A fleet management software system deesigned by Orblogic.

About FleetMatrix

Geo Fencing

Geo fences are simply virtual geographic perimeters that represent a predefined area (like cities and neighborhoods) or a radius around a point of interest, and geo fencing is the process whereby notifications are sent if object is out of predefined geo fence boundaries.

Orblogic FleetMatrix provides the capability of Customized Geo Fencing to fleet vehicle companies. This has an enormous number of benefits such.

Zero Down Vehicle Theft

If vehicle is stolen, FleetMatrix gets signal from installed device on the vehicle alerting that the vehicle has crossed predefined geo fence.

Check on Vehicle Utilization

To validate if vehicle is used as accordance with company defined policies. This way your company can cut on un-authorized and inappropriate usage of vehicle.

Real Time Vehicle Tracking in Geo Fence

FleetMatrix enables managers to look at vehicle movement in predefined geo fence real time to monitor vehicle activity. These updates provide fleet managers time stamped data of any vehicle’s activity.

FleetMatirx Realtime Fuel Consumption Metering:

Orblogic FleetMatrix provides realtime fuel consumption metering from the vehicle. You can monitor how much fuel is consumed in each trip. This helps you to better manage and monitor fuel costs at your organization.

Harsh/Hard Breaking and Acceleration Monitoring

Harsh or hard, breaking and acceleration monitoring must be part of your driver safety program. This is a major cause of accidents and early vehicle repair.

FleetMatrix uses built in accelerometer to monitor hard/harsh breaking and acceleration. It detects movement of vehicle in 3-axis to measure acceleration and deceleration.

With this technology handy, fleet managers can monitor and detect unsafe driving such as HBA. This helps fleet managers to manage unsafe drivers on the road. Each death on the road can cause an enormous loss of the family and company (>3.5 million).

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