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About Clear Estimates

Clear Estimates is the easiest tool for contractors looking to make professional proposals in minutes instead of hours. A database of over 10,000 pre-loaded parts includes labor and materials costs specific to your area for added accuracy.

The parts and templates in the Clear Estimates database are provided by RemodelMAX, which are geared towards residential remodelers as well as handymen. The database is easy to customize by allowing users to create new parts and templates for their own use as necessary. This may mean more upfront work for non-remodelers, such as cleaners or other repair technicians. Once set up, Clear Estimates can make any kind of estimating much simpler.

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  • Create-edit estimates from anywhere
  • Make professional proposals
  • Copy or edit old proposals
  • Create/edit parts
  • Build templates
  • Boilerplate language
  • Region-specific material and labor prices (updated every 3 months)
  • Change order outlines with alternate prices

Clear Estimates is a fully web-based program which can be used on Mac computers, iPads and Windows machines. Basically, compatible with any device as long as you have Internet access!

This software can also integrate with Quickbooks for additional services.

Clear Estimates Pricing

Subscriptions for Clear Estimates are $59 per month. There is a FREE 30-day trial. There is no contract and users can cancel at any time.

Starting Price
$59 /month
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User Reviews of Clear Estimates

Submitted on August 26th, 2021 by Greg Moffit

Clear Estimates is the best thing I have ever seen for contractors. I would have expected to pay $200-$300 / month for something this good.

Submitted on August 26th, 2021 by Ryan Turner

Clear Estimates is constantly adding new features and it is easy to update pricing in the database. Ultimately, the software allows me to be extremely competitive and precise with my estimates.

Submitted on August 26th, 2021 by Anonymous

I regularly recommend the use of Clear Estimates software to the contractors I consult with. I have seen firsthand how it can help to sell more profitable jobs in a shorter time frame, which is what everyone in this business strives for.