An All-in-One Field Service Management system designed by Softrend Systems.

About Foundation 3000

For Field Service companies that Service, Sell or Rent Equipment, having a single Integrated software solution is key to becoming truly efficient and ultimately profitable.

Foundation 3000 enables your Service business to succeed by integrating Job Costing, Scheduling, Estimating, Mobile connectivity, Preventative Maintenance, Inventory Tracking, CRM, Rental tracking, Bar coding, Customer Web Portal and Work Order management all into 1 powerful solution that is tied seamlessly to a complete and robust Accounting backend.

General Features Include:

Drag and Drop Scheduling

Our color-coded scheduler allows you to drag and drop appointments around and quickly identify heavy or light load periods. You can drill down to see or modify Appointment detail or hover your mouse to get a quick summary. View a map of scheduled appointments for a day to optimize travel routes.

Preventative Maintenance

If you regularly perform activites such as for example, annual inspections, it is important to be reminded when they come due so that they can be acted upon quickly. Foundation 3000`s login alert not only ensures all upcoming services are brought to your attention, but makes it easy to book appointments right there and then or to send emails requesting appointment times.

Powerful Estimating/Quoting

When customers call up asking for past work on equipment, Foundation 3000 allows you to drill down into Service History and view a complete and detailed audit trail on any piece of equipment, even generating past Work Orders and their associated Checklists if necessary.

Route Optimization

You can view a map of scheduled appointments for a day and visually rearrange travel routes for optimal route efficiency.


You can create customized Checklists that automate all the steps or checks that need to be taken by a Service Technician when performing a particular service or servicing a particular type of equipment. These can not only take the form of simple tick boxes but can also accommodate Note entry, date entry, drop-down lists of predefined codes or numeric measurements, and are automatically synced with our Mobile App.

Contract Tracking

Regularly scheduled services may also be set up as formal contracts between you and your customers. Foundation 3000 will not only provide reminders of maintenance due, but also remind you of contracts that are due for expiry well in time for pursuing renewals.

Real-Time Mobile Connectivity

With our remote tablet Service app, your service technicians when away from the office are able to effortlessy record time against selected Work Orders. They’ll also be able to view their upcoming schedules by the week or by the day or look up directions to get to the Customer site. When working on a job, all the information regarding any equipment they’ll be servicing as well as the history of work performed in the past is easily accessed. GPS capability allows you to track locations of your service technicians in real-time back in the office. Service techs will be able to either type in notes manually or save substantial time and effort by simply dictating the notes directly into the tablet. The notes are translated to text and automatically attached to the Work Order. It also has an Offline mode that allows your Technicians to continue working even when out of range.

Inter-Vehicle/Warehouse Transfer Tracking

Our Multi-Warehouse view enables you to quickly identify shortages or supluses of parts among all your vehicles and warehouses. You can then generate Transfer Orders effortlessly, giving you much greater control over your inventory. If you also use our bar scanning capability, the actual physical transfer of those parts becomes much easier and greatly reduces missing or inaccurate inventory.

User-Defined Equipment Specs

You can also track an unlimited number of user-defined fields specific to the equipment you rent or sell in your industry. For instance: “Belt Size”, “Voltage”, “Color”, etc. These specs can be automatically printed on a Work Order when you are performing repair or maintenance on that piece of equipment, so that your Service Reps are already well-informed about it before they begin work on it.


Accurate and timely Purchase Orders can be auto-generated from either Work Orders or General Requirements and emailed or faxed to Suppliers in minutes.

Rental Processing

Foundation 3000 includes complete Rental processing for Equipment with or without Serial tracking. Auto-recur Invoicing for indefinite rental periods, Equipment profitability reporting, visual scheduling and more.

Built-in CRM

Foundation 3000’s built-in CRM allows you to bring your Customer service to a superior level as well as enable your Sales Reps to organize, track and keep to task on all new Leads and Prospects.


With complete Warehouse Management as well as Serial number, Lot and Kit tracking, your Inventory needs are covered. In addition, for those with more advanced needs, Foundation 3000 has powerful Inventory Forecasting capabilities.

Accounts Payable

Powerful AP cheque-paying utility allows you to select invoices for payment on a per vendor or a date cut-off basis or both, with or without discount deadlines taken into account. You can still modify your selection at that point on an individual invoice basis, with running cheque and cheque run totals displayed at all times. Invoices being paid are displayed on cheque stubs. You can print your cheques immediately or preview your cheque run on-screen before posting, to minimize errors. The system also allows you to issue cheques from bank accounts denominated in foreign currency for invoices of that currency, automatically performing all necessary GL adjustments based on the most recent currency rates entered

One of the strongest features of Foundation 3000 is the ability to match received inventory with invoices from a Supplier. This can be a problem in many accounting systems where items may be unaccounted for, or charges may be incurred for items not received. The system not only allows an invoice to be reconciled against multiple receivings but also against particular lines within each receiving. In this way, all items which have not yet been invoiced can be quickly identified and invoicing of items not received can be prevented

Additional Features Include:

  • Option to allow duplicate invoice numbers for the same Vendor
  • Unlimited bank accounts
  • Automatic account browsing
  • Document history tracking enables easier tracing of invoices
  • Ability to issue and receive, pay and receive payment for invoices in multiple currencies. Revaluation of invoice transaction amounts due to currency fluctuations is automatically tracked and discrepancies are posted upon invoice payment or adjustment, to designated Currency Gain and Loss accounts
  • Unlimited contacts per Vendor with fields for email, phone, fax, pager and cellular phone information
  • EDI invoices are easily transferred into the system

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable Features Include:

  • Ability to add or modify customers data on-the-fly
  • Automatic pop-up browse by customer name or code
  • Unlimited contacts per customer with fields for email, pager and cellular information
  • Special Collection utility enables you to maintain tight control of your Receivables, featuring direct faxing of credit letters
  • Mail merge capability
  • Document history tracking
  • A Linking utility allows you conveniently to offset invoices and credit memos against each other
  • Cash Receipts allows direct invoice number access to facilitate application of cheques
  • Multi-payer distribution in Cash Receipts allows you to distribute a cheque from one customer to the invoices of several other customers
  • Address label printing
  • Customizable Sales Charts with 3D multicolor bar or pie graphs
  • Mass Assignment utility allows you to assign Territories, Sales Reps and Categories to several customers at a time. If you have ever tried to change a Territory for a large number of customers one-at-a-time, you’ll appreciate how much time this will save!
  • Unlimited multiple shipping addresses for each customer with sales history tracked on a per-ship address basis

Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials Features Include:

  • Unlimited Multi-level builds
  • Cost roll-up reporting
  • Provision for online costing and resource inquiry on Bill-of-Materials screen
  • Graphics tree displays of Bill-of-Material structures
  • Handy utility manages any related documents, drawings, photos or any file linked to a given build. Double-click on the related document to instantly view it, including AutoCad drawings
  • Trial build routine allows you to preview for shortages before building assemblies
  • Where Used report enables better forecasting for component requirements
  • Includes Scrap and Yield factors

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management Features Include:

Salespersons can look up what customers require and see buying patterns based upon product item history and can schedule Purchasing of stock to meet a customers need. This is an effective way to manage inventory flows and ensure that products don’t need to be back-ordered.

Salespersons can generate reports that look up every item sold to see ordering patterns for related products. As an example, one customer that orders product (a) also orders another product (b). This information permits sales staff to suggest to other customers buying product (a) that they also may need product (b). The system creates a list of suggestible items and allows attaching comments to those suggestions. This is in addition to the up-selling feature already inherent in the system.

Data Conversion

Data Conversion Features Include:

  • Ability to convert data from previous packages into system
  • Import from CSV (comma separated values) or from MS Excel
  • Automatic preview first three lines of data file being imported
  • Linking utility enables data to be placed correctly in new system via point-and-click


EDI Features Include:

  • Built-in communication software for the most popular Value Added Networks
  • Accommodates industry-standard document sets, e.g. 3020, 3030 and so on
  • Built-in standard business documents, such as Invoices, Purchase Orders, etc
  • Ability to transmit EDI invoices immediately or add advanced EDI data before sending
  • Simplification of data fields for the average user while providing more complete EDI data options for more advanced users
  • ASN (Advance Ship Notice) translation
  • EDI Code Restriction utility avoids having to scroll through infinite lists of unusable EDI codes
  • Complete tracking of FAs (functional acknowledgments)
  • Complete audit trail of all incoming EDI messages
  • Additional EDI document sets can be purchased from Softrend Systems Inc., as required

Fax/e-Mail Manager

Fax Management Features Include:

  • All incoming and outgoing faxes can be logged into the system
  • Faxes are stored for easy point-and-click viewing
  • Assign categories and keywords to all faxes
  • Search utility enables quick access by keyword or date
  • Control panel allows for distribution of faxes across a network
  • Ability to store faxes in Contact Management utility and assign to individuals

General Ledger

General Ledger Features Include:

  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Transaction Reversal Capability
  • Recurring Transaction
  • Drill-down viewing on journal displays
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Cheques may be issued from General Ledger as well as through Accounts Payable
  • Auto-balancing on journal entry
  • Account browsing by name or account number
  • Use of Categories and Sub categories enables easier organization of Financial statements
  • 6-character Department codes allow for multi-departmental accounting
  • A full featured Financial Reporting Utility allows for custom organization of accounts for Financial Statements and has the ability to link any totals or amounts from one report to any other
  • Drag and Drop not only of individual fields but of horizontal and vertical tabs that makes organization of report into sections and columns much easier
  • The ability to arrange report accounts individually, by account number range, by direct listing or by General Ledger categories and allows maximum flexibility. Accounts added to a range or to a category in the normal course of daily GL processing are automatically included in the report if specified by those methods. These account groupings can then be applied over and over to successive columns with different fiscal specifications ( e.g. Last Year Month to date, Present Year Quarter to Date, etc.) so that typical columnar arrangements of financial reports is assimilated quickly and easily

Fiscal specifications on reports that can be specified via the more common references such as Last Year Month to date, Present Year to Date, etc. or by customized specifications that spell out exactly how long ago relative to the reporting date and which combinations of months are to be displayed. The time periods specified are all relative to the given reporting date, which may be specified when the utility is run, so that fiscal labels (e.g. 2004, Mar 04, etc.) may be displayed accordingly at report time and NOT hard-wired at design time

  • Consolidation in various combinations of multiple companies and departments on reports
  • Report font styles, colours and sizes that are all customizable
  • Several options for reports that are available for expression of zero amounts, negative amounts, decimal places, currency symbols and alignment
  • Any field may be expressed as an arithmetic combination of any other fields on the report. Totalling and averaging of entire columns is easily specified. Together with multiple report links, this provides a very powerful financial calculation capability
  • Reports that once designed and saved, may be run repeatedly with minimal effort. (One mouse click, unless a reporting date other than the default is desired.)

Internet Storefront

Internet Storefront Features Include:

  • Quick, convenient Web catalogue creation and maintenance for on-line commerce
  • Review in-house pricing and add special Internet pricing at your option
  • Descriptions of inventory items can be modified to accurately reflect web sales
  • Scanning utility permits all inventory items to be net ready with their own photos
  • Select images of items for on-line display from existing inventory or from any drive
  • Add sales blurbs if desired and preview your Web pages before uploading to your web site
  • One click and your Web site is updated!
  • On-line Sales Orders can be automatically downloaded directly into the system on a regular interval of your choosing
  • Preview orders before adding to Sales Order Module

Inventory Control

Inventory Control Features Include:

  • Maintain tight control on your inventory with the highly acclaimed Gordon Graham Inventory Management System. This extremely effective system involves automatic monitoring of usage rates, replenishment cycles, stock outages, unusual sales, seasonal items, order points, turnover intervals, safety allowances, dead stock, economics of order quantities, carrying costs and other factors to forecast inventory requirements so that your costs are minimized
  • Store and access documents or files of any type relating to any inventory item and retrieve these from either the Inventory Master or the Sales Order screen. These documents are available from any workstation or via Remote Wireless handheld PC’s by roving sales staff and can be either e-mailed or faxed to anyone in a click of a button
  • Link Inventory items to other products sold to drive increased sales by sales staff
  • Image storing feature allows you quickly view pictures of your stock items. You have the option to directly scan images in, or browse directories for image files to insert into the database
  • Serial numbers can be tracked from receiving through after-sales or strictly from sales to after-sales
  • Lot processing capability
  • Non stock item capability
  • Pricing can be set by Volume or by Customer preference level
  • Unlimited number of suppliers for each stock item, each with last price, lead-time and stock code being specifiable for each supplier
  • Unlimited multiple units of measure for each stock item, with automatic quantity and price conversion throughout the system
  • In addition to weight and volume, the length, width and height of inventory items is maintained
  • Material Safety Data Sheet storage and printing
  • Mass price assignment by vendor or category is a cinch
  • Dual item categorization permits greater flexibility for reports
  • Up to 3 description lines plus unlimited additional comment lines per item
  • Search utility enables you to find stock items using keywords
  • Bar code label printing
  • Choice of LIFO, FIFO or Average Costing methods
  • Count Sheets for taking physical inventory

Job Cost

Job Costing Features Include:

  • Job Costing is implemented throughout the entire system so that revenue and expenses can be allocated immediately to various projects
  • Interfaced to Accounts Payable, Sales Orders and Payroll
  • Automatic pop-up feature for linked account selection
  • Separate Job accounts


Payroll (Canadian) Features Include:

  • Unlimited benefits and earnings codes
  • Job Costing Interface
  • EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) Send pay amounts direct to Employee accounts electronically
  • Employee photo scanning, storing and viewing utility coming soon

Purchase Order

Purchase Order Features Include:

  • Extremely versatile Purchase Order system allows you to issue Purchase Orders that are distributed to multiple warehouses. Unlimited custom-defined charges (e.g. freight, duty)can be added on a per-line or per-order basis and entered at either Purchase Order entry time or at Receiving time. They can be entered as dollar amounts, percentages of the total, or on a quantity-rate basis. Per-order charges can be distributed by weight, volume or dollar value over the entire order for the purpose of determining landed costs of each item. These costs are automatically calculated and broken down into detail by the system in the Receivings report

  • Purchase Orders can be created from scratch or by using the powerful Purchase Order Advice utility. This utility allows you to view the recent purchase history of all items sold by a particular supplier and quickly construct a Purchase Order via point-and-click, based on the relevant information displayed on screen. Recent overall supplier activity is also easily accessed from within the same utility

  • Unlike some simpler accounting systems,Purchasing is performed in 2 steps. Purchase Orders are first placed, then received. This accommodates back order processing and the anticipation of items on order but not yet received. Receiving of Purchase Orders is very efficient with quick hot key entry of default quantities. In addition stock items may be received without a PO or added onto a PO Receiving without being on the original PO

  • Running totals of weight, volume and dollar value enable you to adjust your Purchase Order to take advantage of volume discounts offered by suppliers

  • Inserting and deleting lines in a Purchase Order is more flexible and intuitive with Foundation 3000’s special Grid Entry utility

  • Automatic EDI transmission capability

Sales Order

Sales Order Entry Features Include:

  • Rebate Processing
  • Drop-ship addresses show in Sales Orders as well as Purchase Orders.
  • Credit limit checks are performed on a line by line basis, so that you can keep orders under the limit while entering data. In addition to credit limit checks, any invoices for a Customer which are overdue by more than a specified number of days are displayed upon entry, along with a phone number and contact name, so that outstanding invoices can be resolved quickly before proceeding further with the order
  • Built-in margin checking prevents accidental entry of prices that are below desired levels
  • The ability to view Committed and On Order quantities for stock items is greatly enhanced by the option to display all Sales Orders and/or Purchase Orders containing the item
  • Miscellaneous sales notes which pop up during order entry can be entered on a per stock item, per shipping address or a per Customer basis, so that data entry operators can be conveniently reminded of special situations regarding the order. These are in addition to the comments that can be added to a packing slip or invoice
  • Separate comments can be entered for packing slips and invoices. You may enter general comments to be applied to all invoices (e.g. special sales reminders, holiday greetings) and then override the comments for particular ones. The same applies to packing slips
  • You may create Standing Orders for Customers so that often repeated orders (especially large ones) are easily reproduced
  • The History Select feature enables you to view all items ever purchased by a Customer on a per ship address basis along with the last price paid, the last quantity ordered and the last date of purchase for each item, to select for ordering. This drastically cuts down the number of potential errors due to incorrect entry of item codes or prices
  • Stock Code browsing displays TWO lines of description per item, so that similar item descriptions can be differentiated
  • Negative quantities are allowed, using estimated cost of sale, with all necessary GL adjustments performed automatically when items are replenished
  • You may enter up to 5 extra description lines per line item at order entry time. These are in addition to the special lines that may be entered in the inventory master for each item (useful in such situations as special handling of goods)
  • Items may also be selected by key word searching
  • Kitting feature allows on-the-fly alterations to inventory kits previously established. Even swap components of a kit in or out at Order Entry time, being assured that costing adjustments are handled by the system automatically.
  • Quotations are linked to Sales Orders so that prices recently quoted are immediately applied when entering orders for a Customer. In addition, effective and expiry dates may be applied to quotations
  • Sales staff have access to a powerful related documents utility for viewing, faxing, e-mailing of information regarding any inventory item in stock. This may be a spec sheet, photos,MS Word documents, PDF files or any file related to a product. This information, as well as any past purchase history, is at the fingertips of the Sales Order entry operators to support and drive efficient phone sales
  • Increase sales with Pop-up linking of Inventory items to other products allows for up-selling of related products to increase your sales. The sales manager can link ketchup to french fries or gasket to water pump as each line item is added to Sales Orders. This feature can be turned off by management for more seasoned staff
  • Unlimited custom-defined charges may be added to invoices
  • One-click invoice faxing
  • Shipping label printing
  • Foundation 3000 allows processing of orders either as a batch or one at a time. The Batch mode enables your GL to be less cluttered while the drill-down feature allows easy viewing of batch detail when necessary
  • Special linking of Purchase Orders to Sales Orders allows Drop Ship orders to be easily tracked and processed
  • Pricing conversion is performed automatically for foreign currency orders and also for alternate units of measure
  • Nonstock item processing is monitored closely to prevent ordering of non-requisite items
  • Picking advice is sorted by location to expedite shipment preparation
  • Generate Price quotations effortlessly with the Quote Item Selection utility. Greater control over Pricing is made possible with on-screen margin display. Conversion to Sales Orders is accomplished with one mouse click
  • Selling of damaged goods does not mess up your costing, as a utility permits override of FIFO on a line item basis to more correctly state costing and margins.
  • Custom-definable tax codes
  • Hot key for Shipping quantities accelerates Invoice entry
  • Ability to transmit EDI invoices immediately or add advanced EDI data before sending

Wireless Remote Access

Wireless Remote Access Features Include:

Experience the power of Wireless by un-tethering your sales staff and management from their desks. Give them the tools to extend the Customer Relationship to the customers own premises. React instantly and drive the Customer Relationship to your advantage over that of your competitors

  • Speed up the sales process with information at your fingertips and increase revenue by getting in those extra sales calls every day
  • Sales staff can have access to Foundation 3000 via Handheld PC or Pocket PC’s with the purchase of F3K Junior
  • Windows CE devices can access the Enterprise System with a Wireless Modem
  • Sales staff can see inventory levels, pricing,customer history and place orders from customers’ premises in real time
  • Generate a Quotation from your Handheld or Pocket PCon the server and direct any document related to a product to be either faxed or e-mailed to a customer while you are standing in front of them. Pocket PC users can send along a .wav sound file explaining the quotation, as an attachment to any quotation sent
  • Stop carrying large briefcases of product sheets with you while visiting customers or potential customers. E-mail them documents, photos, files from the server via your handheld,instead of carrying an oversized briefcase
  • Extend point-of-sale contact to a customer’s own location. Create an order instantly and make that noon delivery truck
  • Management travelling on the road can request instant reports or other important information critical to them, like daily sales figures, via a Pocket PC handheld unit
  • Password protection restricts access to only those authorized
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User Reviews of Foundation 3000

Submitted on September 17th, 2019 by Anonymous

“All in one” business management software.

The Good…

Sales pitch

The Bad…

Overall: Spent 10’s of thousands of dollars plus countless hours with multiple staff members and the product was never put into full use after 3 years due to continued issues and a lack of faith in the reliability of the Foundations program. Staff voted unanimously to NOT implement the Softrends Foundations program. Unknowingly purchased portions of the product that had not even been developed yet. Slow, clunky and unreliable. Solution for every issue was to spend more money. We paid for Foundations to develop software that was sold as functional and ready to use.