A software system designed by Software 21 for professional services companies.

About FlexGen 4

Software 21’s premier Enterprise Solution FlexGen 4 is unique offering fully integrated ERP, CRM, SCM and BI applications designed to enhance manufacturing productivity, Supply Chain efficiency and overall customer satisfaction.

FlexGen 4 is a real-time, highly configurable software environment which has been engineered to fit the unique business management processes found in companies building products such as computers, avionics, aerospace components and medical equipment. FlexGen 4 provides strong enterprise and financial management controls, coupled with seamless integration to the software products developed by our strategic software and services partners IBM and Microsoft among others.

FlexGen 4 is a feature rich Enterprise Software Solution that enhances the way manufacturing companies produce High Technology products. FlexGen 4 can be found today, in over 800 manufacturing operations, servicing thousands of end users everyday. Sites range in size from 25 to 900 employees. FlexGen 4’s options driven architecture easily conforms or adapts to the typical manufacturing processes complex businesses, including the most highly regulated and demanding environments require everyday.

As a result, FlexGen 4 is the ideal solution for manufacturers engaged in producing products such as avionics, aerospace components, medical devices and dental products. Where the regulators demand levels of quality control, material compliance, historical tracking of Lots, Serial Numbers or component Shelf Life, you will find FlexGen 4 performing at the highest levels.

FlexGen 4: A Software Solution That Integrates Your World

FlexGen 4 offers many unique features and software capabilities designed to help manage complex, sophisticated manufacturing enterprises.

FlexGen 4: What It Delivers

  • Is scalable and highly configurable to assure that as your company grows and evolves, that your business solution keeps pace. By using variable switches, user defined constants and operating parameters, you can easily configure FlexGen 4 to fit a vast range of manufacturing environments.

  • Has introduced a process feature through its Workflow Architecture that deploys software and information according to job cycles, not just individual programs. This streamlines your operations, optimizes product throughput and decreases production cycle time, helping you produce high quality product at lower cost.

  • Monitors mission critical events and enterprise processes on a real-time basis, ready to instantly broadcast actionable business information to mangers and executives in your company.

  • Delivers extensive software solution features necessary for technology manufacturers such as - Configuration Management, Engineering Change Control, Cradle to Grave tracking of materials, Shelf Life tracking, Corrective Action Notices, extensive Quality Assurance management all coupled with fully integrated Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities.

Product Overview

Market Focus

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Industry Focus

FlexGen 4 is designed primarily for use in the manufacturing industry.

User Reviews of FlexGen 4

Submitted on December 16th, 2013 by Jim

Highly adaptable software that does everything we expected and more.

The Good…

The ability of the software to adapt to our changing business successfully.

The Bad…

Limited reporting capabilities as far as output. the software outputs to its own Db instead of carrying the ability to output to excel or access so that the functions of those software may be utilized to analyze the data more clearly.