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A web-based software system designed by Dataforma Inc..
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Save Time

  • Manage work orders, projects, warranties, service/project scheduling and bid/lead tracking all in one system.
  • Enter building, company, contact, warranty information and building instructions one time in one location.
  • Instant status reports on buildings, work orders, projects, warranties and billing information.
  • Real time daily, weekly, or monthly reports on accounts receivable aging, bid summary, work on hand, warranty expiration and work order/project calendars.
  • You determine what information your customers can access regarding projects, work orders, invoices, pictures and warranties via a link from your website. Your customers can submit work order requests direct via the customer portal.
  • You and your customers can access information from anywhere at any time via a secure internet connection.
  • Less down time from constantly upgrading software, configuring servers, migrating and backing up data.

Save Money

  • No big up front cost for software, servers, firewalls, switches or physical space.
  • You lease our services and pay only for the number of users you need. Add users as you need them.
  • Upgrades immediately available to our partner companies on a monthly basis.
  • We store, manage, and backup your information on our servers in multiple locations.
  • Your staff has unlimited access to a 24/7 live help line for routine questions as well as free monthly webinars on topics selected as a result of your feedback.

Basic Accounting

  • Setup Entities and Divisions, chart of accounts
  • Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payable
  • Project/job costing
    • Fixed asset management, equipment module
    • Inventory management
    • Cash receipts
    • Purchase orders

Save Time: Eliminate need for multiple systems to manage A/R

Bid Tracking

  • Creating a bid from a lead takes just seconds
  • Bid calendar shows all bids for the company, color-coded by salesperson
  • Easily update project bids directly from the calendar view
  • Organize/filter bids on bid calendar, by salesperson, type of work, etc.

Save Time: Tracking bids/opportunities manually or in spreadsheet log

Building Work History

  • Instant access to all past Service Work Orders and Production Projects
  • View all current or expired Warranties, including PDF copies of the same
  • Document the current roof system, manufacturer, dimensions, and specific products and quantities installed
  • Store all roof drawings, photos and all other documents associated with the building in one place
  • Record important building relationships, owner company and contacts, property management company and contacts, etc.

Save Time: View Work Orders’ data through the Building

Calendar Management

  • View all meetings, human resource and personal events in one place
  • Filter calendars by specific users or event types
  • View availability for office staff when trying to schedule meetings
  • Record individual/personal days on employee calendars

Save Time: Researching who is/is not available for appointments & meetings

Correspondence Management

  • Track all key communications including phone conversations, mail, faxes, emails and meetings.
  • Assists with Sales, Project Management, Inter-office communication, Invoice collections and Marketing
  • Use follow-ups as reminders of future tasks that need completed
  • Generate mass mailers and emails
  • Improve communication, set up and track reminders
  • Open follow-ups show up in message board on home page as reminders

Save Time: Sending inter-office emails and reducing long phone conversations

Customizable Dashboard

  • Instantly view critical company figures on the home page
  • View Work On Hand $, Open Follow-Ups, Open Work Orders, etc. all in one place
  • View snapshot summary of all projects/leads
  • Leads (#) with approximate $
  • Pending projects (#) with approximate $
  • All links take you to the actual records that make up the figures
  • Program dashboard view/information specific to each user name

Save Time: During staff meetings by updating Your projects in real time

Customized User & Company Defaults

  • Use the user-specific Quick-Print function to instantly export a common template (Invoice, Work Order Ticket, etc.)
  • Pre-populate creation forms with typical information to eliminate unnecessary repetitive clicks in the system
  • Select default views for modules so that you can view what you would like to as soon as you open the page

Save Time: Using defaults, create work orders and leads while on the phone with customers

Document Management

  • Any file that can be saved on your computer can be uploaded into Dataforma
  • Documents are stored in relationship to a specific file for quick retrieval (work order, project, building, etc.)
  • Document resizer allows large file-size photos to be uploaded quickly and take up less space
  • Retrieve documents from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Multiple doc upload feature allows users to drag and drop groups of documents at one time

Save Time: Looking for documents on computer, server, hard copy, etc.

Google Maps Integration

  • Plot all of your open job locations on a Google map
  • Use the “Get Directions” functions to provide directions from your office to the project or work order location
  • The Building and Work Order’s general information page contains a pinpoint location of the address and allows you to open it in Google Maps with one click
  • Plot all buildings with a specific type of roof system installed

Save Time: Entering address information and Google maps, Mapquest, etc.

Group/Mass Mailers

  • Generate Email Blasts using the contact information stored in the Dataforma system
  • Create Mass Mailers that export into a customizable letter document
  • Use groups to quickly find all contacts that you want to send mailers (newsletters, Christmas cards, etc.)
  • The contacts file in your database builds very quickly when all of your employees enter every customer they meet

Save Time: Sending group emails to large groups of customers at one time

Internal Reports

  • Accounts Receivable, Building, Installation, Project and Work Order Reports
  • Apply search filters to make reports unique for your company
  • Quickly report on:
    • Total S.F. of roofing installed by roof type
    • All projects completed for a specific customer
    • Find data needed to complete pre-qualification statements

Save Time: For your staff in preparing reports for meetings and management summaries


  • Quickly generate invoices directly from the Work Order or Project
  • Invoices pull information from Work Orders to expedite the invoicing process
  • Share A/R information with the office staff without giving them access to Accounting
  • Manage overdue invoices and track collection efforts
  • Invoice reporting features for buildings, customers and aging
  • Put customers on credit hold, enter credit limits

Save Time: Quickly creating invoices as soon as work on roof is complete

Lead Tracking

  • Easily create, view, and print new leads
  • Organize leads by salesperson, type of work, etc.
  • Store a history of leads/opportunities on any specific building
  • Run weekly sales meetings directly from the system
  • View the source and close ratio of lead sources. Analyze reports to decide where to spend future marketing dollars
  • Generate reports to view close ratios by salesperson, type of work, or any combination of numerous search filters

Save Time: Assigning and providing leads for salespeople

Project Contract Management

  • Easily update the status throughout the project (Lead->Pending->Approved->Completed)
  • Add the contract amount/date and capture detailed estimated vs. actual costing information
  • Mark awarded projects as open to view current backlog, work on hand
  • View work on hand $ in message board on home page in real time

Save Time: Recording/tracking work on hand by hand or via spreadsheets

Proposals & Reports

  • Generate proposals directly from Dataforma
  • The proposal format is completely customizable, match your current format
  • Standard text such as Scope of Work and Exclusions are added to the Dataforma Library. Retrieve the library language to quickly generate a Proposal. Using the library language saves times, creates consistency and reduces spelling errors
  • Other reports can include roof evaluations and inspection reports

Save Time: Eliminating redundant typing of scope of work language for proposals

Purchase Orders and Payables

  • Create Purchase Orders for projects, using the product catalog to quickly populate the description and pricing information
  • Create Payables to track material costs for projects and apply them against your budget/estimate
  • Track the purchase history for specific products to easily spot price fluctuations

Save Time: For A/R staff by creating purchase orders

Searching and Sorting

  • Use the quick search links within all modules to easily sort files
  • Use the in-depth search to apply any variety of filters for detailed searches
  • Views can be sorted by using the advanced search link
  • All fields displaying in the message board are active links to real time search results/reports

Save Time: Remember one aspect of a project and quickly find

Service Work Management

  • Create Service Tickets while speaking to the building representative
  • Quickly capture key information such as the Reported By contact, Building, Invoice To company/contact, Work Description, etc.
  • Never lose a service ticket - Work Orders are permanently documented
  • Identify bottlenecks through latency reports
  • Store employee and material costs/burden for automated work order costing
  • Message board on home page displays number of reports, scheduled and completed to be invoiced work orders

Save Time: Managing work orders, storing documents and creating invoices in ONE system.

Service/Work Order Calendar

  • Drag-and-Drop reported work orders to Schedule/Dispatch Service crews
  • Work Orders that need to be scheduled can be filtered by Building location or type of work for quick, logical scheduling
  • Work Orders color coded by crew/service foreman
  • Saves a permanent history of the service schedule
  • Work order font color indicates if the work has been billed or not
  • Multiple views to see Monthly, Weekly or Daily schedules

Save Time: Scheduling work orders, simply drag and drop to schedule

Warranty Management

  • Permanently document all Manufacturer and Workmanship Warranties
  • Upload a scanned image of the Manufacturer warranty to the file
  • Print Workmanship Warranties into a customized template and send to your customer
  • Easily generate mass marketing letters from expiring Warranties to sell additional services
  • View all past and current warranties on existing buildings

Save Time: Looking for warranties and finding job folders for copies of warranties

Reviews of Dataforma

Sandi from Goodmen Roofing says...

Web based business management service for roofing & construction industry; project mgmt, lead & bid tracking, work history, warranty & document mgmt, internal reports, accessible to all users

The bad: There seems to be so many levels, but the more we use it, the better it is.