ManuAbility ERP

A budgeting application designed by Sunrise Innovations for construction and manufacturing companies.

About ManuAbility ERP

Get a Non-Compromising Approach to Software That Informs You of Your Costs in Real-Time, Tracks Your Inventory and Makes Your Sales Quoting Profitable.

ManuAbility ERP Offers:

  • Job Costing - You decide how detailed - it is all automatic after that
  • A bar code driven, labor and material cost collection and tracking system
  • Automatic generation of bill of materials posted to purchasing by customer due date or machine schedule
  • Consolidated, real-time corporate reporting which allows management to evaluate costs of multiple companies within any date range
  • A full-featured accounts payable and receivable system, with benefits like automatic distribution of check payments, invoicing, and cash reconciliation
  • Employee Payroll that does not require software updates for tax changes

ManuAbility Employee Time Sheets

Time sheets are automatically filled in by the workers using the bar-coded job traveler (work instructions sheet).

After timesheets have been approved by management the data is automatically posted to payroll for single click payment of employees at the end of the pay period.

Detailed employee profiles and time sheets are linked directly to the Job Cost functions.

ManuAbility Financials

Quickly pinpoint a transaction with the full transaction detail and narrow the scope by account number range and date at the bottom of the interface. All financial reports can be sent via email for collaboration at the click of a button. Keep periods open and user definable periods are all part of the flexible accounting system.

ManuAbility Inventories

All Inventory Transactions are kept on line and in the system. Detail on all activity can be tracked at any time. Raw material, Finished goods and Tools can be manually and automatically reserved for a given job. Each area has a family of reports that keep you in the know.

ManuAbility Job Costing

No other system in it’s class can offer the power to provide the hard facts about your processes like ManuAbility does. Job Costing - Tie work centers to cost centers or group work centers to a single cost center. - it is all automatic after you set it up. Labor costs are bar-code fed at the job step level to the employee timesheets. Never lift a pen or key in time data again! Our system goes beyond parts costs per job but can also tell you the process cost to make the part even across dissimilar parts and jobs! So with ManuAbility, your quotes can be process fact oriented instead of ýgut feelingý oriented.

Know what your jobs are costing and know what your processes are costing in REAL TIME - it’s up to you!

  • View Labor, Material, and Outside job costs in the Job Cost Estimate screen as they occur.
  • Enter your budget values for each job process and monitor actual costs against budget.
  • Estimate the average unit cost of production by repeat work history or by process attribute cost history through the powerful search system.
  • Print work instructions / travelers for the shop floor that are bar-code automation ready for shop workers to scan in/out of jobs.

ManuAbility Parts Engineering - Shop Route

The Product Catalog defines the route of the parts and the processes required to make them.

Store your CAD drawings online and print them when and where you need them ! Part attributes or descriptors can be searched in job costing history, the costs can be returned as cost of process by attribute - a powerful sales quote tool.

ManuAbility Pay Roll

ManuAbility payroll is everything you would expect from a complete payroll system with a detailed check stub your employees will appreciate. The check design and stub are user definable so you can use almost any check form you like.

The federal and state tax changes can be user updated so there is no need for software updates before each tax season.

ManuAbility Purchasing

You can know what to buy and when it needs to be on your dock as soon as the sales order is finalized because you cannot afford a broken supply chain. This schedule dynamically recomputes as customer needs change.

ManuAbility Receiving and Accounts Payable

Raw material, outside operations, all job related items are automatically charged against the job cost area at the time the goods are received. Inventory levels are also updated from this easy-to-use interface. Certifications and quality documents attached to receiving records can be re-printed at the customer’s request from the sales invoice area.

Real Client-Server Open Database

Secure and dependable data is part of ManuAbility and is implemented on a platform that will not break the bank. File server based solutions are prone to corruption so ManuAbility provides dependability through a real application server back-end. This also allows your data to be accessed by other report systems for a low level of customization you may require.

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