Flamesoft Cloud Based Shipping and TMS

A web-based software system designed by Flamesoft Systems.

About Flamesoft Cloud Based Shipping and TMS

Flamesoft’s TMS is a complete web based, hosted Transportation Management System.

Flamesoft’s TMS connects with your company’s existing ERP system, our integration experts work with your company to decide the best method for integration, which may include options such as direct SQL connections, EDI, Web Services or even flat file transfers to gather data required at time of shipping.

In order to process a shipment, warehouse employees can scan/input an order number. The system will draw consignee information from your ERP and populate the Ship To information. After the employee enters the pieces and weight info, the system will rate the shipment in the background and display all available couriers and services to the destination in question.

A web based system means nothing to install on your existing computers as well as a system that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Flamesoft’s Transportation Management Software is the only suitable solution to be used in a DC environment in that it can integrate with your existing ERP and print thousands of shipping labels with a single click of the mouse.

We are the only web based solution that can print labels over the web, initiated from Web Service calls from a company’s existing system.

Our web based system looks and functions like a fully working desktop application. This means, the only web based system where you can work on multiple shipments, accounts, manifests and more, by simply opening more “windows” within one single browser session.

Flamesoft’s TMS integrates with IPC (Infinite Peripherals) Apple IPhone and IPod scanners which gives you a truly mobile warehouse management and shipping solution in one.

Flamesoft’s TMS is the only web based Transportation Management System on the market with the ability to print upwards of 20,000 labels a day directly from a browser.

Processing Shipments

The shipper chooses any applicable accessorials, then clicks Process Shipment&

Carrier compliant shipping labels are generated for the transport method chosen.

Any appropriate dispatch information can also be relayed to the transport company.

Carrier Compliant Labels

  • UPS
  • Purolator
  • Fedex
  • TForce
  • ATS Health Care
  • Nationex
  • Sameday
  • Many more…


Users will transmit the shipping data to the carriers when the End of Day file is run. The system will generate a hard copy manifest for each carrier in question.

Although manifests are customized for the transport company, the process remains unchanged for the user.

The system will save an electronic copy of all manifests for future access.

The manifest data is transmitted when the users run their End Of Day. Shipping data is relayed to the transport companies through various methods (EDI, FTP, AS2, Web Services).

Regardless of how this data is transmitted, the shipper has the same consistent interface to learn and use.

Shipping data such as pieces, weight, notes, transport company, service level, accessorials as well as rates and tracking information can be uploaded back to the company’s ERP system.


Executive dashboards display shipping statistics.

Management can drill down on the dashboards to see more detailed information.

Shipping stats can be broken down by individual courier , shipments to provinces, shipments to different countries etc.

Selecting a day on the calendar will display all shipments made on the day in question.

Management reporting is also available and can be customized.

Tracking Shipments

The shipment history feature allows users to view each and every shipment that was processed in the system.

By drilling down on a shipment, users will have access to the whereabouts of the shipment, whether in a sorting facility or at the final destination.

Users also have access to chain of signature information where applicable.

Product Overview

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