Master Listings

Spare Parts

Spare Parts Inventory assists you in improving control of spare parts used in preventive maintenance. The overall objectives of Spare Parts Inventory are to provide up-to-date information for improving decision making and reducing spare parts inventory and to maintain tight operating and auditing controls. Meeting these objectives helps control inventory levels and enables you to plan effectively for future purchases. Important features include:

  • Perpetual Inventory Balances
  • Valuation and Analysis Reports
  • Ability to Release and Track Purchase Orders
  • Twenty-Four Months of Usage and Receipts
  • Month-to-Month Graphic Options Identify Slippage



Easy, efficient job planning results in on-time deliveries and improved profitability. CRC Automatic Data Collection provides the real-time status of every job, operation, material, and employee while automatically updating the schedule, inventory levels, payroll records, and dashboards. CRC software streamlines your production workflow leading to faster production, lower costs, and increased accuracy.

  • Drag and Drop Scheduling
  • Automatic Data Collection
  • Customizable Job Tickets
  • Combo Jobs and Ganging Options
  • Tracking and Notification of Job Alterations
  • Extensive Job Cost Reporting
  • Forward, Backward, and Midpoint Scheduling
  • Actual versus Estimated Analysis
  • Raw Material Allocation


CRC offers extensive Costing options designed to generate and maintain job records and track time, material, and outside purchase costs against individual jobs or groups of jobs. Costing handles Make and Ship, Finished Goods Production, Finished Goods Releases, Job specifications, bill to and ship to information, sales repesentative, customer service repesentative, previous job, price quote, and general ledger account distributions are established with ease. Job jackets can be created automatically with information generated from estimating and routed throughout the plant. Other Costing features include:

  • Customer Change Authorization Tracking
  • WIP, COGS, and Historical Analysis and Reporting
  • Estimated versus Actual Analysis
  • Combo and Ganging Cost Options
  • Budgeted Hourly Rates
  • Absorption and Standard Costing Options

Automatic Data Collection

In addition to capturing shop floor transactions, CRC Automatic Data Collection provides real-time status of every job, operation, material, and employee. By automatically updating the schedule, inventory levels, payroll records, and dashboards, your managers can anticipate issues and optimize workflows; driving profits to your bottom line. Some key benefits of CRC Automatic Data Collection solution include:

  • Ability to Categorize Transactions as Chargeable, Non-Chargeable, Productive, or Non-Productive
  • Flag Transactions as Normal, Change Alterations, or Rework
  • Accommodates Ganging and Combo-Job Requirements
  • Internal Clock to Eliminate the Need to Enter Start and Stop Times
  • Compatible with Bar Code Laser Wands and Touch Screen Monitors
  • Online Validation of Employees and Cost Centers
  • Select a 60 or 100 Minute Clock

Job Planning

Efficient Job Planning results in on-time deliveries and improved profitability. The ability to locate bottlenecks quickly in individual departments helps keep minor problems from becoming major ones. CRC offers the tools that lead to faster production, lower costs, and increased accuracy:

  • Quickly Convert Estimates to Jobs
  • Integrated Credit Checking
  • Combo Jobs and Ganging Options
  • Customizable Job Tickets
  • Allocate Raw Materials and Record Purchases
  • Track and Notify Billing of Job Alterations
  • Production Questions Prompting
  • Drag and Drop Scheduling Integration
  • Automatic Data Collection
  • Barcodes for Fast and Accurate Entry
  • High Degree of Automation


CRC Drag and Drop Scheduling keeps shipments going out on time. With built in tools for reviewing “What If” scenarios, multiple schedule views, and a color-coded alert system, your production manager is armed to combat whatever issues may arise. Other key features include:

  • Intuitive Setup Programs
  • Multiple Shift Options
  • Blackout Dates
  • Definable and Scalable Views
  • User-Defined Job Status Codes
  • Both Manual and Automatic Scheduling Options
  • Forward, Backward, and Midpoint Scheduling


Shipping enables you to track all packing, shipping, and receiving information for jobs and finished goods orders by shipping destination. You can enter multiple shipping addresses and shipping dates for each job or finished goods order during the order entry process, improving your ability to track complex orders. Shipping also provides the following:

  • Enable Multiple Location Entry
  • Enable Entry of a Freight Amount
  • Prompt for Ship Via
  • Prompt for Waybill Number
  • Select Default Shipping Cost Center
  • Interface to Clippership Multi-Carrier Shipping System
  • Carry a Freight Amount to Invoicing
  • Force Shipping Distribution to Balance
  • Print Packing Lists and Shipping Labels
  • Force Shipping Distribution to Balance


CRC offers comprehensive Tracking programs which help you create, maintain, and analyze detailed records on everything from jobs and quotes to artwork and proofs. Some of the available Tracking options include:

  • Won/Lost Estimates
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Customer Change Alterations
  • Safety Management
  • Spoilage
  • Images
  • Proofs
  • Art
  • Dies
  • Plates
  • Inks

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