A multi-module management system designed by Cayenta.

About Cayenta Software

  • Municipalities
  • Utilities
  • Cooperatives
  • Educational Institutions

All the above organizations benefit from Cayenta Solutions software products.

Cayenta solutions help manage your major revenue generation and expenditure areas including:

  • Utility CIS/CRM
  • Government Finance and Tax
  • HR/payroll
  • Physical asset components
  • Work management components

Beyond our core applications and their implementation, Cayenta provides integration, hosting, training, support, and best-practices consulting services.

Financial Management

Benefits of using Cayenta’s Financial Management Application include:

  • Save time and money by supporting the day-to-day tracking of budgets, funds and encumbrances in the local government and utilities environments.
  • Modular design for the ultimate in flexibility
  • Position-oriented payroll processing and human resource management application is completely controlled by user-defined tables

Cayenta’s Financial Management application is a completely integrated suite of software applications. The system provides solutions that are unique to public sector needs.

Utilities Management System

Cayenta Utility Management System is a full featured, highly configurable application that is designed to integrate common information and tasks.

It can be part of Cayenta’s full, integrated suite of Solutions, including:

  • Financial Management
  • Operations Management
  • Human Resources.

Utility Management System is designed to improve cash flow, reduce paperwork, streamline the manual efforts of end-users, and enhance customer service. The benefit being to keep your utility competitive in a rapidly changing environment.

Product Overview

User Reviews of Cayenta Software

Submitted on April 28th, 2020 by Julie Landry from Clark Public Utilities

We have been a customer of the Cayenta CIS and WMS solutions for nearly eight years. We went through a comprehensive selection process to internally analyze our business requirements to serve our customers—both those of eight years ago and our vision of future needs. We selected Cayenta over several other utility software solutions because Cayenta presented us with the whole package: a company whose core products delivered the best functionality for our employees; and a company whose experience and expertise would allow us to augment our own capabilities. While we had many reasons to partner with Cayenta, there are three major areas that we found especially intriguing.

First, we continue to appreciate the high degree of functionality the solution offers by leveraging the multitude of flexible configuration options the core product offers. By leveraging other aspects of the solution such as user exits, phase rules, functions and stored procedures we’ve been able to easily adapt the product to meet our ever evolving needs—especially those new business practices and procedures our user community regularly designs. Our team has been able to automate processes that previously required heavy manual intervention such as apartment complex meter sets, backflow billing, and credit card expiration and decline notifications.

Secondly, we were confident that Cayenta had the internal resources to help us evolve our business processes. Using their robust API’s we are able to develop external applications and include them within the Cayenta UI, creating a seamless user experience. Additionally, we use the API’s to connect to over 100 integration points; some of these integration points are complex, like Mobile Work Order Management, others are simple extracts. We are even using the API’s to engineer unique methodology for Budget Billing. Their flexibility has enabled us to adapt to changing business needs.

Finally, and most important in our organization, is the quality of the staff we’ve worked with at Cayenta. We’ve developed a close partnership with all levels of staff and leadership within Cayenta. We’ve found them all to be extremely focused on ensuring our success. In reality we consider them a force multiplier for our own team. At the beginning we felt they were a quality team that would help us improve. We’ve clearly found them to be very professional and creative solution seekers eager to embrace new concepts that will support our evolving business needs. For example, we’ve collaborated on developing complex customer preference management capabilities as well as new methodologies to enhance our customer relationships. Simply, Cayenta people are important contributors on our team, helping us develop and deliver concepts that strengthen our ability to serve our customers.

Cayenta has proven to be an outstanding partner for us. Their solution is a cornerstone of how we interact with customers on a daily basis—everything from establishing an account and billing them to managing work done on their behalf. They have helped us transform ourselves into a modern utility, flexibility accommodating our changing business conditions, and helping to ensure our success as a utility.

The Good…

The flexibility and robust API’s

The Bad…

Documentation is an open opportunity for Cayenta. The basics are typically covered, which is good. Because the product is continually evolving, keeping the wiki current has proven to be a challenge.

Submitted on May 2nd, 2019 by an anonymous Cayenta Software user.

Cayenta pitched they had a Fleet Management software but they are still waiting for their customers to write it. This is not an implementation nor do they understand the complexities of fleet management and all the details that go into failure analysis, preventive maintenance when involving more than one class of unit. Don’t do it!

The Good…

It’s been 3 years, still no fleet management system to demonstrate.

The Bad…

They lied.

Submitted on March 8th, 2018 by an anonymous Cayenta Software user.

Flexible, Highly Configurable, but it’s a shame that it’s full of bugs and no one at the company understands it.

The Good…

Sometimes the tables will add up properly.

The Bad…

Money vacuum

Submitted on February 10th, 2018 by an anonymous Cayenta Software user.

The face of cayenne pitched during presentation is incorrect. This software is cumbersome, and difficult to use. Companies using it must write their own manuals. The developers, though nice seem to not quite understand it’s potential or drawbacks. I would NEVER recommend this to anyone or chose it again

The Good…


The Bad…

No ease of use